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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2024 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Logan Webb Note
Logan Webb photo 42. Logan Webb SP
If you dig the ground ball, Logan Webb might be your soulmate. The 27-year-old is in the 99th percentile of GB% at 62.7 and BB% of 3.6. He struck out 194 batters in 216 innings pitched, so while he is not the strikeout artist of an SP1, he will do wonders for your ratios. And if you're interested in a durable starter, Webb started 33 games last year and 32 games the year before. Webb is a set-and-forget guy who rarely blows up, protecting your weekly numbers as well.
9 weeks ago
Blake Snell Note
Blake Snell photo 63. Blake Snell SP
Blake Snell won the 2023 NL Cy Young Award, but will come with plenty of risk in 2024. As of right now, we don't know where he will be, which is part of the battle, but his 2.25 ERA last year was a mirage. Snell's xERA was 3.77, and xFIP was 3.62. In the positive column, he struck out 234 batters in 180 innings and was one of only 11 qualified starters with an 11 K/9 or higher. If walks drive you crazy, don't even consider the 31-year-old, but if you need strikeouts and plan to have ratio help elsewhere, Snell can be a nice SP2.
9 weeks ago
Camilo Doval Note
Camilo Doval photo 66. Camilo Doval RP
Camilo Doval finished 2023 tied for the National League lead in saves with 39. He offers an elite mix of offerings, with his slider and cutter leading the way. His strikeout rate is 31.0 percent, xBA is .203, and he is in the 88th percentile of GB% at 52.5. Doval should cross the 35-save mark again in 2024, making him the last of the Tier 1 closers.
9 weeks ago
Jorge Soler Note
Jorge Soler photo 137. Jorge Soler RF
In 2023, Jorge Soler demonstrated formidable power, blasting 36 homers while racking up 77 runs and 75 RBIs. With a .376 xwOBA, placing him in the top tier of hitters, the 31-year-old showcased his strength despite a high 24.3% strikeout rate. His standout ISO of .262 highlights his offensive prowess. Now a free agent, Soler's future lineup impact is uncertain, yet he's expected to maintain his 30+ home run potential and possibly surpass 90 runs and RBIs. Additionally, he retains outfield eligibility, avoiding fantasy limitations.
9 weeks ago
Thairo Estrada Note
Thairo Estrada photo 140. Thairo Estrada 2B,SS
Thairo Estrada played in 120 games last season for the Giants, and he took a step back in many of the hitting metrics. His BB% went from 6.1 to 4.2, and his K% went from 16.5 to 22.6. He managed a .271 batting average, though an unsustainable .331 BABIP boosted this. His numbers will probably land in between these two seasons, but he doesn't offer much in the way of upside.
9 weeks ago
Matt Chapman Note
Matt Chapman photo 207. Matt Chapman 3B
Jung Hoo Lee Note
Jung Hoo Lee photo 217. Jung Hoo Lee CF
Kyle Harrison Note
Kyle Harrison photo 249. Kyle Harrison SP
Jordan Hicks Note
Jordan Hicks photo 339. Jordan Hicks SP,RP
Michael Conforto Note
Michael Conforto photo 342. Michael Conforto LF,RF
Wilmer Flores Note
Wilmer Flores photo 346. Wilmer Flores 1B,3B
LaMonte Wade Jr. Note
LaMonte Wade Jr. photo 402. LaMonte Wade Jr. 1B,LF,RF
Alex Cobb Note
Alex Cobb photo 426. Alex Cobb SP
Patrick Bailey Note
Patrick Bailey photo 442. Patrick Bailey C
Taylor Rogers Note
Taylor Rogers photo 446. Taylor Rogers RP
Keaton Winn Note
Keaton Winn photo 473. Keaton Winn SP
Luis Matos Note
Luis Matos photo 478. Luis Matos LF,CF,RF
Tom Murphy Note
Tom Murphy photo 523. Tom Murphy C
Mike Yastrzemski Note
Mike Yastrzemski photo 525. Mike Yastrzemski LF,CF,RF
Marco Luciano Note
Marco Luciano photo 556. Marco Luciano SS
Mason Black Note
Mason Black photo 593. Mason Black SP
Tyler Rogers Note
Tyler Rogers photo 597. Tyler Rogers RP
Ryan Walker Note
Ryan Walker photo 640. Ryan Walker SP,RP
Robbie Ray Note
Robbie Ray photo 700. Robbie Ray SP
Blake Sabol Note
Blake Sabol photo 702. Blake Sabol C,LF
Luke Jackson Note
Luke Jackson photo 743. Luke Jackson RP
Nick Ahmed Note
Nick Ahmed photo 744. Nick Ahmed SS
Landen Roupp Note
Landen Roupp photo 760. Landen Roupp SP,RP
Cody Stashak Note
Cody Stashak photo 948. Cody Stashak RP
Carson Whisenhunt Note
Carson Whisenhunt photo 970. Carson Whisenhunt SP
Casey Schmitt Note
Casey Schmitt photo 975. Casey Schmitt 2B,3B,SS
Wade Meckler Note
Wade Meckler photo 1026. Wade Meckler CF
Tristan Beck Note
Tristan Beck photo 1027. Tristan Beck RP
Kai-Wei Teng Note
Kai-Wei Teng photo 1050. Kai-Wei Teng SP
Drew Pomeranz Note
Drew Pomeranz photo 1079. Drew Pomeranz RP
Thomas Szapucki Note
Thomas Szapucki photo 1109. Thomas Szapucki RP
Tyler Fitzgerald Note
Tyler Fitzgerald photo 1142. Tyler Fitzgerald SS,CF
Austin Warren Note
Austin Warren photo 1145. Austin Warren RP
Austin Slater Note
Austin Slater photo 1150. Austin Slater LF,CF,RF
Blayne Enlow Note
Blayne Enlow photo 1200. Blayne Enlow SP
Juan Sanchez Note
Juan Sanchez photo 1213. Juan Sanchez
Ethan Small Note
Ethan Small photo 1216. Ethan Small RP
R.J. Dabovich Note
R.J. Dabovich photo 1242. R.J. Dabovich RP
Carson Seymour Note
Carson Seymour photo 1251. Carson Seymour SP
Nick Avila Note
Nick Avila photo 1276. Nick Avila RP
Spencer Bivens Note
Spencer Bivens photo 1325. Spencer Bivens
Spencer Howard Note
Spencer Howard photo 1330. Spencer Howard SP
Randy Rodriguez Note
Randy Rodriguez photo 1396. Randy Rodriguez SP,RP
Sean Hjelle Note
Sean Hjelle photo 1398. Sean Hjelle RP
Justin Garza Note
Justin Garza photo 1410. Justin Garza RP
Erik Miller Note
Erik Miller photo 1477. Erik Miller RP
Curt Casali Note
Curt Casali photo 1519. Curt Casali C
Ryan McKenna Note
Ryan McKenna photo 1583. Ryan McKenna LF,CF,RF
David Villar Note
David Villar photo 1626. David Villar 2B,3B
Brett Wisely Note
Brett Wisely photo 1652. Brett Wisely 2B,CF
Heliot Ramos Note
Heliot Ramos photo 1700. Heliot Ramos LF,RF