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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes
Josh Bell Note
Josh Bell photo 75. Josh Bell 1B,DH
Bell had a true breakout season in 2019, improving drastically in pretty much every measurable category. His increases in exit velocity (2.3 mph), launch angle (3.8 degrees), and barrels per plate appearance (3.8%) showed that his gains were not fluky, and he even recovered from what looked to be a second-half collapse with a .927 OPS in August. The issue for Bell is that even with the improvements, a first baseman who bats .277 and slugs 37 home runs is not blowing the fantasy world away. Buy many of the gains, but don't go crazy on draft day.
27 weeks ago
Bryan Reynolds Note
Bryan Reynolds photo 166. Bryan Reynolds CF,LF,RF
Joe Musgrove Note
Joe Musgrove photo 174. Joe Musgrove SP
Musgrove started out the season hot but cratered in May, pitching to an 8.10 ERA in the month. His overall numbers (4.44 ERA, 1.22 WHIP) won't blow you away, but Musgrove saw major velocity gains on his fastball and cutter over the second half of the season. Wins will always be an issue but if he can continue to build on his velocity increases, he could find his way into being a back-end starter for your fantasy team.
27 weeks ago
Kevin Newman Note
Kevin Newman photo 196. Kevin Newman 2B,SS
A leadoff hitter who bat .308 last year with 12 home runs and 16 steals in just 130 games? What's not to like? Fine, he is one of the worst in the league in terms of barrel percentage and hard hit rate but even still, he had an expected batting average of .291 last year. Newman won't blow you away, but he'll chip in everywhere, especially the scarce categories. Don't forget about him on draft day.
27 weeks ago
Mitch Keller Note
Mitch Keller photo 205. Mitch Keller SP
Keller's time in the majors last year was . . . sub-optimal, to say the least. Other than his elite strikeout rate, pretty much nothing went right for the youngster in his brief time with the Pirates. But when your FIP is FOUR runs lower than your ERA, chances are pretty good you're due for a rebound. Keller has an excellent fastball with an above-average slider and a decent curveball, more than enough to succeed in getting major league hitters out. If he can manage to limit his awful first innings of games with more consistency, he could provide plenty of value.
27 weeks ago
Gregory Polanco Note
Gregory Polanco photo 281. Gregory Polanco RF
Polanco was never able to fully recover from his 2018 shoulder surgery, playing in only 42 games last year. He has seemed on the cusp of a breakout for years, but the bottom line is that he has never hit better than .258 or slugged more than 23 homers. He's expected to be ready for the start of the season, whenever that is, and there is still untapped potential, meaning you should draft Polanco late and hope everything finally comes together.
27 weeks ago
Adam Frazier Note
Adam Frazier photo 371. Adam Frazier 2B
Kyle Crick Note
Kyle Crick photo 381. Kyle Crick RP
Colin Moran Note
Colin Moran photo 428. Colin Moran 1B,3B,DH
Jacob Stallings Note
Jacob Stallings photo 535. Jacob Stallings C
Michael Feliz Note
Michael Feliz photo 556. Michael Feliz RP
Cole Tucker Note
Cole Tucker photo 598. Cole Tucker SS
Richard Rodriguez Note
Richard Rodriguez photo 606. Richard Rodriguez RP
Chad Kuhl Note
Chad Kuhl photo 649. Chad Kuhl SP
Carson Fulmer Note
Carson Fulmer photo 731. Carson Fulmer RP
Chris Stratton Note
Chris Stratton photo 744. Chris Stratton SP,RP
Steven Brault Note
Steven Brault photo 768. Steven Brault SP
Anthony Alford Note
Anthony Alford photo 791. Anthony Alford CF,LF
Ke'Bryan Hayes Note
Ke'Bryan Hayes photo 815. Ke'Bryan Hayes 3B
Nik Turley Note
Nik Turley photo 823. Nik Turley SP
JT Brubaker Note
JT Brubaker photo 824. JT Brubaker SP
James Marvel Note
James Marvel photo 832. James Marvel SP
Cody Ponce Note
Cody Ponce photo 857. Cody Ponce SP
Clay Holmes Note
Clay Holmes photo 875. Clay Holmes RP
Ashton Goudeau Note
Ashton Goudeau photo 934. Ashton Goudeau SP
Michael Perez Note
Michael Perez photo 936. Michael Perez C
Austin Davis Note
Austin Davis photo 954. Austin Davis RP
Luke Maile Note
Luke Maile photo 969. Luke Maile C
Sean Poppen Note
Sean Poppen photo 1022. Sean Poppen RP
Edgar Santana Note
Edgar Santana photo 1038. Edgar Santana RP
Jandel Gustave Note
Jandel Gustave photo 1042. Jandel Gustave RP
Erik Gonzalez Note
Erik Gonzalez photo 1124. Erik Gonzalez SS
Wei-Chung Wang Note
Wei-Chung Wang photo 1170. Wei-Chung Wang RP
Sam Howard Note
Sam Howard photo 1172. Sam Howard RP
Geoff Hartlieb Note
Geoff Hartlieb photo 1185. Geoff Hartlieb RP
Tyler Bashlor Note
Tyler Bashlor photo 1260. Tyler Bashlor
Blake Cederlind Note
Blake Cederlind photo 1264. Blake Cederlind RP
Yacksel Rios Note
Yacksel Rios photo 1268. Yacksel Rios RP
John Ryan Murphy Note
John Ryan Murphy photo 1318. John Ryan Murphy C
Kevin Kramer Note
Kevin Kramer photo 1414. Kevin Kramer RF
Jared Oliva Note
Jared Oliva photo 1424. Jared Oliva CF
Andrew Susac Note
Andrew Susac photo 1438. Andrew Susac C
Will Craig Note
Will Craig photo 1462. Will Craig 1B
Oneil Cruz Note
Oneil Cruz photo 1492. Oneil Cruz SS