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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2022 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Marcus Semien Note
Marcus Semien photo 33. Marcus Semien 2B,SS
Semien's 45 HRs last season were the most ever by a second baseman. His monster 2021 performance also included 115 runs, 102 RBI and 15 stolen bases. A 48% flyball rate makes Semien a launch angle darling and suggests that he'll keep clearing the fences. He's been a prolific run scorer for the last four seasons. On the other hand, there's some batting average risk here, and Semien probably maxed out his SB potential last year. He's going from a loaded Blue Jays lineup to a sketchy Rangers lineup, and Semien will turn 32 in September. Last year's numbers will make him irresistible to some investors, but a drop-off in value may be imminent.
12 weeks ago
Corey Seager Note
Corey Seager photo 58. Corey Seager SS
Seager will play with an American League team for the first time after the Rangers gave him a 10-year $325 million deal. Seager will rake when healthy. He's batted .307 and .306 the last two years and has a career average of .297. He also makes solid contributions in HRs, RBI and runs. Seager won't offer much help in the SB department, however. There's little performance risk, but there's a lot of health risk. Seager had both hip surgery and Tommy John surgery in 2018, and he missed more than two months with a broken hand last year. He's in the prime of his career and figures to offer a satisfying return on investment if he can stay healthy.
12 weeks ago
Adolis Garcia Note
Adolis Garcia photo 164. Adolis Garcia LF,CF,RF
Garcia came out of absolutely nowhere last season to become one of just five players to hit at least 31 home runs and steal at least 16 bases. His success largely came early in the season, as he blasted 11 home runs in May with a .312 batting average before, as most fantasy managers expected, pitchers adjusted. The adjustment hit Garcia hard, as he slashed just .211/.256/.370 in the second half, though he stole seven bases over the final month of the season to cushion the blow. The issue for Garcia is the same that plagues most largely unknown hitters who put up huge hot streaks - he lacks plate discipline. His strikeout rate (31.2%) and walk rate (5.1%) were both in the bottom six percent of MLB, and both were due largely to the fact that he simply swings too much at pitches outside of the zone (39.7 O-Swing%, ninth-worst in the league). The Rangers have a much-improved lineup and perhaps Garcia will improve in his second year, but unless he drastically changes his approach, his numbers are going to have a hard cap on them.
9 weeks ago
Nathaniel Lowe Note
Nathaniel Lowe photo 208. Nathaniel Lowe 1B
Lowe had plenty of exciting moments last year, especially early in the season, and ultimately ended up with a respectable 18 home runs and eight steals, along with a .264 batting average. He'll have significantly more help this year in the Texas lineup with the additions of Corey Seager, Mitch Garver, and Marcus Semien, so he can likely top the 147 combined runs and RBI he finished with last year. And if his above average exit velocity and hard hit rate can manifest itself into more power, it could be a big year for Lowe.
8 weeks ago
Jon Gray Note
Jon Gray photo 234. Jon Gray SP
Fantasy managers have wondered for years what Gray would look like out of Coors Field, and now they get their chance to see. Gray has the pure stuff to succeed - a fastball that sits at 95 MPH, a strong slider, and decent command. If he benefits from moving not just out of Coors but to a pitcher's park in Texas, as everyone expects, then we could finally see a decent WHIP with a sub-4.00 ERA. He is 30 years old now, so this is a lot of hypotheticals for a veteran such as him. But he's definitely worth a gamble late in your draft.
8 weeks ago
Mitch Garver Note
Mitch Garver photo 241. Mitch Garver C
Garver moved to Texas this offseason and even though he'll play at least half his games in a pitcher-friendly park, it's still a great move for his value. Garver has never had more than 359 plate appearances in a season, but he should easily top 400 this year, and he's going to bat behind Marcus Semien and Corey Seager. Garver doesn't strike out a ton for a catcher and has as much power as nearly anyone at the position, so 20 home runs should be the bare minimum if he stays healthy. Draft him late but fully understand that he has top-five catcher upside.
8 weeks ago
Joe Barlow Note
Joe Barlow photo 268. Joe Barlow RP
Barlow saved 18 games between the majors and the minors last year, putting up excellent ratios. He'll get the first opportunity to close in Texas, but he doesn't have a lengthy track record with being the stopper, so the leash probably isn't that long. That's not a great thing considering his ERA metrics were far worse than his actual numbers and his walk-rate is sub par. Barlow is a closer, so he should be drafted, but don't go in expecting 25 saves given the risks.
7 weeks ago
Dane Dunning Note
Dane Dunning photo 331. Dane Dunning SP
Nick Solak Note
Nick Solak photo 350. Nick Solak 2B,LF
Willie Calhoun Note
Willie Calhoun photo 375. Willie Calhoun LF
Kole Calhoun Note
Kole Calhoun photo 407. Kole Calhoun RF
Brad Miller Note
Brad Miller photo 436. Brad Miller 1B,2B,3B,LF,RF
Josh Jung Note
Josh Jung photo 550. Josh Jung 3B
Andy Ibanez Note
Andy Ibanez photo 559. Andy Ibanez 1B,2B,3B
Glenn Otto Note
Glenn Otto photo 577. Glenn Otto SP
John King Note
John King photo 588. John King RP
Josh Sborz Note
Josh Sborz photo 590. Josh Sborz RP
Brock Burke Note
Brock Burke photo 631. Brock Burke SP,RP
Spencer Howard Note
Spencer Howard photo 657. Spencer Howard SP
Spencer Patton Note
Spencer Patton photo 658. Spencer Patton RP
Matt Bush Note
Matt Bush photo 670. Matt Bush RP
Leody Taveras Note
Leody Taveras photo 677. Leody Taveras CF
Jose Leclerc Note
Jose Leclerc photo 681. Jose Leclerc RP
Albert Abreu Note
Albert Abreu photo 691. Albert Abreu RP
Kolby Allard Note
Kolby Allard photo 693. Kolby Allard SP,RP
Brett Martin Note
Brett Martin photo 703. Brett Martin RP
Jonah Heim Note
Jonah Heim photo 723. Jonah Heim C
Garrett Richards Note
Garrett Richards photo 770. Garrett Richards SP,RP
Jake Latz Note
Jake Latz photo 910. Jake Latz SP
Cole Winn Note
Cole Winn photo 919. Cole Winn SP
Demarcus Evans Note
Demarcus Evans photo 976. Demarcus Evans RP
Taylor Hearn Note
Taylor Hearn photo 996. Taylor Hearn SP,RP
Jonathan Hernandez Note
Jonathan Hernandez photo 999. Jonathan Hernandez RP
Kohei Arihara Note
Kohei Arihara photo 1000. Kohei Arihara SP
Dennis Santana Note
Dennis Santana photo 1005. Dennis Santana RP
A.J. Alexy Note
A.J. Alexy photo 1049. A.J. Alexy SP
Nick Snyder Note
Nick Snyder photo 1076. Nick Snyder RP
Sam Huff Note
Sam Huff photo 1146. Sam Huff C
Martin Perez Note
Martin Perez photo 1156. Martin Perez SP,RP
Kyle Cody Note
Kyle Cody photo 1196. Kyle Cody RP
Charlie Culberson Note
Charlie Culberson photo 1278. Charlie Culberson 3B,LF
Eli White Note
Eli White photo 1282. Eli White LF,CF,RF
Justin Anderson Note
Justin Anderson photo 1304. Justin Anderson RP
Nick Tropeano Note
Nick Tropeano photo 1314. Nick Tropeano RP
Matt Moore Note
Matt Moore photo 1339. Matt Moore SP,RP
Zach Reks Note
Zach Reks photo 1421. Zach Reks Util
Dan Winkler Note
Dan Winkler photo 1566. Dan Winkler RP
Meibrys Viloria Note
Meibrys Viloria photo 1613. Meibrys Viloria C
Jack Kruger Note
Jack Kruger photo 1617. Jack Kruger C
Ryan Dorow Note
Ryan Dorow photo 1660. Ryan Dorow 3B