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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2021 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Kris Bryant Note
Kris Bryant photo 100. Kris Bryant 3B,LF,RF,1B,CF
Bryant had a terrible 2020 season, but it seems like fantasy managers are forgetting how consistent he's been. Over the last four seasons, he has a 162-game pace of a .278 average, 29 home runs, 112 run scored, 80 RBI, and five steals. His quality of contact was awful last season, but hard contact has never really been his calling card anyway, and he battled back and wrist injuries. Bryant doesn't deserve a mulligan entirely for last season, but give it minimal weight in your evaluation.
19 weeks ago
Mike Yastrzemski Note
Mike Yastrzemski photo 113. Mike Yastrzemski CF,RF
Yastrzemski followed up his impressive 2019 season with an even better one last year, during which he slashed .297/.400/.568. His breakout has come extremely late - he'll be 31 years old by the end of the season - but he makes fairly solid contact and walks a ton. He's not going to hit .297 again - his xBA was just .254 and he had a .370 BABIP. But with the changes in Oracle Park leading to more power, he should be in line for at least a 20-homer season with decent counting stats. That's not sexy, but it's someone you can plug in as your fourth or fifth outfielder.
19 weeks ago
Kevin Gausman Note
Kevin Gausman photo 134. Kevin Gausman SP
Gausman had the best season of his career with the Giants last season, and accepted a qualifying offer to remain in San Francisco. Gausman not only put up an impressive 3.62 ERA, but he upped his strikeout rate by about nine points to 32.2%. He saw a nice velocity bump on his fastball and leaned into his excellent splitter a bit more than usual. The downside for Gausman is that he really is mostly a fastball/splitter pitcher, meaning that when his splitter isn't working, he's likely to get hit hard. But, we've now at least seen the upside over a full season, and he's a pretty ideal SP4/SP5 if you can get him in that range.
19 weeks ago
Buster Posey Note
Buster Posey photo 279. Buster Posey C
Posey sat out the 2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic and concern for the health of his adopted daughters, but he returns this year for what is almost certainly his final season with the Giants and perhaps his career. Posey is in his age-34 season, ancient for a catcher, and he's coming off two seasons during which he totaled a .741 OPS and a .688 OPS in 2018 and 2019 respectively. But he's healthy and appears refreshed, and the changes to Oracle Park last year should work in his benefit now. He's outside the top-12 catchers, but you can get away with him in a one-catcher league in a pinch.
19 weeks ago
Alex Dickerson Note
Alex Dickerson photo 281. Alex Dickerson LF
Tommy La Stella Note
Tommy La Stella photo 290. Tommy La Stella 1B,2B
Jake McGee Note
Jake McGee photo 300. Jake McGee RP
Brandon Belt Note
Brandon Belt photo 306. Brandon Belt 1B
Mauricio Dubon Note
Mauricio Dubon photo 325. Mauricio Dubon CF,SS,2B,3B
Austin Slater Note
Austin Slater photo 374. Austin Slater RF,DH,CF,LF
Anthony DeSclafani Note
Anthony DeSclafani photo 381. Anthony DeSclafani SP
Logan Webb Note
Logan Webb photo 385. Logan Webb SP
Evan Longoria Note
Evan Longoria photo 392. Evan Longoria 3B
Donovan Solano Note
Donovan Solano photo 399. Donovan Solano 2B
Wilmer Flores Note
Wilmer Flores photo 408. Wilmer Flores 1B,2B,DH,3B
Reyes Moronta Note
Reyes Moronta photo 440. Reyes Moronta RP
Alex Wood Note
Alex Wood photo 443. Alex Wood RP,SP
Johnny Cueto Note
Johnny Cueto photo 468. Johnny Cueto SP
Tyler Rogers Note
Tyler Rogers photo 507. Tyler Rogers RP
Brandon Crawford Note
Brandon Crawford photo 516. Brandon Crawford SS
Joey Bart Note
Joey Bart photo 518. Joey Bart C
Mike Tauchman Note
Mike Tauchman photo 591. Mike Tauchman LF,RF,CF
Tony Watson Note
Tony Watson photo 601. Tony Watson RP
Jarlin Garcia Note
Jarlin Garcia photo 611. Jarlin Garcia RP
Curt Casali Note
Curt Casali photo 705. Curt Casali C
Darin Ruf Note
Darin Ruf photo 710. Darin Ruf LF,1B
Trevor Oaks Note
Trevor Oaks photo 826. Trevor Oaks SP
Aaron Sanchez Note
Aaron Sanchez photo 864. Aaron Sanchez SP
Jaylin Davis Note
Jaylin Davis photo 885. Jaylin Davis RF
Dedniel Nunez Note
Dedniel Nunez photo 893. Dedniel Nunez SP
Heliot Ramos Note
Heliot Ramos photo 902. Heliot Ramos CF
Sean Hjelle Note
Sean Hjelle photo 958. Sean Hjelle SP
Tyler Beede Note
Tyler Beede photo 986. Tyler Beede SP
Jose Alvarez Note
Jose Alvarez photo 1028. Jose Alvarez RP
Caleb Baragar Note
Caleb Baragar photo 1042. Caleb Baragar RP
Conner Menez Note
Conner Menez photo 1068. Conner Menez RP
Jay Jackson Note
Jay Jackson photo 1072. Jay Jackson RP
Thairo Estrada Note
Thairo Estrada photo 1084. Thairo Estrada 2B,SS
John Brebbia Note
John Brebbia photo 1088. John Brebbia RP
Steven Duggar Note
Steven Duggar photo 1096. Steven Duggar LF,CF
Zack Littell Note
Zack Littell photo 1099. Zack Littell RP
Trevor Gott Note
Trevor Gott photo 1112. Trevor Gott RP
Sam Delaplane Note
Sam Delaplane photo 1114. Sam Delaplane RP
Jeremy Walker Note
Jeremy Walker photo 1127. Jeremy Walker RP
Dominic Leone Note
Dominic Leone photo 1132. Dominic Leone RP
Trevor Hildenberger Note
Trevor Hildenberger photo 1148. Trevor Hildenberger RP
Silvino Bracho Note
Silvino Bracho photo 1177. Silvino Bracho RP
Michael Reed Note
Michael Reed photo 1256. Michael Reed LF
Braden Bishop Note
Braden Bishop photo 1267. Braden Bishop RF
Rico Garcia Note
Rico Garcia photo 1286. Rico Garcia RP
Camilo Doval Note
Camilo Doval photo 1364. Camilo Doval RP
Melvin Adon Note
Melvin Adon photo 1366. Melvin Adon RP
Chadwick Tromp Note
Chadwick Tromp photo 1407. Chadwick Tromp C
LaMonte Wade Jr. Note
LaMonte Wade Jr. photo 1454. LaMonte Wade Jr. CF,1B,LF
Luis Alexander Basabe Note
Luis Alexander Basabe photo 1480. Luis Alexander Basabe RF
Jason Vosler Note
Jason Vosler photo 1490. Jason Vosler 3B