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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2024 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Oneil Cruz Note
Oneil Cruz photo 61. Oneil Cruz SS
Oneil Cruz suffered another ankle injury in 2023, which limited him to only nine games, though he did steal three bases in that small sample. Cruz has all the talent in the world, but recurrent ankle injuries pose a risk going forward. He will be 25 years old during the 2024 season, so there is still plenty of time for the former top prospect to turn his career around. The question is whether or not you're willing to pay the cost to take that chance.
10 weeks ago
Bryan Reynolds Note
Bryan Reynolds photo 73. Bryan Reynolds LF,CF,RF
Bryan Reynolds, consistently selected in the 8th or 9th rounds, delivers reliable value in those slots. Though his batting average has dipped below .270 in recent seasons, he maintains steady on-base skills with a potential for over 20 homers annually. His 12 stolen bases last season reflect adaptability to new baserunning rules, offering a well-rounded fantasy profile. After signing an eight-year extension with the Pirates in 2023, Reynolds epitomizes a stable and dependable fantasy option.
10 weeks ago
David Bednar Note
David Bednar photo 93. David Bednar RP
David Bednar finished 2023 tied for the National League lead in saves. He struck out 80 batters in 67 1/3 innings and had a 222 ERA+, which puts him in the elite tier of relievers just behind Josh Hader, Devin Williams, and Felix Bautista. There isn't much to dislike about Bednar, and as last year proved, a closer doesn't have to be on a good team to rack up saves. The 29-year-old should be going higher in drafts than he is, so take advantage of the discount.
10 weeks ago
Ke'Bryan Hayes Note
Ke'Bryan Hayes photo 154. Ke'Bryan Hayes 3B
Mitch Keller Note
Mitch Keller photo 164. Mitch Keller SP
Jack Suwinski Note
Jack Suwinski photo 209. Jack Suwinski LF,CF,RF
Jack Suwinski is an extremely late-round pick who offers power in the 25-homer range and can get on base at an above-average clip. He is a liability in batting average and any league in which strikeouts count against you. (He has a K% of 32.2.) There aren't many guys with this type of power near his current ADP of 292, which is where his value lies.
10 weeks ago
Henry Davis Note
Henry Davis photo 253. Henry Davis C,RF
Aroldis Chapman Note
Aroldis Chapman photo 357. Aroldis Chapman RP
Paul Skenes Note
Paul Skenes photo 367. Paul Skenes SP
Jared Jones Note
Jared Jones photo 391. Jared Jones SP
Rowdy Tellez Note
Rowdy Tellez photo 410. Rowdy Tellez 1B
Andrew McCutchen Note
Andrew McCutchen photo 449. Andrew McCutchen RF
Jared Triolo Note
Jared Triolo photo 464. Jared Triolo 1B,2B,3B
Liover Peguero Note
Liover Peguero photo 483. Liover Peguero 2B,SS
Martin Perez Note
Martin Perez photo 519. Martin Perez SP,RP
Colin Holderman Note
Colin Holderman photo 565. Colin Holderman RP
Michael A. Taylor Note
Michael A. Taylor photo 600. Michael A. Taylor CF
Marco Gonzales Note
Marco Gonzales photo 614. Marco Gonzales SP
Edward Olivares Note
Edward Olivares photo 629. Edward Olivares LF,RF
Dauri Moreta Note
Dauri Moreta photo 669. Dauri Moreta RP
Ryan Borucki Note
Ryan Borucki photo 690. Ryan Borucki RP
Johan Oviedo Note
Johan Oviedo photo 691. Johan Oviedo SP
Connor Joe Note
Connor Joe photo 699. Connor Joe 1B,LF,RF
Domingo German Note
Domingo German photo 701. Domingo German SP
Bailey Falter Note
Bailey Falter photo 739. Bailey Falter SP
Yasmani Grandal Note
Yasmani Grandal photo 740. Yasmani Grandal C
Nick Gonzales Note
Nick Gonzales photo 775. Nick Gonzales 2B,SS
Carmen Mlodzinski Note
Carmen Mlodzinski photo 873. Carmen Mlodzinski RP
Luis L. Ortiz Note
Luis L. Ortiz photo 905. Luis L. Ortiz SP,RP
Termarr Johnson Note
Termarr Johnson photo 911. Termarr Johnson 2B
Quinn Priester Note
Quinn Priester photo 932. Quinn Priester SP
Joshua Palacios Note
Joshua Palacios photo 938. Joshua Palacios LF,CF,RF
Daulton Jefferies Note
Daulton Jefferies photo 950. Daulton Jefferies SP
Joey Bart Note
Joey Bart photo 982. Joey Bart C
Ben Heller Note
Ben Heller photo 1078. Ben Heller RP
Bubba Chandler Note
Bubba Chandler photo 1091. Bubba Chandler SP
Anthony Solometo Note
Anthony Solometo photo 1124. Anthony Solometo SP
Braxton Ashcraft Note
Braxton Ashcraft photo 1154. Braxton Ashcraft SP
Michael Plassmeyer Note
Michael Plassmeyer photo 1157. Michael Plassmeyer RP
Brent Honeywell Jr. Note
Brent Honeywell Jr. photo 1179. Brent Honeywell Jr. RP
J.C. Flowers Note
J.C. Flowers photo 1246. J.C. Flowers
Hunter Stratton Note
Hunter Stratton photo 1248. Hunter Stratton RP
Wily Peralta Note
Wily Peralta photo 1270. Wily Peralta RP
Ryder Ryan Note
Ryder Ryan photo 1282. Ryder Ryan RP
Kade McClure Note
Kade McClure photo 1327. Kade McClure SP
Tyler Samaniego Note
Tyler Samaniego photo 1338. Tyler Samaniego
Kyle Nicolas Note
Kyle Nicolas photo 1360. Kyle Nicolas RP
Josh Fleming Note
Josh Fleming photo 1491. Josh Fleming SP,RP
Ji Hwan Bae Note
Ji Hwan Bae photo 1499. Ji Hwan Bae 2B,CF
Jason Delay Note
Jason Delay photo 1512. Jason Delay C
Billy McKinney Note
Billy McKinney photo 1624. Billy McKinney LF,CF,RF
Jake Lamb Note
Jake Lamb photo 1631. Jake Lamb 1B,LF
Alika Williams Note
Alika Williams photo 1644. Alika Williams 2B,SS
Canaan Smith-Njigba Note
Canaan Smith-Njigba photo 1663. Canaan Smith-Njigba RF
Gilberto Celestino Note
Gilberto Celestino photo 1678. Gilberto Celestino LF,CF,RF
Seth Beer Note
Seth Beer photo 1725. Seth Beer 1B