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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2022 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Logan Webb Note
Logan Webb photo 66. Logan Webb SP
Webb is going too high in drafts for my liking. He altered his pitching style after a horrid start last year, but will that be enough to continue to stymie hitters once they've had time to adjust to him? His hot finish to the 2021 season on a scorching Giants team propelled him higher on draft boards than his stats warrant. Fantasy managers can find a bunch of starting pitchers who'll finish the season within a couple ticks of Webb in ERA, WHIP and Ks and will be available 20-30 spots after Webb's seventh-round ADP.
11 weeks ago
Carlos Rodon Note
Carlos Rodon photo 83. Carlos Rodon SP
After years of battling injuries and ineffectiveness, Rodon blossomed last year with a 2.37 ERA and 0.96 WHIP. Everything worked for the lefty, as his fastball (.199 BAA) and slider (.107 BAA) were borderline unhittable, and he ranked in the top four percent of the league in strikeout rate. He dealt with shoulder soreness and fatigue during the second half of the season, but that didn't stop the Giants from giving him a huge two-year deal. Oracle Park isn't quite the pitcher haven it once was, but it's a huge upgrade for Rodon after pitching in Guaranteed Rate Field last year. The injury risk will always be present for Rodon, but he's worth an investment if you make sure to bank on 150 innings or fewer.
9 weeks ago
Brandon Belt Note
Brandon Belt photo 177. Brandon Belt 1B
As he has often in his career, Belt missed time with various injuries last year, including a fractured thumb. But he crushed his career-high in home runs with 29, and in just 97 games. He's back with the Giants after accepting a qualifying offer and even with last year's numbers and the change in park factors in recent years, San Francisco was hardly the best place for Belt to end up. You can't deny the production last year and there really wasn't much different about what Belt did to make you think it's unsustainable. But at 34 years old, expecting an improvement in health is likely a bad idea. Draft him with 25 homers in mind, and anything else is gravy.
8 weeks ago
Brandon Crawford Note
Brandon Crawford photo 184. Brandon Crawford SS
You don't often see 34-year-old shortstops putting up massive career years, but that's exactly what we saw from Crawford in 2021. He set career bests in each of the five rotisserie categories, while beating his averages in strikeout and walk percentage. Crawford's quality of contact improved a bit, but not enough to make you think he's suddenly a completely different player than he had been his whole career. Don't bet on a repeat performance, but don't completely ignore Crawford in your drafts, as many managers likely will. The San Francisco offense is strong, and the park is less pitcher-friendly than it used to be. Crawford is more than capable of being your middle infielder in fantasy.
8 weeks ago
Alex Wood Note
Alex Wood photo 206. Alex Wood SP
Wood rebounded from two down years n a row, climbing back to a 3.83 ERA and 1.18 WHIP. His velocity saw a notable jump from his previous full seasons, as his sinker sat nearly two miles per hour more than he had back in 2019. Despite his strong strikeout rate, the fact that we're talking about Wood as having this excellent bounceback season with over a 3.80 ERA tells you all you need to know. Even if you buy that he can stay mostly healthy again, which is very much in question, his ceiling simply isn't high enough for you to draft him as anything but a late-round pick.
8 weeks ago
Anthony DeSclafani Note
Anthony DeSclafani photo 207. Anthony DeSclafani SP
DeSclafani is back with the Giants after an impressive 2021 season during which he pitched to a 3.17 ERA and 1.09 WHIP. It's not going out on a limb to say that DeSclafani is not going to repeat those numbers this year, however. He's really mostly just a two-pitch pitcher at this point, with an excellent slider and decent fastball, and he doesn't have the strikeout rate to sustain the ratio stats we saw last year. But San Francisco is a good place to pitch, the Giants should boast a strong team again, and DeSclafani's control is good enough so that he should have a decent floor. Just take a point off his 2021 ERA when you consider where to draft him.
8 weeks ago
Camilo Doval Note
Camilo Doval photo 219. Camilo Doval RP
Doval was outstanding in his limited innings last year, striking out more than a third of the batters he faced while pitching to a 3.00 ERA and 1.04 WHIP. He's a two-pitch pitcher, but that's fine for a reliever so long as at least one of those pitches is elite, which his slider is (.167 BAA, .202 wOBA). He's got the stuff to close full-time, and many fantasy pundits believe he will this year. But Jake McGee remains, as does Tyler Rogers, and it takes a lot for Gabe Kapler to hand the closer reins over to a single pitcher. He'll get some saves at the very least and likely help your ratios, but don't plan on him locking down the role all year without a fight.
8 weeks ago
Mike Yastrzemski Note
Mike Yastrzemski photo 240. Mike Yastrzemski CF,RF
Yastrzemski couldn't replicate his 2020 pace, though he did hit 25 home runs and total 155 combined runs and RBI. His batting average plummeted to just .224 (and his .222 xBA, one of the worst in the league, showed that number was earned), as pitchers continued their trends of throwing him fewer and fewer fastballs and more off-speed offerings.He performed terribly against non-fastballs last year, which led to a ridiculously low .254 BABIP, which was way out of character for him. Yastrzemski needs to adjust, but the good news is that the power he's shown appears to be real, and his counting stats should stay afloat batting in a strong San Francisco lineup. But until or unless he can improve against off-speed pitches, he'll likely struggle with batting average.
7 weeks ago
Alex Cobb Note
Alex Cobb photo 244. Alex Cobb SP
Cobb joins the Giants after a successful one-year stint with the Angels where he put up his best numbers in years. He avoided hard contact well, upped his strikeout rate to a career high, and cut his home run rate to a miniscule level. It's unclear if his 2021 season was just a blip or if his gains are sustainable, but a move to San Francisco can't be a bad thing. If he just repeats last year and avoids injury, he'll be a steal at his ADP.
7 weeks ago
Jake McGee Note
Jake McGee photo 253. Jake McGee RP
Joc Pederson Note
Joc Pederson photo 302. Joc Pederson LF,CF,RF
Evan Longoria Note
Evan Longoria photo 311. Evan Longoria 3B
LaMonte Wade Jr. Note
LaMonte Wade Jr. photo 360. LaMonte Wade Jr. 1B,LF,RF
Joey Bart Note
Joey Bart photo 382. Joey Bart C
Wilmer Flores Note
Wilmer Flores photo 395. Wilmer Flores 1B,2B,3B,DH
Tyler Rogers Note
Tyler Rogers photo 413. Tyler Rogers RP
Darin Ruf Note
Darin Ruf photo 423. Darin Ruf 1B,LF,DH
Matthew Boyd Note
Matthew Boyd photo 515. Matthew Boyd SP
Tommy La Stella Note
Tommy La Stella photo 539. Tommy La Stella 2B
Austin Slater Note
Austin Slater photo 573. Austin Slater LF,CF,RF
Jarlin Garcia Note
Jarlin Garcia photo 574. Jarlin Garcia RP
Dominic Leone Note
Dominic Leone photo 604. Dominic Leone RP,SP
Zack Littell Note
Zack Littell photo 654. Zack Littell RP
John Brebbia Note
John Brebbia photo 739. John Brebbia RP
Kervin Castro Note
Kervin Castro photo 747. Kervin Castro RP
Steven Duggar Note
Steven Duggar photo 787. Steven Duggar CF
Curt Casali Note
Curt Casali photo 795. Curt Casali C
Sam Long Note
Sam Long photo 803. Sam Long SP,RP
Jose Alvarez Note
Jose Alvarez photo 838. Jose Alvarez RP
Jakob Junis Note
Jakob Junis photo 849. Jakob Junis SP,RP
Sean Hjelle Note
Sean Hjelle photo 880. Sean Hjelle SP
Thairo Estrada Note
Thairo Estrada photo 968. Thairo Estrada SS,2B
Darien Nunez Note
Darien Nunez photo 998. Darien Nunez RP
Pat Ruotolo Note
Pat Ruotolo photo 1063. Pat Ruotolo
Sam Delaplane Note
Sam Delaplane photo 1133. Sam Delaplane RP
Scott Alexander Note
Scott Alexander photo 1179. Scott Alexander RP
Yunior Marte Note
Yunior Marte photo 1194. Yunior Marte RP
Joe Palumbo Note
Joe Palumbo photo 1212. Joe Palumbo RP
Mauricio Llovera Note
Mauricio Llovera photo 1236. Mauricio Llovera RP
Trevor Hildenberger Note
Trevor Hildenberger photo 1285. Trevor Hildenberger RP
Heliot Ramos Note
Heliot Ramos photo 1286. Heliot Ramos CF
Luke Williams Note
Luke Williams photo 1333. Luke Williams CF
Gregory Santos Note
Gregory Santos photo 1370. Gregory Santos RP
Isan Diaz Note
Isan Diaz photo 1376. Isan Diaz 2B,3B
Austin Dean Note
Austin Dean photo 1459. Austin Dean LF
Stuart Fairchild Note
Stuart Fairchild photo 1487. Stuart Fairchild CF
Ka'ai Tom Note
Ka'ai Tom photo 1500. Ka'ai Tom LF
Michael Reed Note
Michael Reed photo 1521. Michael Reed LF
Donovan Walton Note
Donovan Walton photo 1534. Donovan Walton 2B
Jason Vosler Note
Jason Vosler photo 1537. Jason Vosler 3B
Kevin Padlo Note
Kevin Padlo photo 1556. Kevin Padlo 3B
Wyatt Mathisen Note
Wyatt Mathisen photo 1629. Wyatt Mathisen 1B