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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2022 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Mike Trout Note
Mike Trout photo 10. Mike Trout CF
He's destined to end up in Cooperstown, but Trout has been plagued by injuries in what should be the prime of his career. He hasn't played more than 140 games in a season since 2016, and a calf injury last year limited him to just 117 at-bats. If he can stay healthy, he'll hit a bunch of bombs and make major contributions in runs, RBI and batting average. Trout once stole 49 bases, but that was a long time ago, and the SBs might not come back now that he's in his 30s. You're bound to get an injury discount on Trout, and with good reason - the risk of continued health problems is very real. But if you're lucky enough to get 150+ games out of him, you're going to turn a big profit.
12 weeks ago
Shohei Ohtani Note
Shohei Ohtani photo 28. Shohei Ohtani SP
He's Japan's greatest gift to MLB since Ichiro, and he offers the greatest combination of hitting and pitching since Babe Ruth. Ohtani's 9.1 WAR in 2021 was more than a full win higher than anyone else's. It's unfortunate that the rules in most fantasy leagues make it impossible for investors to fully tap all of Ohtani's skills. As a hitter, he provides prodigious power, scores runs in bunches and makes meaningful SB contributions. He batted .257 last year, but would it shock anyone if he gave us a .300 season? As a pitcher, Ohtani got his walks under control, struck out 10.8 batters per nine innings, and posted a 9-2 record. It's a dazzling skill set, and if Ohtani stays healthy, he's likely to return something close to first-round value as a hitter. He's a valuable pitcher, too, but to most fantasy owners that's just gravy.
12 weeks ago
Raisel Iglesias Note
Raisel Iglesias photo 74. Raisel Iglesias RP
The Angels' closer keeps getting better and better. His K rate has risen in each of the last three seasons. His walk rate has shrunk in each of the last four seasons. Iglesias struck out 103 batters in 70 innings last year and walked only 12. He's notched at least 28 saves in each of his last four full seasons going back to 2017, and he's cemented his reputation as one of the best, most reliable closers in the game. If you don't have the stomach for saves speculation and are willing to pay for quality, Iglesias is well worth the price.
12 weeks ago
Anthony Rendon Note
Anthony Rendon photo 96. Anthony Rendon 3B
A medley of injuries limited Rendon to 58 games and 249 plate appearances in 2021. He batted over .300 in each of his last three seasons with the Nationals, but Rendon's BA slipped to .286 in the COVID-shortened 2020 season and bottomed out at a career-low .240 last year. When he's at his best, Rendon is a choosy hitter who racks up extra-base hits and makes significant contributions in every category except stolen bases. He's slightly past prime age, but we should still expect a bounce-back season from Rendon, and he's very affordable in drafts.
12 weeks ago
Jared Walsh Note
Jared Walsh photo 104. Jared Walsh 1B,RF
Walsh was outstanding in his rookie year, blasting 29 home runs and batting .277. His expected batting average (.257) and slugging percentage (.436) lagged significantly behind his actual numbers, but his 114.8 MPH maximum exit velocity was in the top six percent of MLB and suggests his power is real. Walsh couldn't hit a lick against lefties last year, as he batted just .170 against them with a .565 OPS. But, even if he loses time against them, his success against righties should be more than enough to keep him relevant. Buy him as a 30-homer bat but take at least 10 to 20 points off his batting average from last year.
10 weeks ago
Patrick Sandoval Note
Patrick Sandoval photo 181. Patrick Sandoval SP
Sandoval didn't get much respect from fantasy managers despite a solid year last season, probably for two reasons. The first is that his control is middling (9.9% walk rate), which leads to an inflated WHIP. The second is that his fastball is just mediocre, and it's really difficult to trust a pitcher who doesn't want to throw that pitch. But all that ignores that he has a glorious changeup and a passable slider, which he uses to great effect. He ended his season with a stress fracture in his back but he's reportedly fully recovered now. There's some risk with him but, chances are, his ADP won't reflect his upside. Take a chance on him, but make sure to draft some other "boring" and safe options.
9 weeks ago
Jo Adell Note
Jo Adell photo 186. Jo Adell LF,RF
Adell has massive power but hit just four home runs in 35 games in the majors last year. But his strikeout rate was a very manageable 22.9% after it was an incredibly bloated 41.7% in 2020, and that generally bodes well for a prospect. He worked on a swing change this offseason and looks much, much more comfortable in the spring. As fantasy managers know, prospect growth is not linear, so Adell's mediocre performance in the majors to this point shouldn't give you much pause. You'll have to pay more for him than his numbers suggest you should, be he's got the type of upside that should make the price worth it.
9 weeks ago
Noah Syndergaard Note
Noah Syndergaard photo 231. Noah Syndergaard SP
Syndergaard has pitched two innings since 2019 after undergoing Tommy John surgery and then having setbacks last season, and he'll get a fresh start with the Angels. Fantasy managers know what he brings to the table when he's at his best. A high-90s fastball, and excellent curveball, changeup, and slider, and the ability to dominate any lineup he faces when he's on. There are obvious injury concerns, but considering his low ADP, he has more upside than any pitcher going around him. Take comfort in the fact that he took a one-year deal in an effort to rebuild his value, and accept the discount on someone who could easily be an SP2 or SP3 if he stays healthy.
8 weeks ago
David Fletcher Note
David Fletcher photo 330. David Fletcher 2B,SS
Reid Detmers Note
Reid Detmers photo 345. Reid Detmers SP
Max Stassi Note
Max Stassi photo 359. Max Stassi C
Brandon Marsh Note
Brandon Marsh photo 371. Brandon Marsh LF,CF
Aaron Loup Note
Aaron Loup photo 470. Aaron Loup RP
Mike Mayers Note
Mike Mayers photo 498. Mike Mayers RP
Ryan Tepera Note
Ryan Tepera photo 514. Ryan Tepera RP
Jose Suarez Note
Jose Suarez photo 549. Jose Suarez SP,RP
Griffin Canning Note
Griffin Canning photo 592. Griffin Canning SP
Tyler Wade Note
Tyler Wade photo 605. Tyler Wade 2B,3B,SS,CF
Jose Quijada Note
Jose Quijada photo 613. Jose Quijada RP
Austin Warren Note
Austin Warren photo 688. Austin Warren RP
Archie Bradley Note
Archie Bradley photo 755. Archie Bradley RP
Michael Lorenzen Note
Michael Lorenzen photo 829. Michael Lorenzen SP,RP
Jhonathan Diaz Note
Jhonathan Diaz photo 832. Jhonathan Diaz P
Wander Suero Note
Wander Suero photo 840. Wander Suero RP
Andrew Wantz Note
Andrew Wantz photo 871. Andrew Wantz RP
Kurt Suzuki Note
Kurt Suzuki photo 901. Kurt Suzuki C
Jimmy Herget Note
Jimmy Herget photo 928. Jimmy Herget RP
Cooper Criswell Note
Cooper Criswell photo 932. Cooper Criswell SP
Janson Junk Note
Janson Junk photo 1011. Janson Junk SP
Ty Buttrey Note
Ty Buttrey photo 1019. Ty Buttrey RP
Austin Romine Note
Austin Romine photo 1099. Austin Romine C
Taylor Ward Note
Taylor Ward photo 1103. Taylor Ward LF,CF,RF
Grant Dayton Note
Grant Dayton photo 1123. Grant Dayton RP
Chad Wallach Note
Chad Wallach photo 1135. Chad Wallach C
Jaime Barria Note
Jaime Barria photo 1141. Jaime Barria SP,RP
Cesar Valdez Note
Cesar Valdez photo 1145. Cesar Valdez RP
Chris Rodriguez Note
Chris Rodriguez photo 1181. Chris Rodriguez RP
Juan Lagares Note
Juan Lagares photo 1243. Juan Lagares LF,CF,RF
Oliver Ortega Note
Oliver Ortega photo 1256. Oliver Ortega RP
Brian Moran Note
Brian Moran photo 1260. Brian Moran RP
Matt Duffy Note
Matt Duffy photo 1264. Matt Duffy 1B,2B,3B
Luis Rengifo Note
Luis Rengifo photo 1280. Luis Rengifo 2B,3B,SS,RF
Monte Harrison Note
Monte Harrison photo 1296. Monte Harrison Util
Jack Mayfield Note
Jack Mayfield photo 1325. Jack Mayfield 2B,3B,SS
Kyle Barraclough Note
Kyle Barraclough photo 1334. Kyle Barraclough RP
Jose Rojas Note
Jose Rojas photo 1361. Jose Rojas 2B,3B,RF
Elvis Peguero Note
Elvis Peguero photo 1385. Elvis Peguero RP
Andrew Velazquez Note
Andrew Velazquez photo 1388. Andrew Velazquez SS
Matt Thaiss Note
Matt Thaiss photo 1410. Matt Thaiss 1B
Jose Marte Note
Jose Marte photo 1413. Jose Marte RP
Magneuris Sierra Note
Magneuris Sierra photo 1430. Magneuris Sierra LF,CF
Dillon Thomas Note
Dillon Thomas photo 1493. Dillon Thomas Util
Michael Stefanic Note
Michael Stefanic photo 1550. Michael Stefanic
Kean Wong Note
Kean Wong photo 1558. Kean Wong 2B