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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2022 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Keibert Ruiz Note
Keibert Ruiz photo 228. Keibert Ruiz C
Ruiz will be the starting catcher for the Nationals this year and will bat in the middle of the lineup. Ignore his mediocre numbers from last year, because he has the upside to be a top-5 catcher if everything breaks right. Ruiz's power hasn't quite developed as projected, but he hit 19 home runs in 81 games between the majors and minors last year. He has elite contact skills and rarely strikes out, so his batting average should be a plus, especially for a catcher. Don't be concerned to reach a bit given his upside.
36 weeks ago
Jeimer Candelario Note
Jeimer Candelario photo 236. Jeimer Candelario 3B
Candelario is not an exciting player. He has little speed and probsbly won't surpass 20 home runs. But he won't hurt you in batting average and will give you passable runs scored and RBI totals batting in an improved Tigers offense. With third base being so shallow, Candelario is a player you can draft late who can fill in on off-days or be a bench player. It's never fun to draft low-upside players late, but Candelario is one of the few guys to take a shot on there.
36 weeks ago
Stephen Strasburg Note
Stephen Strasburg photo 277. Stephen Strasburg SP
Strasburg is coming back from surgery to address thoracic outlet syndrome, and we've seen that surgery derail promising careers before. He's thrown just 26.2 innings over the last two seasons, and although he's reportedly healthy and feeling good, he probably won't make his debut until May at this point. Despite his elite career numbers, fantasy managers cannot go into 2022 expecting to get anything from Strasburg as a starter. Drafting him for your bench and hoping you get 10 good starts out of him at some point is the safe way to go, but at this point, you should be rooting for Strasburg more from the standpoint of a baseball fan, not a fantasy manager.
36 weeks ago
Josiah Gray Note
Josiah Gray photo 285. Josiah Gray SP
Lane Thomas Note
Lane Thomas photo 318. Lane Thomas CF,LF,RF
Kyle Finnegan Note
Kyle Finnegan photo 344. Kyle Finnegan RP
CJ Abrams Note
CJ Abrams photo 350. CJ Abrams SS,2B
Patrick Corbin Note
Patrick Corbin photo 357. Patrick Corbin SP
Victor Robles Note
Victor Robles photo 387. Victor Robles CF
Tanner Rainey Note
Tanner Rainey photo 388. Tanner Rainey RP
MacKenzie Gore Note
MacKenzie Gore photo 399. MacKenzie Gore SP
Yadiel Hernandez Note
Yadiel Hernandez photo 536. Yadiel Hernandez LF,RF,DH
Sean Doolittle Note
Sean Doolittle photo 543. Sean Doolittle RP
Carter Kieboom Note
Carter Kieboom photo 608. Carter Kieboom 3B
Luis Garcia Note
Luis Garcia photo 661. Luis Garcia 2B,SS
Patrick Murphy Note
Patrick Murphy photo 687. Patrick Murphy RP
Riley Adams Note
Riley Adams photo 827. Riley Adams C
Andrew Stevenson Note
Andrew Stevenson photo 833. Andrew Stevenson LF,CF
Gerardo Carrillo Note
Gerardo Carrillo photo 924. Gerardo Carrillo SP
Cade Cavalli Note
Cade Cavalli photo 1006. Cade Cavalli SP
Andres Machado Note
Andres Machado photo 1033. Andres Machado RP
Francisco Perez Note
Francisco Perez photo 1038. Francisco Perez RP
Victor Arano Note
Victor Arano photo 1097. Victor Arano RP
Tres Barrera Note
Tres Barrera photo 1101. Tres Barrera C
Paolo Espino Note
Paolo Espino photo 1118. Paolo Espino SP,RP
Carl Edwards Jr. Note
Carl Edwards Jr. photo 1192. Carl Edwards Jr. RP
Derek Hill Note
Derek Hill photo 1257. Derek Hill CF
Hunter Harvey Note
Hunter Harvey photo 1318. Hunter Harvey RP
Alberto Baldonado Note
Alberto Baldonado photo 1350. Alberto Baldonado RP
Daniel Johnson Note
Daniel Johnson photo 1392. Daniel Johnson RF
Joan Adon Note
Joan Adon photo 1398. Joan Adon SP
John Nogowski Note
John Nogowski photo 1409. John Nogowski 1B
Luis Avilan Note
Luis Avilan photo 1411. Luis Avilan RP
DJ Peters Note
DJ Peters photo 1432. DJ Peters LF,CF
Josh Palacios Note
Josh Palacios photo 1434. Josh Palacios RF
Donovan Casey Note
Donovan Casey photo 1439. Donovan Casey CF
Edgar Garcia Note
Edgar Garcia photo 1490. Edgar Garcia RP
Ildemaro Vargas Note
Ildemaro Vargas photo 1533. Ildemaro Vargas 3B,SS
Jake Noll Note
Jake Noll photo 1559. Jake Noll 2B
Mason Thompson Note
Mason Thompson photo 1570. Mason Thompson RP
Adrian Sanchez Note
Adrian Sanchez photo 1573. Adrian Sanchez 2B
Lucius Fox Note
Lucius Fox photo 1575. Lucius Fox 2B
Andrew Young Note
Andrew Young photo 1585. Andrew Young 2B
Zack Burdi Note
Zack Burdi photo 1590. Zack Burdi RP
Cory Abbott Note
Cory Abbott photo 1605. Cory Abbott SP,RP
Yasel Antuna Note
Yasel Antuna photo 1657. Yasel Antuna SS