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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2022 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Aaron Judge Note
Aaron Judge photo 23. Aaron Judge CF,RF,DH
All rise! His Honor enjoyed a season of reasonably good health in 2021 and posted a career-high .269 BA to go along with 39 HRs, 98 RBI and 89 runs. His 71% contact rate was the best of his career, and naturally his power peripherals were through the roof. No one punishes baseballs quite like Judge. Health is always a concern, and he doesn't run much, but the power skills should age well as this 6-7, 282-pound brute enters his 30s.
40 weeks ago
Xander Bogaerts Note
Xander Bogaerts photo 29. Xander Bogaerts SS
He was batting .321 at the All-Star Break last year, but a wrist injury sapped some of his mojo in the back half of the season. Bogaerts has one of the more stable skill sets in MLB. He has a .290 career average, and his run production has been remarkably stable. You can pencil in Bogaerts for 25 HRs, 90 RBI and 90 runs, and he's likely to hew pretty close to those numbers. Fenway Park and a strong lineup work in his favor. He's been so good for so long, it's hard to believe he's still in his 20s.
40 weeks ago
J.D. Martinez Note
J.D. Martinez photo 59. J.D. Martinez LF,DH
Martinez got the bad taste of 2020 out of his mouth with a fine 2021 season. After batting .213 and hitting only seven HRs in the COVID-shortened 2020 campaign, Martinez batted .286 last year with 28 HRs, 99 RBI and 92 runs. Martinez is 34, so there's some age-related risk, but his 2021 Statcast numbers and other peripheral stats suggest that his skill set is aging well. He plays in a great hitter's park, and batting behind Rafael Devers and Xander Bogaerts should provide plenty of RBI opportunities. FantasyPros rankers like Martinez much more than the general public does - an indication that he's probably a value.
40 weeks ago
Carlos Correa Note
Carlos Correa photo 72. Carlos Correa SS
Correa enjoyed one of his finest seasons to date in 2021, establishing new career highs in homers (26) and runs (104). He also had 92 RBI and batted .279. Good health was a key, as he played 148 games. Since breaking into the league in 2015, Correa had played more than 110 games only twice. At 27, Correa is squarely in his prime. His power production is probably maxed out due to his modest flyball rates, but his improved plate patience and robust line drive rates suggest that the healthy batting average and solid run production are easily repeatable. Correa is a free agent, so his landing spot will have a major bearing on his value.
40 weeks ago
Carlos Rodon Note
Carlos Rodon photo 83. Carlos Rodon SP
After years of battling injuries and ineffectiveness, Rodon blossomed last year with a 2.37 ERA and 0.96 WHIP. Everything worked for the lefty, as his fastball (.199 BAA) and slider (.107 BAA) were borderline unhittable, and he ranked in the top four percent of the league in strikeout rate. He dealt with shoulder soreness and fatigue during the second half of the season, but that didn't stop the Giants from giving him a huge two-year deal. Oracle Park isn't quite the pitcher haven it once was, but it's a huge upgrade for Rodon after pitching in Guaranteed Rate Field last year. The injury risk will always be present for Rodon, but he's worth an investment if you make sure to bank on 150 innings or fewer.
38 weeks ago
Mitch Haniger Note
Mitch Haniger photo 93. Mitch Haniger RF,DH
Sports hernia surgery caused him to miss the 2020 season, but Haniger returned in a big way last year, posting career highs in home runs (39), RBI (100) and runs (110). There are some warning signs here, however. Haniger's strikeout rate has gone through the roof, and his on-base percentage has plummeted. His exit velocities suggest that he won't match last year's HR total. The good news is that Haniger's banner 2021 season hasn't driven his price sky-high. Still, some caution is warranted.
40 weeks ago
Aroldis Chapman Note
Aroldis Chapman photo 98. Aroldis Chapman RP
Chapman struggled with his control last year, walking 15.8% of the batters he faced and struggling with a 1.31 WHIP. But that was mostly window dressing on what was just another dominant season for the Yankees closer. As usual, his strikeout rate hovered at around 40% and he reached the 30-save mark for the eighth time in his last nine full seasons. Yes, he's getting up there in age and he's not nearly as dominant as he once was. But his job security remains high and his strikeouts continue to be elite for a reliever. Draft him with confidence.
38 weeks ago
Nelson Cruz Note
Nelson Cruz photo 100. Nelson Cruz DH
This ageless wonder will turn 42 on July 1 but continues to mash. He'll do his mashing for the Nationals this year after signing a one-year deal. Cruz belted 32 home runs last year, which was actually his lowest total for a full season since 2013. He was batting .294 for Minnesota before being traded to Tampa, where he hit only .226 the rest of the way. At his age, the decline could come quickly, but exit velocity, barrel rate and other power peripherals say he's still going strong.
38 weeks ago
Dansby Swanson Note
Dansby Swanson photo 108. Dansby Swanson SS
Swanson is the type of player that you're not excited to draft but who you know will give you reliable production. At this stage of his career, he's pretty much a .250-25-10 type of bat who should give you about 165 combined runs and RBI in a strong Braves lineup. There's been nearly no change to Swanson's underlying metrics and data over the last three seasons, and though he could show some growth as he moves into his late-20s, chances are that he just is who he is. And that's not necessarily a bad thing, especially since his price is always kept in check by his lack of excitement. If you miss out on the prime shortstops, he's a fine consolation prize late in drafts.
38 weeks ago
Josh Bell Note
Josh Bell photo 109. Josh Bell 1B,DH
Bell had a horrid .464 OPS in April, likely because his timing was off after missing time because of a COVID-19 diagnosis. But once he found his footing, he was everything that Nationals hoped he would be. He batted .277 with an .887 OPS in the second half, and even played plenty of outfield so Washington could keep his bat in the lineup even with Ryan Zimmerman playing well. His walk percentage and strikeout rate largely returned to their pre-2020 levels, and he got better and better as the season went along. With Zimmerman now retired and the DH in the National League, Bell's bat should remain in the lineup nearly every day, and the presence of Juan Soto and Nelson Cruz should offer him plenty of RBI opportunities. He's not a fantasy superstar, but he's a capable starter at first base for your fantasy team.
38 weeks ago
Cody Bellinger Note
Cody Bellinger photo 110. Cody Bellinger CF
The last thing you want to do is pass on a former MVP who can be had in the middle rounds because his draft stock is plummeting. The second-to-last-thing you want to do is grab a player hoping for a bounce-back season and bang your head on a desk every night as he continues his affair with the Mendoza line. What if last year's crater season was an aberration? Worse, what if it wasn't? Bellinger is still only 26, but he won't have 1B eligibility in most formats, leaving him eligible for OF only. Oh, heck, if he's still there in the ninth or 10th round, take a chance. And find a bottle of Advil.
40 weeks ago
Kenley Jansen Note
Kenley Jansen photo 112. Kenley Jansen RP
Jansen signed a one-year deal with the Braves and will slide right into the cloer's role. There is a lot of mileage on his arm, but he had a strong rebound season last year, dropping his ERA to a 2.22 and his WHIP to 1.04, all while tallying 38 saves for the Dodgers. After losing velocity for several seasons, Jansen got it back last year, averaging 92.5 MPH with his cutter, which resulted in just a .176 batting average against, his best since 2016. Assuming he can sustain his gains, he should again be a top reliever, and his hefty contract should at least give him a decent leash in the ninth inning. He's plenty capable of being your anchor reliever.
37 weeks ago
Chris Bassitt Note
Chris Bassitt photo 113. Chris Bassitt SP
Bassitt's success feels uncomfortable - he doesn't have a ton of velocity or much of a secondary pitch beyond his sinker. But year in and year out, he offers an ERA and WHIP that help fantasy managers. His 25% strikeout rate last year was a career-best, and his deep arsenal helps to keep hitters off balance. He'll lose out on some park value with the move from Oakland to New York, but chances are he will improve on his meager win totals from the last few years. There's no ceiling ith Bassitt, but there's an extremely high floor, so sticking him in the back-end of your rotation is a winning move.
38 weeks ago
Sean Manaea Note
Sean Manaea photo 118. Sean Manaea SP
Manaea was traded to the Padres on the eve of the season, and it's a bit of a mixed bag for his value. His win potential certainly improves given the quality of the offense behind him now, but he'll see a downgrade in home park. Putting aside, the trade, Manaea was really inconsistent last year, and had just one month where his ERA was within two runs of the previous month. There were some overall gains, including a fastball that randomly found almost two miles of velocity. But in the end, Manaea just sort of is what he is. He doesn't have the secondary stuff to be a big strikeout pitcher, and his best-case scenario, absent a massively lucky season, is a mid-3.00 ERA with a WHIP that doesn't hurt you. Draft him for the back end of your rotation but do not expect a great leap.
35 weeks ago
Justin Turner Note
Justin Turner photo 123. Justin Turner 3B,DH
Turner is entering his age-37 season and saw some mild decline last year, but he also tied his career-high with 151 games played and popped 27 home runs. His walk and strikeout rates largely held, as did his quality of contact. With the addition of the DH in the National League, and with the Dodgers only adding to their elite lineup, Turner should have enough juice left in the tank to put together another productive season. Considering the weakness of the third base position this year, Turner makes an excellent mid-round target with a mitigated health risk in light of the DH.
37 weeks ago
Nathan Eovaldi Note
Nathan Eovaldi photo 126. Nathan Eovaldi SP
It always feels like Eovaldi should be better given how hard he throws and how good his control is, but it's always been difficult for him to put everything together. But now that he's enjoyed a rare run of health and largely ditched his underwhelming cutter, he's settled into a usable starter that you can draft with relative confidence. He's never going to be a star - his fastball is just too hittable and he pitches in a division with loaded lineups - but you could do far worse than a 3.75 ERA and 1.20 WHIP, which Eovaldi has given fantasy managers for two straight seasons. Expect a third in 2022.
37 weeks ago
Craig Kimbrel Note
Craig Kimbrel photo 129. Craig Kimbrel RP
Kimbrel bounced back in a huge way last season, cutting his walk rate to 9.8%, his lowest since 2017. He was vintage Kimbrel, piling up the strikeouts and saves until a mid-season trade to the White Sox where he became the setup man to Liam Hendriks. He was slated to be a late-round pick with Chicago, but with the trade to the Dodgers, he immediately becomes a top-5 closer. Expect 35-plus saves and elite ratios.
35 weeks ago
Joey Gallo Note
Joey Gallo photo 131. Joey Gallo LF,RF,DH
It should tell you all you need to know about Gallo that he hit 38 home runs and scored 90 runs last season and baseball fans and fantasy players view his year as a disaster. Gallo basically did what he always did - he struck out a ton (34.6%), walked more than anyone not named Juan Soto (18%) and left the yard often. His sub-.200 batting average is just basically what Gallo is going to bring to the table unless he changes his approach or gets lucky, though the fact that he hit ground balls at an elevated clip didn't help much. He'll still be batting in the middle of a strong Yankees lineup, so if you can deal with the batting average hit, draft him for the homers and runs scored production.
37 weeks ago
Willson Contreras Note
Willson Contreras photo 147. Willson Contreras C,DH
Contreras isn't quite the fantasy superstar that he looked like he might be when he broke in, but he's still an excellent option at a weak position. He's hit at least 21 homers in three of his last four full seasons and chips in roughly 120 combined runs and RBI. That doesn't sound like much, particularly with a batting average that seems likely to hover at around .240 at this stage in his career, but it's more than enough for a catcher. He should see some extra at-bats this year with the DH in the National League, and that should only help his value.
37 weeks ago
Andrew Benintendi Note
Andrew Benintendi photo 165. Andrew Benintendi LF
Benintendi was the classic "needs a change of scenery" player and got relatively back on track with the Royals. He looked almost identical to the disappointing but absolutely usable version of himself that he showed in 2019, and his underlying rates were nearly identical. He did walk at a career-worst rate but he also got his strikeout rate down under control, and had he avoided injury, he surely would have put up a 20-10 season. There's every reason to expct him to be able to do that again, but expect his other counting stats to remain mediocre with Kansas City's lineup.
37 weeks ago
Yuli Gurriel Note
Yuli Gurriel photo 166. Yuli Gurriel 1B
Gurriel returned to being the player he was prior to 2019's massive power outburst - a player who will help you in batting average and hit 15-20 homers with counting stats helped by batting in a strong Houston lineup. He should easily do that again this year, despite entering his age-38 season. Gurriel doesn't strike out much, but he just doesn't offer the qualitty of contact necessary to be a fantasy asset absent an aberration like his 2019 season. Book the usual - a near .300 average with 15 home runs - and stick him in your corner infield spot in deeper leagues. Just give up dreams of more.
37 weeks ago
Robbie Grossman Note
Robbie Grossman photo 168. Robbie Grossman LF,RF
Grossman came out of nowhere to put up a 20-20 line in his age-31 season. And by "out of nowhere," I mean that his previous season-high in homers was 11 and his previous high in steals was nine. Everything suggests that Grossman sold out a bit for power, as he greatly increased both his launch angle and fly ball rate (46.2%). If he does that again, he can probably approach 20 homers for a second straight season, but considering his mediocre sprint speed (68th percentile), it would be surprising if he reached 20 steals. Take about 5-7 off your projections for both numbers and you probably won't be disappointed.
37 weeks ago
Taylor Rogers Note
Taylor Rogers photo 172. Taylor Rogers RP
Rogers should regain the closer's role this year and likely have it all to himself for Minnesota. Other than being a lefty, he's got a pretty typical closer makeup. His strikeout rate sits above 30% most years, his walk rate remains below 5%, and his sinker sits at about 95 MPH. After signing Carlos Correa, the Twins may be more competitive than you think, so don't discount Rogers as a second tier closer who could top 25 or even 30 saves if everything breaks right.
37 weeks ago
Luke Voit Note
Luke Voit photo 175. Luke Voit 1B,DH
Voit played in just 68 games last year after battling through various injuries, and his overall game suffered. He hit just 11 home runs and batted .239, while seeing his strikeout rate jump to a career-worst 30.7%. He still made solid contact overall, upping his hard-hit rate to 52.2% and his barrel rate to 15.8%, but none of that was enough to overcome the increase in whiffs. He'll get a fresh start in San Diego, where he'll likely be the everyday DH unless the team trades Eric Hosmer. Once Fernando Tatis Jr. returns, there should be RBI opportunities aplenty, but even until then, Voit should provide plenty of power. If he can cut his strikeout rate back down to his career levels and see a corresponding increase in batting average, he should be a fantasy asset.
37 weeks ago
Brandon Belt Note
Brandon Belt photo 177. Brandon Belt 1B,DH
As he has often in his career, Belt missed time with various injuries last year, including a fractured thumb. But he crushed his career-high in home runs with 29, and in just 97 games. He's back with the Giants after accepting a qualifying offer and even with last year's numbers and the change in park factors in recent years, San Francisco was hardly the best place for Belt to end up. You can't deny the production last year and there really wasn't much different about what Belt did to make you think it's unsustainable. But at 34 years old, expecting an improvement in health is likely a bad idea. Draft him with 25 homers in mind, and anything else is gravy.
37 weeks ago
Adam Duvall Note
Adam Duvall photo 178. Adam Duvall LF,CF,RF
Duvall had the quietest 38-homer season in recent memory, which happens when a bulk of it takes place in Miami. He also led the National League in RBI and was one of the leaders in max exit velocity. But he also batted just .228 and struck out 31.4% of the time. Duvall is now 33 years old so expecting a rebound in batting average or strikeout rate is probably wishful thinking. But if it's power you crave, then Duvall should have you covered, particularly with playing his home game in Atlanta's hitter-friendly Truist Park.
37 weeks ago
Corey Knebel Note
Corey Knebel photo 180. Corey Knebel RP,SP
Knebel was labeled as the tentative closer by Joe Girardi early in the spring, and he's done nothing to lose the job since. He rebounded from a terrible 2020 season to put up a 2.45 ERA and 0.97 WHIP with the Dodgers last year, and his fastball velocity sat at a robust 96.3 mile per hour. He's already throwing harder than that this spring, and combined with his outstanding curveball, his fastball can perform at an elite level. Knebel has closing experience from his days with Milwaukee, so as long as he can avoid injury, there's every reason to expect him to hold the role all year long. He could easily end up as a top-5 closer if everything breaks right.
37 weeks ago
Jean Segura Note
Jean Segura photo 182. Jean Segura 2B
Segura had a solid bounce-back season after 2020's blip, as his 14 home runs were the most he had hit since 2016. A 15-10 season is probably his ceiling at this point in his career, but he hasn't slipped from his .285 career batting average and he continues to avoid strikeouts with the best of them. With the addition of Nick Castellanos and Kyle Schwarber, the Philadelphia lineup is as strong as it has been in years, and that should bolster Segura's counting stats. He's an option once you miss out on the top middle infielders.
37 weeks ago
Michael Brantley Note
Michael Brantley photo 185. Michael Brantley LF,DH
Brantley is one of the most consistent players in all of fantasy baseball, and so long as you're looking for what he gives you, there's nothing wrong with that. He's a lock to bat .300 and he'll generally offer decent runs and RBI totals batting in a strong Houston lineup. But the power that we saw in 2019 was an aberration at this point, and unless MLB uses juiced balls again, Brantley is likely to end up in the 10-12 home run range. At an advancing age, there's always reason to be concerned that he'll fall off a cliff, but nothing in his profile suggests that is imminent. Draft him for batting average but make sure you can make up the speed and power elsewhere.
37 weeks ago
Tommy Pham Note
Tommy Pham photo 190. Tommy Pham LF,CF,DH
Pham recently signed with the Reds, and even though the team has shipped off most of its lineup, it's not a bad fit. Pham's batting average has suffered over the last two seasons, but his expected batting average (.266, .258) suggests that he's been more unlucky than anything. And although his power numbers have declined, a move to Great American Ball Park should likely add a few home runs to his ledger this year. Pham still walks a ton and is a lock for double-digit steals, and he's the type of player who fantasy managers like to ignore each year. Don't worry as much about the lack of lineup protection, and instead buy the high floor and relative lack of competition for his job.
37 weeks ago
AJ Pollock Note
AJ Pollock photo 191. AJ Pollock LF,RF,CF
Pollock reminded everyone last year why he was once such a desirable fantasy commodity. In just 117 games, he popped 21 home runs and added nine steals, all while batting .297. Pollock's issue has never been about his talent, and his career might be viewed differently if he could have stayed healthy. But his 117 games played last year represented his most since 2015, and given that he's already dealing with general soreness in the spring, it's highly unlikely that he'll surpass that number in his age-34 season. His skills have not declined much, and his 19% strikeout rate last year represented his best since 2017. So long as you factor in plenty of missed time, Pollock should again offer you fairly elite production on a game-by-game basis.
37 weeks ago
Frank Schwindel Note
Frank Schwindel photo 203. Frank Schwindel 1B,DH
Schwindel had a decent minor-league track record but hadn't done much in the majors untill he went on a huge hot streak with the Cubs over the last two months of the season, hitting 13 home runs with a 1.002 OPS over 56 games. He's not nearly as good as his hot streak suggests, which most fantasy managers surely know, but he did bat .286 in the minors, so he's not likely to be overmatched. The Cubs actually have some decent offensive depth this year but with the addition of the DH, Schwindel should have plenty of rope. If he can just avoid totally falling off a cliff, and his track record suggests he will, then a 20-homer, 80-RBI season is the most likely outcome.But if you think you're drafting the 2021 version of Schwindel, you're almost certainly mistaken.
37 weeks ago
Michael Conforto Note
Michael Conforto photo 213. Michael Conforto RF
It appears as of now that Conforto guessed wrong when he turned down a long-term offer from the Mets and the qualifying offer, as he finds himself in an awkward limbo without a team well into the spring. There's obvious potential with Conforto, who hit at least 27 home runs for three straight seasons, gets on base at an above-average clip, and is just entering his age-29 season. But as we saw with Kris Bryant, it's hard to properly assess a player's fantasy value until we know his landing spot and, in Conforto's case, when he's going to sign.In a vacuum, however, Conforto can be a third or fourth outfielder for your fantasy team, someone who is capable of contributing in all five categories, though likely not excelling at any. Until he signs, you should drop him a good 10 spots from where you would otherwise have him, but he's not going to sit out the entire season, so don't let him fall too far in drafts.
37 weeks ago
Jesus Aguilar Note
Jesus Aguilar photo 221. Jesus Aguilar 1B,DH
Aguilar probably would have gotten to 100 RBI last year had he not dealt with knee inflammation at the end of last season. But other than that category, it just feels like he leaves a lot on the table. Despite prodigious power, last year was only the second in his career where he topped 20 home runs. He'll benefit from the addition of the DH this year, but the bottom line is that between the Marlins' lackluster lineup and Aguilar's lack of speed, he's going to offer little in many categories, including runs scored and stolen bases. He's a fine filler if you need RBI, but don't expect all that much production elsewhere given his home park and surrounding cast.
37 weeks ago
Miguel Sano Note
Miguel Sano photo 223. Miguel Sano 1B,DH
Sano reportedly lost 25 pounds this offseason and is in, wait for it, the best shape of his life. Hopefully that means he can stay healthy and productive because, simply put, he hits the ball as hard as anyone in the game. He is always in the top three percent of the league in hard hit rate and exit velocity, and 50 homers could potentially be in reach if he put it all together. But he struck out 34.4% of the time last year and that was the best single-season mark in that category of his career. There is potential, as there always is with Sano, but you've got to be in really good shape in batting average before you take on the risk with him.
37 weeks ago
Noah Syndergaard Note
Noah Syndergaard photo 229. Noah Syndergaard SP
Syndergaard has pitched two innings since 2019 after undergoing Tommy John surgery and then having setbacks last season, and he'll get a fresh start with the Angels. Fantasy managers know what he brings to the table when he's at his best. A high-90s fastball, and excellent curveball, changeup, and slider, and the ability to dominate any lineup he faces when he's on. There are obvious injury concerns, but considering his low ADP, he has more upside than any pitcher going around him. Take comfort in the fact that he took a one-year deal in an effort to rebuild his value, and accept the discount on someone who could easily be an SP2 or SP3 if he stays healthy.
37 weeks ago
Wil Myers Note
Wil Myers photo 238. Wil Myers RF,LF,1B
Myers couldn't sustain the many gains he made in the shortened 2020 season, but he didn't fall off a cliff entirely. His .256 batting average was his best (other than 2020) since 2016, and he offered 25 combined home runs and steals. The thing is that Myers' strikeout rate rose to 28.2%, but that's a number he can live with if he continued to make the quality of contact we're used to seeing from him. But, he didn't. His hard hit rate and exit velocity fell off a cliff (his 29.8% hard contact rate was one of the worst in baseball). It would seem like an odd decline for Myers, who was just 30 last year, so it may have just been a blip. But, it's worth being cautious before you head into the season assuming he'll bounce back. Given his ADP, however, you won't need to have confidence in him for him to be worth drafting.
36 weeks ago
Andrew McCutchen Note
Andrew McCutchen photo 248. Andrew McCutchen LF,DH,RF
McCutchen batted just .222 last year with the worst strikeout rate of his career (23%), but he provided plenty of value elsewhere. His walk rate was a robust 14.1%, he slugged 27 home runs, and fell just short of 160 combined runs and RBI. He'll move to Milwaukee this year, and so his power should translate once again, and he'll likely get to extra at-bats as the DH. He's not exciting, but even the batting average should bounce back a bit given his expected stats last year, so don't be afraid to pull the trigger late.
36 weeks ago
Jake McGee Note
Jake McGee photo 253. Jake McGee RP
Brandon Nimmo Note
Brandon Nimmo photo 254. Brandon Nimmo CF,LF
It's hard not to love a guy who sprints to first base after a walk, especially when he walks 14% of the time, one of the best rates in baseball. Nimmo will lead off again this year for the Mets, and given his elite OBP (.393 career), he should score plenty of runs. He doesn't have a ton of power or speed, but a fully healthy Nimmo should give you close to a 15-10 season with a plus batting average and contribution in the runs scored categories. The key phrase there is "fully healthy," because Nimmo's 92 games played last year were the second most of his career. But that injury risk is baked into his ADP, so draft him late and start him when he's in the lineup. You likely won't be disappointed if you do.
36 weeks ago
Christian Vazquez Note
Christian Vazquez photo 262. Christian Vazquez C
Vazquez's power fell off a cliff last year, as his barrel percentage and hard-hit rate plummeted to some of the worst in the league. He's 31 years old now, about the time that a catcher begins to head downhill, so expecting a rebound is probably overly optimistic. He'll likely still have decent runs and RBI for a catcher just by virtue of playing for the Red Sox, but he's no longer someone to draft as your starting backstop in a one-catcher league.
36 weeks ago
Zack Greinke Note
Zack Greinke photo 266. Zack Greinke SP
Greinke is back where it all began in Kansas City, but he's obviously a different pitcher than he once was. His walk rate is still pristine but he rarely misses bats anymore and, as a result, his ERA has been above 4.00 in each of the past two seasons. He's still as durable as they come, and he'll earn wins just because he'll go deep into games. But there's little upside anymore, so don't feel compelled to draft him based on name value.
36 weeks ago
Raimel Tapia Note
Raimel Tapia photo 271. Raimel Tapia LF,RF,CF
Tapia moves from Colorado to Toronto, and although that's an obvious downgrade in terms of home park, it's pretty much as neutral a change as Tapia could have hoped for. He'll still play his home games in an extreme hitter-friendly environment, and he'll see a major upgrade in his surrounding lineup. The problem for Tapia, however, remains the same. He has extremely meager power numbers, and not enough speed to be a true difference-maker in the stolen base category (though he did swipe 20 last year). He'll almost certainly bat in the lower third of the lineup with Toronto, as he likely would have with the Rockies anyway, and his probable increase in runs scored should be canceled out by his likely drop in batting average (his xBA has been in the .250s in each of the last three seasons). There's little upside with Tapia, but he won't hurt you, so he's a decent bench option if you're light on steals.
37 weeks ago
Will Smith Note
Will Smith photo 273. Will Smith RP
Smith was a bit maddening at times last year when he struggled with his control, but he ultimately tallied 37 saves en route to a championship season. He was slated to be the closer for Atlanta once again, but with the Braves signing Kenley Jansen, Smith is now nothing more than an insurance policy. Don't bother drafting him in mixed leagues but keep your eye on him on the waiver wire in case Jansen struggles significantly.
37 weeks ago
Jameson Taillon Note
Jameson Taillon photo 280. Jameson Taillon SP
Corey Kluber Note
Corey Kluber photo 286. Corey Kluber SP
Adam Frazier Note
Adam Frazier photo 291. Adam Frazier 2B,LF,RF
Taijuan Walker Note
Taijuan Walker photo 299. Taijuan Walker SP
Omar Narvaez Note
Omar Narvaez photo 301. Omar Narvaez C
Gary Sanchez Note
Gary Sanchez photo 303. Gary Sanchez C,DH
Garrett Hampson Note
Garrett Hampson photo 304. Garrett Hampson 2B,CF,SS
Dominic Smith Note
Dominic Smith photo 308. Dominic Smith LF,1B,DH
Evan Longoria Note
Evan Longoria photo 311. Evan Longoria 3B,DH
Tyler Naquin Note
Tyler Naquin photo 312. Tyler Naquin LF,CF,RF,DH
David Peralta Note
David Peralta photo 315. David Peralta LF,DH
Cesar Hernandez Note
Cesar Hernandez photo 319. Cesar Hernandez 2B,LF
Alex Colome Note
Alex Colome photo 320. Alex Colome RP
Didi Gregorius Note
Didi Gregorius photo 329. Didi Gregorius SS
Andrew Heaney Note
Andrew Heaney photo 337. Andrew Heaney SP
Mike Zunino Note
Mike Zunino photo 341. Mike Zunino C
Art Warren Note
Art Warren photo 342. Art Warren RP
Chad Green Note
Chad Green photo 343. Chad Green RP
Rafael Ortega Note
Rafael Ortega photo 347. Rafael Ortega CF,LF,RF,DH
Bobby Bradley Note
Bobby Bradley photo 361. Bobby Bradley 1B
Josh Harrison Note
Josh Harrison photo 366. Josh Harrison 2B,3B,LF
Yadier Molina Note
Yadier Molina photo 368. Yadier Molina C
Ken Giles Note
Ken Giles photo 372. Ken Giles RP
Michael Fulmer Note
Michael Fulmer photo 374. Michael Fulmer RP,SP
Willie Calhoun Note
Willie Calhoun photo 375. Willie Calhoun LF,DH
Michael Pineda Note
Michael Pineda photo 383. Michael Pineda SP
Pierce Johnson Note
Pierce Johnson photo 390. Pierce Johnson RP
Brian Anderson Note
Brian Anderson photo 391. Brian Anderson 3B,RF
Jose Iglesias Note
Jose Iglesias photo 400. Jose Iglesias SS,2B
Kole Calhoun Note
Kole Calhoun photo 408. Kole Calhoun RF,LF,DH
Mike Minor Note
Mike Minor photo 412. Mike Minor SP
Jorge Alfaro Note
Jorge Alfaro photo 415. Jorge Alfaro C,LF,DH
David Robertson Note
David Robertson photo 419. David Robertson RP
Seth Lugo Note
Seth Lugo photo 424. Seth Lugo RP
Trevor May Note
Trevor May photo 425. Trevor May RP
Bradley Zimmer Note
Bradley Zimmer photo 428. Bradley Zimmer CF,RF
Mychal Givens Note
Mychal Givens photo 432. Mychal Givens RP
Dylan Bundy Note
Dylan Bundy photo 433. Dylan Bundy SP
Alex Reyes Note
Alex Reyes photo 435. Alex Reyes RP
Tucker Barnhart Note
Tucker Barnhart photo 440. Tucker Barnhart C
Wade Miley Note
Wade Miley photo 442. Wade Miley SP
Brad Hand Note
Brad Hand photo 444. Brad Hand RP
Ben Gamel Note
Ben Gamel photo 452. Ben Gamel LF,CF,RF,DH
Robinson Cano Note
Robinson Cano photo 454. Robinson Cano 2B
Ian Kennedy Note
Ian Kennedy photo 455. Ian Kennedy RP
Ryan Yarbrough Note
Ryan Yarbrough photo 458. Ryan Yarbrough SP,RP
Matt Wisler Note
Matt Wisler photo 467. Matt Wisler RP,SP
Jackson Frazier Note
Jackson Frazier photo 471. Jackson Frazier LF,RF
Rich Hill Note
Rich Hill photo 478. Rich Hill SP
Luis Torrens Note
Luis Torrens photo 487. Luis Torrens C,DH
Jurickson Profar Note
Jurickson Profar photo 489. Jurickson Profar 1B,LF,CF,RF,2B
Andrew Chafin Note
Andrew Chafin photo 492. Andrew Chafin RP
Craig Stammen Note
Craig Stammen photo 493. Craig Stammen RP,SP
Mike Mayers Note
Mike Mayers photo 501. Mike Mayers RP,SP
Rougned Odor Note
Rougned Odor photo 512. Rougned Odor 2B,3B
Pedro Severino Note
Pedro Severino photo 533. Pedro Severino C
David Price Note
David Price photo 534. David Price SP,RP
Luke Weaver Note
Luke Weaver photo 538. Luke Weaver SP,RP
Greg Holland Note
Greg Holland photo 539. Greg Holland RP
Trevor Rosenthal Note
Trevor Rosenthal photo 544. Trevor Rosenthal RP
Roberto Perez Note
Roberto Perez photo 546. Roberto Perez C
Austin Hedges Note
Austin Hedges photo 548. Austin Hedges C
Danny Duffy Note
Danny Duffy photo 552. Danny Duffy SP
Chad Pinder Note
Chad Pinder photo 557. Chad Pinder RF,LF,DH
Brad Boxberger Note
Brad Boxberger photo 558. Brad Boxberger RP
Adam Ottavino Note
Adam Ottavino photo 563. Adam Ottavino RP
Anthony Alford Note
Anthony Alford photo 564. Anthony Alford LF
Odubel Herrera Note
Odubel Herrera photo 565. Odubel Herrera LF,CF
Jake Brentz Note
Jake Brentz photo 570. Jake Brentz RP
Tommy Kahnle Note
Tommy Kahnle photo 571. Tommy Kahnle RP
Jarlin Garcia Note
Jarlin Garcia photo 573. Jarlin Garcia RP
Nick Wittgren Note
Nick Wittgren photo 577. Nick Wittgren RP
Elvis Andrus Note
Elvis Andrus photo 578. Elvis Andrus SS
Justin Upton Note
Justin Upton photo 580. Justin Upton LF,DH
Aristides Aquino Note
Aristides Aquino photo 584. Aristides Aquino LF,RF,CF
Kevin Kiermaier Note
Kevin Kiermaier photo 588. Kevin Kiermaier CF
Heath Hembree Note
Heath Hembree photo 592. Heath Hembree RP
Albert Pujols Note
Albert Pujols photo 597. Albert Pujols 1B,DH
Dominic Leone Note
Dominic Leone photo 605. Dominic Leone RP,SP
Tyler Wade Note
Tyler Wade photo 609. Tyler Wade 3B,SS,CF,2B
Michael Wacha Note
Michael Wacha photo 615. Michael Wacha SP
Austin Adams Note
Austin Adams photo 617. Austin Adams RP
Paul Fry Note
Paul Fry photo 620. Paul Fry RP
Colin Moran Note
Colin Moran photo 624. Colin Moran 1B,3B
J.B. Wendelken Note
J.B. Wendelken photo 625. J.B. Wendelken RP
Michael Taylor Note
Michael Taylor photo 628. Michael Taylor RF
Kevin Pillar Note
Kevin Pillar photo 631. Kevin Pillar LF,CF,RF
Matt Beaty Note
Matt Beaty photo 634. Matt Beaty 1B,LF,RF
Daniel Norris Note
Daniel Norris photo 640. Daniel Norris RP,SP
Tony Watson Note
Tony Watson photo 641. Tony Watson RP
Jeurys Familia Note
Jeurys Familia photo 642. Jeurys Familia RP
Luke Jackson Note
Luke Jackson photo 644. Luke Jackson RP
Jose Quintana Note
Jose Quintana photo 646. Jose Quintana SP,RP
Caleb Smith Note
Caleb Smith photo 647. Caleb Smith SP,RP
Casey Sadler Note
Casey Sadler photo 649. Casey Sadler RP
Drew Smyly Note
Drew Smyly photo 652. Drew Smyly SP
Josh Lindblom Note
Josh Lindblom photo 658. Josh Lindblom RP
Sean Newcomb Note
Sean Newcomb photo 660. Sean Newcomb RP
Spencer Patton Note
Spencer Patton photo 662. Spencer Patton RP
Victor Reyes Note
Victor Reyes photo 663. Victor Reyes CF,RF,LF
Corey Dickerson Note
Corey Dickerson photo 664. Corey Dickerson LF,CF,DH,RF
Hirokazu Sawamura Note
Hirokazu Sawamura photo 665. Hirokazu Sawamura RP
Ross Stripling Note
Ross Stripling photo 666. Ross Stripling SP,RP
Kyle Funkhouser Note
Kyle Funkhouser photo 673. Kyle Funkhouser RP
Trevor Williams Note
Trevor Williams photo 680. Trevor Williams SP,RP
Maikel Franco Note
Maikel Franco photo 684. Maikel Franco 3B
Jed Lowrie Note
Jed Lowrie photo 686. Jed Lowrie 2B,DH
Kwang Hyun Kim Note
Kwang Hyun Kim photo 693. Kwang Hyun Kim SP
Dallas Keuchel Note
Dallas Keuchel photo 697. Dallas Keuchel SP
Danny Coulombe Note
Danny Coulombe photo 698. Danny Coulombe RP
Matt Strahm Note
Matt Strahm photo 699. Matt Strahm RP
Jay Jackson Note
Jay Jackson photo 701. Jay Jackson RP
Jose Marmolejos Note
Jose Marmolejos photo 702. Jose Marmolejos 1B
Dom Nunez Note
Dom Nunez photo 703. Dom Nunez C
Jackie Bradley Jr. Note
Jackie Bradley Jr. photo 706. Jackie Bradley Jr. CF,LF,RF
Sergio Romo Note
Sergio Romo photo 710. Sergio Romo RP
Anthony Banda Note
Anthony Banda photo 712. Anthony Banda RP
Sean Reid-Foley Note
Sean Reid-Foley photo 716. Sean Reid-Foley RP
Jordan Luplow Note
Jordan Luplow photo 722. Jordan Luplow CF,RF,LF
Andrelton Simmons Note
Andrelton Simmons photo 727. Andrelton Simmons SS,2B
Eric Thames Note
Eric Thames photo 729. Eric Thames 1B
Jacob Barnes Note
Jacob Barnes photo 732. Jacob Barnes RP
Alcides Escobar Note
Alcides Escobar photo 736. Alcides Escobar SS,2B
Niko Goodrum Note
Niko Goodrum photo 739. Niko Goodrum SS,2B
Javy Guerra Note
Javy Guerra photo 744. Javy Guerra RP
Jeff Hoffman Note
Jeff Hoffman photo 751. Jeff Hoffman SP,RP
Archie Bradley Note
Archie Bradley photo 755. Archie Bradley RP
Adam Engel Note
Adam Engel photo 756. Adam Engel CF,RF
Deolis Guerra Note
Deolis Guerra photo 758. Deolis Guerra RP
Steve Cishek Note
Steve Cishek photo 759. Steve Cishek RP
Noe Ramirez Note
Noe Ramirez photo 763. Noe Ramirez RP
Edwin Rios Note
Edwin Rios photo 764. Edwin Rios 1B,DH
Will Harris Note
Will Harris photo 767. Will Harris RP
Justin Wilson Note
Justin Wilson photo 768. Justin Wilson RP
Garrett Richards Note
Garrett Richards photo 771. Garrett Richards SP,RP
Willi Castro Note
Willi Castro photo 772. Willi Castro 2B,SS,LF,CF,RF
Johnny Cueto Note
Johnny Cueto photo 775. Johnny Cueto SP
Kevin Plawecki Note
Kevin Plawecki photo 780. Kevin Plawecki C
Jace Peterson Note
Jace Peterson photo 781. Jace Peterson 1B,2B,RF,3B,LF
Jason Heyward Note
Jason Heyward photo 782. Jason Heyward RF,CF
Chris Archer Note
Chris Archer photo 784. Chris Archer SP
Steven Duggar Note
Steven Duggar photo 789. Steven Duggar CF,LF
Kelvin Gutierrez Note
Kelvin Gutierrez photo 790. Kelvin Gutierrez 3B
J.A. Happ Note
J.A. Happ photo 795. J.A. Happ SP
Curt Casali Note
Curt Casali photo 796. Curt Casali C
Brian O'Grady Note
Brian O'Grady photo 803. Brian O'Grady RF
Homer Bailey Note
Homer Bailey photo 808. Homer Bailey SP
Yermin Mercedes Note
Yermin Mercedes photo 812. Yermin Mercedes DH
Tyler Clippard Note
Tyler Clippard photo 813. Tyler Clippard RP
Jordan Lyles Note
Jordan Lyles photo 817. Jordan Lyles SP
Oliver Drake Note
Oliver Drake photo 818. Oliver Drake RP
Adam Morgan Note
Adam Morgan photo 821. Adam Morgan RP
Tommy Hunter Note
Tommy Hunter photo 823. Tommy Hunter RP
Chaz Roe Note
Chaz Roe photo 824. Chaz Roe RP
Tommy Romero Note
Tommy Romero photo 826. Tommy Romero SP
Michael Lorenzen Note
Michael Lorenzen photo 829. Michael Lorenzen RP,SP
Jhonathan Diaz Note
Jhonathan Diaz photo 832. Jhonathan Diaz SP
Jason Castro Note
Jason Castro photo 834. Jason Castro C
Joe Smith Note
Joe Smith photo 835. Joe Smith RP
Jose Alvarez Note
Jose Alvarez photo 838. Jose Alvarez RP
Wander Suero Note
Wander Suero photo 840. Wander Suero RP
Alex Dickerson Note
Alex Dickerson photo 843. Alex Dickerson LF,DH
Kyle McGowin Note
Kyle McGowin photo 844. Kyle McGowin RP
Ryan Borucki Note
Ryan Borucki photo 845. Ryan Borucki RP
John Gant Note
John Gant photo 850. John Gant SP,RP
Wilson Ramos Note
Wilson Ramos photo 853. Wilson Ramos C
Josh VanMeter Note
Josh VanMeter photo 859. Josh VanMeter 2B,3B,1B
Jesse Hahn Note
Jesse Hahn photo 860. Jesse Hahn RP
Blake Parker Note
Blake Parker photo 866. Blake Parker RP
Adam Eaton Note
Adam Eaton photo 868. Adam Eaton RF
Masahiro Tanaka Note
Masahiro Tanaka photo 869. Masahiro Tanaka SP
Mike Leake Note
Mike Leake photo 870. Mike Leake SP
Andrew Cashner Note
Andrew Cashner photo 879. Andrew Cashner SP
Jason Vargas Note
Jason Vargas photo 881. Jason Vargas SP
Jerry Sands Note
Jerry Sands photo 883. Jerry Sands 1B
David Phelps Note
David Phelps photo 884. David Phelps RP
Rick Porcello Note
Rick Porcello photo 887. Rick Porcello SP
Dylan File Note
Dylan File photo 888. Dylan File SP
Joe Ross Note
Joe Ross photo 891. Joe Ross SP
Chris Ellis Note
Chris Ellis photo 893. Chris Ellis SP
Ross Detwiler Note
Ross Detwiler photo 897. Ross Detwiler SP,RP
Ivan Nova Note
Ivan Nova photo 898. Ivan Nova SP
T.J. Zeuch Note
T.J. Zeuch photo 900. T.J. Zeuch SP
Kurt Suzuki Note
Kurt Suzuki photo 901. Kurt Suzuki C
Darren O'Day Note
Darren O'Day photo 902. Darren O'Day RP
Humberto Mejia Note
Humberto Mejia photo 904. Humberto Mejia SP
Manny Banuelos Note
Manny Banuelos photo 905. Manny Banuelos RP
Aaron Brooks Note
Aaron Brooks photo 907. Aaron Brooks
Pedro Baez Note
Pedro Baez photo 908. Pedro Baez RP
Juan Minaya Note
Juan Minaya photo 911. Juan Minaya RP
Jandel Gustave Note
Jandel Gustave photo 913. Jandel Gustave RP
Hunter Strickland Note
Hunter Strickland photo 914. Hunter Strickland RP
Jharel Cotton Note
Jharel Cotton photo 915. Jharel Cotton RP
Zack Godley Note
Zack Godley photo 917. Zack Godley SP
Andrew Miller Note
Andrew Miller photo 922. Andrew Miller RP
Yusmeiro Petit Note
Yusmeiro Petit photo 923. Yusmeiro Petit RP
Kohl Stewart Note
Kohl Stewart photo 925. Kohl Stewart SP
Rafael Dolis Note
Rafael Dolis photo 926. Rafael Dolis RP
Alexander Vizcaino Note
Alexander Vizcaino photo 927. Alexander Vizcaino SP
Robinson Chirinos Note
Robinson Chirinos photo 930. Robinson Chirinos C
Logan Shore Note
Logan Shore photo 934. Logan Shore SP
Cole Hamels Note
Cole Hamels photo 938. Cole Hamels SP
Derek Holland Note
Derek Holland photo 946. Derek Holland RP
Touki Toussaint Note
Touki Toussaint photo 954. Touki Toussaint SP,RP
Asher Wojciechowski Note
Asher Wojciechowski photo 955. Asher Wojciechowski SP
Ryan Hendrix Note
Ryan Hendrix photo 956. Ryan Hendrix RP
Miguel Del Pozo Note
Miguel Del Pozo photo 959. Miguel Del Pozo RP
Brendan McKay Note
Brendan McKay photo 960. Brendan McKay SP
Ryne Harper Note
Ryne Harper photo 964. Ryne Harper RP
Greg Allen Note
Greg Allen photo 966. Greg Allen RF,LF,CF
Aledmys Diaz Note
Aledmys Diaz photo 973. Aledmys Diaz 3B,1B,2B,LF,SS
Demarcus Evans Note
Demarcus Evans photo 976. Demarcus Evans RP
Sean Nolin Note
Sean Nolin photo 979. Sean Nolin SP
Carlos Martinez Note
Carlos Martinez photo 982. Carlos Martinez SP
Scott Kazmir Note
Scott Kazmir photo 986. Scott Kazmir SP
Mike Foltynewicz Note
Mike Foltynewicz photo 993. Mike Foltynewicz SP
Andrew Knapp Note
Andrew Knapp photo 995. Andrew Knapp C
Vince Velasquez Note
Vince Velasquez photo 997. Vince Velasquez SP,RP
Kohei Arihara Note
Kohei Arihara photo 1000. Kohei Arihara SP
Oliver Perez Note
Oliver Perez photo 1004. Oliver Perez RP
Carlos Martinez Note
Carlos Martinez photo 1008. Carlos Martinez C
Josh Tomlin Note
Josh Tomlin photo 1010. Josh Tomlin RP
Matt Shoemaker Note
Matt Shoemaker photo 1013. Matt Shoemaker SP
Wade LeBlanc Note
Wade LeBlanc photo 1015. Wade LeBlanc SP,RP
Jerad Eickhoff Note
Jerad Eickhoff photo 1016. Jerad Eickhoff SP
Brett Gardner Note
Brett Gardner photo 1018. Brett Gardner LF,CF
Kyle Zimmer Note
Kyle Zimmer photo 1020. Kyle Zimmer RP
Tyler Beede Note
Tyler Beede photo 1023. Tyler Beede RP,SP
Edgar Santana Note
Edgar Santana photo 1025. Edgar Santana RP
Dillon Peters Note
Dillon Peters photo 1026. Dillon Peters SP,RP
Josh James Note
Josh James photo 1027. Josh James RP
Trevor Cahill Note
Trevor Cahill photo 1028. Trevor Cahill SP
Sandy Leon Note
Sandy Leon photo 1029. Sandy Leon C
Stephen Vogt Note
Stephen Vogt photo 1032. Stephen Vogt C,DH,1B
Luke Barker Note
Luke Barker photo 1034. Luke Barker RP
Ervin Santana Note
Ervin Santana photo 1037. Ervin Santana RP
Eric Hanhold Note
Eric Hanhold photo 1041. Eric Hanhold RP
Wily Peralta Note
Wily Peralta photo 1047. Wily Peralta SP,RP
Lewis Thorpe Note
Lewis Thorpe photo 1057. Lewis Thorpe SP
Cam Gallagher Note
Cam Gallagher photo 1060. Cam Gallagher C
Brett Anderson Note
Brett Anderson photo 1062. Brett Anderson SP
Pat Ruotolo Note
Pat Ruotolo photo 1063. Pat Ruotolo
Dellin Betances Note
Dellin Betances photo 1064. Dellin Betances RP
Dan Straily Note
Dan Straily photo 1066. Dan Straily SP
Chase Anderson Note
Chase Anderson photo 1067. Chase Anderson SP
Mitch Moreland Note
Mitch Moreland photo 1068. Mitch Moreland DH
Devin Smeltzer Note
Devin Smeltzer photo 1072. Devin Smeltzer RP,SP
Donovan Solano Note
Donovan Solano photo 1073. Donovan Solano 2B,3B,DH,1B
Nick Snyder Note
Nick Snyder photo 1076. Nick Snyder RP
Charlie Barnes Note
Charlie Barnes photo 1079. Charlie Barnes SP
Jake Arrieta Note
Jake Arrieta photo 1080. Jake Arrieta SP
Cody Ponce Note
Cody Ponce photo 1083. Cody Ponce RP
Nomar Mazara Note
Nomar Mazara photo 1087. Nomar Mazara RF
Scott Oberg Note
Scott Oberg photo 1088. Scott Oberg RP
Austin Pruitt Note
Austin Pruitt photo 1091. Austin Pruitt RP
Mike Fiers Note
Mike Fiers photo 1092. Mike Fiers SP
Alex Claudio Note
Alex Claudio photo 1093. Alex Claudio RP
Austin Romine Note
Austin Romine photo 1099. Austin Romine C
Justin Miller Note
Justin Miller photo 1100. Justin Miller RP
Anthony Castro Note
Anthony Castro photo 1110. Anthony Castro RP
Aramis Garcia Note
Aramis Garcia photo 1113. Aramis Garcia C
Dustin Garneau Note
Dustin Garneau photo 1125. Dustin Garneau C
Jose Godoy Note
Jose Godoy photo 1128. Jose Godoy C
Dexter Fowler Note
Dexter Fowler photo 1130. Dexter Fowler RF
Ty Blach Note
Ty Blach photo 1131. Ty Blach SP,RP
DJ Johnson Note
DJ Johnson photo 1134. DJ Johnson RP
Aaron Sanchez Note
Aaron Sanchez photo 1142. Aaron Sanchez SP,RP
Neftali Feliz Note
Neftali Feliz photo 1143. Neftali Feliz RP
Drew Butera Note
Drew Butera photo 1144. Drew Butera C
Dusten Knight Note
Dusten Knight photo 1147. Dusten Knight RP
Asdrubal Cabrera Note
Asdrubal Cabrera photo 1149. Asdrubal Cabrera 3B
Seth Romero Note
Seth Romero photo 1150. Seth Romero SP
Sebastian Rivero Note
Sebastian Rivero photo 1151. Sebastian Rivero C
Jhon Romero Note
Jhon Romero photo 1160. Jhon Romero RP
Rex Brothers Note
Rex Brothers photo 1163. Rex Brothers RP
Eduard Bazardo Note
Eduard Bazardo photo 1164. Eduard Bazardo RP
Erick Fedde Note
Erick Fedde photo 1165. Erick Fedde SP
Jose Lobaton Note
Jose Lobaton photo 1167. Jose Lobaton C
Taylor Davis Note
Taylor Davis photo 1169. Taylor Davis C
Daniel Mengden Note
Daniel Mengden photo 1170. Daniel Mengden SP
Preston Guilmet Note
Preston Guilmet photo 1172. Preston Guilmet RP
Jhoulys Chacin Note
Jhoulys Chacin photo 1174. Jhoulys Chacin RP
Luke Bard Note
Luke Bard photo 1177. Luke Bard RP
Starlin Castro Note
Starlin Castro photo 1180. Starlin Castro 3B
Nick Neidert Note
Nick Neidert photo 1183. Nick Neidert SP
Danny Santana Note
Danny Santana photo 1189. Danny Santana CF
Felix Pena Note
Felix Pena photo 1190. Felix Pena RP
Chad Kuhl Note
Chad Kuhl photo 1197. Chad Kuhl SP,RP
Ryan Buchter Note
Ryan Buchter photo 1200. Ryan Buchter RP
Derek Law Note
Derek Law photo 1202. Derek Law RP
Brett Phillips Note
Brett Phillips photo 1205. Brett Phillips CF,RF,LF
Corey Oswalt Note
Corey Oswalt photo 1206. Corey Oswalt SP
Collin Theroux Note
Collin Theroux photo 1208. Collin Theroux
Alex Young Note
Alex Young photo 1211. Alex Young RP
Joe Palumbo Note
Joe Palumbo photo 1212. Joe Palumbo RP
Zack Britton Note
Zack Britton photo 1213. Zack Britton RP
Khris Davis Note
Khris Davis photo 1214. Khris Davis DH
Reyes Moronta Note
Reyes Moronta photo 1216. Reyes Moronta RP
Max Schrock Note
Max Schrock photo 1217. Max Schrock LF
Konner Wade Note
Konner Wade photo 1219. Konner Wade RP
Kyle Keller Note
Kyle Keller photo 1224. Kyle Keller RP
Anibal Sanchez Note
Anibal Sanchez photo 1225. Anibal Sanchez SP
Luis Perdomo Note
Luis Perdomo photo 1227. Luis Perdomo RP
Travis Shaw Note
Travis Shaw photo 1228. Travis Shaw 1B,3B
Yu Chang Note
Yu Chang photo 1230. Yu Chang 1B,3B,2B,SS
Chi Chi Gonzalez Note
Chi Chi Gonzalez photo 1232. Chi Chi Gonzalez SP
Riley Smith Note
Riley Smith photo 1233. Riley Smith SP,RP
Phil Gosselin Note
Phil Gosselin photo 1235. Phil Gosselin 1B,3B,LF,2B
Roenis Elias Note
Roenis Elias photo 1237. Roenis Elias RP
Jarrod Dyson Note
Jarrod Dyson photo 1238. Jarrod Dyson LF,CF,RF
Colin Rea Note
Colin Rea photo 1239. Colin Rea RP
Brian Goodwin Note
Brian Goodwin photo 1241. Brian Goodwin CF,RF
Juan Lagares Note
Juan Lagares photo 1243. Juan Lagares LF,CF,RF
Shogo Akiyama Note
Shogo Akiyama photo 1245. Shogo Akiyama CF
Gabriel Ynoa Note
Gabriel Ynoa photo 1250. Gabriel Ynoa RP
Guillermo Heredia Note
Guillermo Heredia photo 1251. Guillermo Heredia LF,CF,RF
Tyler Webb Note
Tyler Webb photo 1252. Tyler Webb RP
Ehire Adrianza Note
Ehire Adrianza photo 1254. Ehire Adrianza RF,3B
Kyle Dohy Note
Kyle Dohy photo 1255. Kyle Dohy RP
Cam Hill Note
Cam Hill photo 1259. Cam Hill RP
Brian Moran Note
Brian Moran photo 1260. Brian Moran RP
Justin Grimm Note
Justin Grimm photo 1263. Justin Grimm RP
Matt Duffy Note
Matt Duffy photo 1264. Matt Duffy 2B,3B,1B
Johan Camargo Note
Johan Camargo photo 1265. Johan Camargo 1B,2B,3B,SS
Ryan Mason Note
Ryan Mason photo 1266. Ryan Mason
Ryan Weber Note
Ryan Weber photo 1267. Ryan Weber RP
Jake Marisnick Note
Jake Marisnick photo 1268. Jake Marisnick LF,CF
Tim Locastro Note
Tim Locastro photo 1270. Tim Locastro CF,LF
Travis Lakins Sr. Note
Travis Lakins Sr. photo 1271. Travis Lakins Sr. RP
Marwin Gonzalez Note
Marwin Gonzalez photo 1274. Marwin Gonzalez 2B,1B,3B,SS,LF,RF
John Axford Note
John Axford photo 1275. John Axford RP
Josh Reddick Note
Josh Reddick photo 1276. Josh Reddick RF
Brailyn Marquez Note
Brailyn Marquez photo 1277. Brailyn Marquez RP
Charlie Culberson Note
Charlie Culberson photo 1278. Charlie Culberson 3B,2B,LF
Drew Carlton Note
Drew Carlton photo 1281. Drew Carlton RP
Shed Long Jr. Note
Shed Long Jr. photo 1284. Shed Long Jr. LF
Lewis Brinson Note
Lewis Brinson photo 1289. Lewis Brinson LF,CF
Blake Weiman Note
Blake Weiman photo 1290. Blake Weiman RP
Matt Carpenter Note
Matt Carpenter photo 1292. Matt Carpenter 2B,DH,RF
Luke Farrell Note
Luke Farrell photo 1295. Luke Farrell RP
Monte Harrison Note
Monte Harrison photo 1296. Monte Harrison CF
Joe Panik Note
Joe Panik photo 1297. Joe Panik 2B,3B
Brock Holt Note
Brock Holt photo 1298. Brock Holt 3B
Cam Bedrosian Note
Cam Bedrosian photo 1300. Cam Bedrosian RP
Harold Castro Note
Harold Castro photo 1301. Harold Castro 2B,SS,3B,1B
Justin Anderson Note
Justin Anderson photo 1304. Justin Anderson RP
Zach Davies Note
Zach Davies photo 1306. Zach Davies SP
Hanser Alberto Note
Hanser Alberto photo 1308. Hanser Alberto 2B,3B,RP
Luis Barrera Note
Luis Barrera photo 1313. Luis Barrera LF,RF
Nick Tropeano Note
Nick Tropeano photo 1314. Nick Tropeano RP
Matt Joyce Note
Matt Joyce photo 1315. Matt Joyce LF,RF
Aaron Altherr Note
Aaron Altherr photo 1324. Aaron Altherr CF
Beau Burrows Note
Beau Burrows photo 1326. Beau Burrows RP
Ian Desmond Note
Ian Desmond photo 1329. Ian Desmond CF
Ramon Rosso Note
Ramon Rosso photo 1332. Ramon Rosso RP
Luke Williams Note
Luke Williams photo 1333. Luke Williams CF,3B,LF,2B
Kyle Barraclough Note
Kyle Barraclough photo 1334. Kyle Barraclough RP
Ronald Torreyes Note
Ronald Torreyes photo 1336. Ronald Torreyes 3B,SS
Sergio Alcantara Note
Sergio Alcantara photo 1338. Sergio Alcantara 2B,SS,3B
Matt Moore Note
Matt Moore photo 1339. Matt Moore SP,RP
Henderson Alvarez III Note
Henderson Alvarez III photo 1340. Henderson Alvarez III RP
Joe Biagini Note
Joe Biagini photo 1345. Joe Biagini RP
Renato Nunez Note
Renato Nunez photo 1348. Renato Nunez 1B
Luis Madero Note
Luis Madero photo 1351. Luis Madero RP
Jordy Mercer Note
Jordy Mercer photo 1354. Jordy Mercer 2B
Jake Jewell Note
Jake Jewell photo 1355. Jake Jewell RP
Taylor Cole Note
Taylor Cole photo 1358. Taylor Cole RP
Michael Hermosillo Note
Michael Hermosillo photo 1359. Michael Hermosillo RF,CF
Jose Rojas Note
Jose Rojas photo 1361. Jose Rojas RF,2B,3B
Roman Quinn Note
Roman Quinn photo 1365. Roman Quinn CF,LF
Drew Anderson Note
Drew Anderson photo 1368. Drew Anderson SP
Danny Mendick Note
Danny Mendick photo 1369. Danny Mendick 2B,SS
Billy Hamilton Note
Billy Hamilton photo 1371. Billy Hamilton CF,LF
Tyler Danish Note
Tyler Danish photo 1372. Tyler Danish RP
David Dahl Note
David Dahl photo 1378. David Dahl LF
Jake Lamb Note
Jake Lamb photo 1380. Jake Lamb LF,DH
Roel Ramirez Note
Roel Ramirez photo 1381. Roel Ramirez RP
Jake Faria Note
Jake Faria photo 1384. Jake Faria RP
Wilmer Difo Note
Wilmer Difo photo 1386. Wilmer Difo 2B
Kyle Tyler Note
Kyle Tyler photo 1387. Kyle Tyler RP
Jake Petricka Note
Jake Petricka photo 1393. Jake Petricka RP
Marcos Diplan Note
Marcos Diplan photo 1397. Marcos Diplan RP
Eric Sogard Note
Eric Sogard photo 1399. Eric Sogard 2B
Pat Valaika Note
Pat Valaika photo 1403. Pat Valaika 2B
Delino DeShields Note
Delino DeShields photo 1404. Delino DeShields CF
Shaun Anderson Note
Shaun Anderson photo 1406. Shaun Anderson RP
Hector Santiago Note
Hector Santiago photo 1417. Hector Santiago RP
Zach Reks Note
Zach Reks photo 1421. Zach Reks LF
Graham Spraker Note
Graham Spraker photo 1422. Graham Spraker RP
Abraham Almonte Note
Abraham Almonte photo 1423. Abraham Almonte LF
Albert Almora Jr. Note
Albert Almora Jr. photo 1424. Albert Almora Jr. CF,LF,RF
Dillon Maples Note
Dillon Maples photo 1426. Dillon Maples RP
Magneuris Sierra Note
Magneuris Sierra photo 1430. Magneuris Sierra CF,LF
Ronald Guzman Note
Ronald Guzman photo 1437. Ronald Guzman 1B
Ian Krol Note
Ian Krol photo 1438. Ian Krol RP
Drew Hutchison Note
Drew Hutchison photo 1440. Drew Hutchison SP,RP
Justin Smoak Note
Justin Smoak photo 1441. Justin Smoak 1B
Ryan McBroom Note
Ryan McBroom photo 1442. Ryan McBroom DH
Ender Inciarte Note
Ender Inciarte photo 1444. Ender Inciarte CF
Alec Bettinger Note
Alec Bettinger photo 1450. Alec Bettinger SP
Richie Martin Note
Richie Martin photo 1451. Richie Martin SS,2B
Adam Kolarek Note
Adam Kolarek photo 1452. Adam Kolarek RP
Jose Peraza Note
Jose Peraza photo 1453. Jose Peraza 2B
AJ Ramos Note
AJ Ramos photo 1454. AJ Ramos RP
Curtis Terry Note
Curtis Terry photo 1455. Curtis Terry DH
Jace Vines Note
Jace Vines photo 1460. Jace Vines RP
Jake Newberry Note
Jake Newberry photo 1462. Jake Newberry RP
Steven Souza Jr. Note
Steven Souza Jr. photo 1463. Steven Souza Jr. RF
Jaylin Davis Note
Jaylin Davis photo 1464. Jaylin Davis LF
James Hoyt Note
James Hoyt photo 1467. James Hoyt RP
Scott Schebler Note
Scott Schebler photo 1470. Scott Schebler CF,RF
Carson Fulmer Note
Carson Fulmer photo 1471. Carson Fulmer RP
Jose Rondon Note
Jose Rondon photo 1472. Jose Rondon RF
Jonathan Davis Note
Jonathan Davis photo 1474. Jonathan Davis CF
Isaac Mattson Note
Isaac Mattson photo 1475. Isaac Mattson RP
Travis Demeritte Note
Travis Demeritte photo 1476. Travis Demeritte RF
Greg Deichmann Note
Greg Deichmann photo 1483. Greg Deichmann RF
Yennsy Diaz Note
Yennsy Diaz photo 1486. Yennsy Diaz RP
Johneshwy Fargas Note
Johneshwy Fargas photo 1488. Johneshwy Fargas CF
Trey Amburgey Note
Trey Amburgey photo 1489. Trey Amburgey RF
Dillon Thomas Note
Dillon Thomas photo 1493. Dillon Thomas LF
Gregory Polanco Note
Gregory Polanco photo 1495. Gregory Polanco RF
Ka'ai Tom Note
Ka'ai Tom photo 1500. Ka'ai Tom LF
Wes Benjamin Note
Wes Benjamin photo 1501. Wes Benjamin RP
Nick Martini Note
Nick Martini photo 1502. Nick Martini RF
Gabe Klobosits Note
Gabe Klobosits photo 1503. Gabe Klobosits RP
Gerardo Parra Note
Gerardo Parra photo 1504. Gerardo Parra LF
Tanner Anderson Note
Tanner Anderson photo 1505. Tanner Anderson RP
Brett de Geus Note
Brett de Geus photo 1506. Brett de Geus RP
Dustin Fowler Note
Dustin Fowler photo 1507. Dustin Fowler CF
Rusney Castillo Note
Rusney Castillo photo 1508. Rusney Castillo RF
Conner Menez Note
Conner Menez photo 1512. Conner Menez RP
Brandon Workman Note
Brandon Workman photo 1517. Brandon Workman RP
Michael Reed Note
Michael Reed photo 1521. Michael Reed LF
Robert Gsellman Note
Robert Gsellman photo 1522. Robert Gsellman RP
Buddy Baumann Note
Buddy Baumann photo 1524. Buddy Baumann RP
Greg Bird Note
Greg Bird photo 1529. Greg Bird 1B
Derek Fisher Note
Derek Fisher photo 1531. Derek Fisher RF
Junior Guerra Note
Junior Guerra photo 1532. Junior Guerra RP
Donovan Walton Note
Donovan Walton photo 1534. Donovan Walton 2B,SS
Mike Tauchman Note
Mike Tauchman photo 1535. Mike Tauchman LF
Jason Vosler Note
Jason Vosler photo 1537. Jason Vosler 3B
Kyle Crick Note
Kyle Crick photo 1540. Kyle Crick RP
Max Moroff Note
Max Moroff photo 1544. Max Moroff 2B
JaCoby Jones Note
JaCoby Jones photo 1545. JaCoby Jones CF
Rio Ruiz Note
Rio Ruiz photo 1546. Rio Ruiz 2B
Yolmer Sanchez Note
Yolmer Sanchez photo 1547. Yolmer Sanchez 2B
Jedd Gyorko Note
Jedd Gyorko photo 1548. Jedd Gyorko 1B
Tanner Roark Note
Tanner Roark photo 1551. Tanner Roark RP
Willians Astudillo Note
Willians Astudillo photo 1552. Willians Astudillo 1B,3B
Erasmo Ramirez Note
Erasmo Ramirez photo 1555. Erasmo Ramirez RP
Ivan Castillo Note
Ivan Castillo photo 1560. Ivan Castillo 2B,3B
Todd Frazier Note
Todd Frazier photo 1563. Todd Frazier 1B
Matt Duffy Note
Matt Duffy photo 1564. Matt Duffy 3B
Robel Garcia Note
Robel Garcia photo 1565. Robel Garcia 3B
Anderson Tejeda Note
Anderson Tejeda photo 1567. Anderson Tejeda 3B
Julian Fernandez Note
Julian Fernandez photo 1568. Julian Fernandez RP
Mike Ford Note
Mike Ford photo 1576. Mike Ford 1B,DH
Yolbert Sanchez Note
Yolbert Sanchez photo 1577. Yolbert Sanchez 2B
Tyler White Note
Tyler White photo 1580. Tyler White 1B
JT Riddle Note
JT Riddle photo 1584. JT Riddle SS
Pete Kozma Note
Pete Kozma photo 1588. Pete Kozma SS
Guillermo Quiroz Note
Guillermo Quiroz photo 1593. Guillermo Quiroz C
Hernan Perez Note
Hernan Perez photo 1594. Hernan Perez 2B
JD Hammer Note
JD Hammer photo 1598. JD Hammer RP
Tim Lopes Note
Tim Lopes photo 1599. Tim Lopes 2B
Tyler Thornburg Note
Tyler Thornburg photo 1604. Tyler Thornburg RP
D.J. Stewart Note
D.J. Stewart photo 1606. D.J. Stewart
Ashton Goudeau Note
Ashton Goudeau photo 1607. Ashton Goudeau RP
Harold Ramirez Note
Harold Ramirez photo 1608. Harold Ramirez
Chan Ho Park Note
Chan Ho Park photo 1609. Chan Ho Park RP
Adam Eaton Note
Adam Eaton photo 1611. Adam Eaton
Jack Kruger Note
Jack Kruger photo 1617. Jack Kruger C
Alex Avila Note
Alex Avila photo 1620. Alex Avila C
Jose Briceno Note
Jose Briceno photo 1621. Jose Briceno C
Brandon Drury Note
Brandon Drury photo 1626. Brandon Drury LF,RF,2B,3B,DH,1B
Alex Blandino Note
Alex Blandino photo 1627. Alex Blandino 1B
Mallex Smith Note
Mallex Smith photo 1628. Mallex Smith LF,CF
Wyatt Mathisen Note
Wyatt Mathisen photo 1629. Wyatt Mathisen 1B
Tim Beckham Note
Tim Beckham photo 1630. Tim Beckham SS
Buddy Reed Note
Buddy Reed photo 1632. Buddy Reed CF
Joe Benson Note
Joe Benson photo 1633. Joe Benson LF
Freddy Galvis Note
Freddy Galvis photo 1634. Freddy Galvis SS
Kyle Holder Note
Kyle Holder photo 1635. Kyle Holder SS
Lane Adams Note
Lane Adams photo 1636. Lane Adams RF
Joshua Fuentes Note
Joshua Fuentes photo 1637. Joshua Fuentes 1B,3B
Patrick Kivlehan Note
Patrick Kivlehan photo 1639. Patrick Kivlehan RF
Ryan Goins Note
Ryan Goins photo 1640. Ryan Goins SS
Drew Jackson Note
Drew Jackson photo 1642. Drew Jackson 2B
Dee Strange-Gordon Note
Dee Strange-Gordon photo 1643. Dee Strange-Gordon SS
Joe McCarthy Note
Joe McCarthy photo 1646. Joe McCarthy LF
Jordan Zimmerman Note
Jordan Zimmerman photo 1648. Jordan Zimmerman
Justin Williams Note
Justin Williams photo 1649. Justin Williams
Jason Martin Note
Jason Martin photo 1650. Jason Martin LF
Deven Marrero Note
Deven Marrero photo 1651. Deven Marrero SS
Yoenis Cespedes Note
Yoenis Cespedes photo 1652. Yoenis Cespedes DH
Tyler Ladendorf Note
Tyler Ladendorf photo 1655. Tyler Ladendorf 3B
Tzu-Wei Lin Note
Tzu-Wei Lin photo 1656. Tzu-Wei Lin LF
Nick Heath Note
Nick Heath photo 1659. Nick Heath CF