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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes
Eduardo Rodriguez Note
Eduardo Rodriguez photo 46. Eduardo Rodriguez SP
Rodriguez has tested positive for COVID-19, and Ron Roenicke has admitted that it's unlikely the Red Sox will have him ready for Opening Day. He's reportedly asymptomatic, however, which hopefully means he'll be able to have two positive tests and return to the team sometime after the first few days.
19 weeks ago
Nathan Eovaldi Note
Nathan Eovaldi photo 123. Nathan Eovaldi SP,RP
Matt Barnes Note
Matt Barnes photo 145. Matt Barnes RP
Nick Pivetta Note
Nick Pivetta photo 231. Nick Pivetta SP,RP
Josh Taylor Note
Josh Taylor photo 264. Josh Taylor RP
Marcus Walden Note
Marcus Walden photo 286. Marcus Walden RP
Darwinzon Hernandez Note
Darwinzon Hernandez photo 289. Darwinzon Hernandez RP
Ryan Brasier Note
Ryan Brasier photo 330. Ryan Brasier RP
Ryan Weber Note
Ryan Weber photo 378. Ryan Weber SP,RP
Matt Hall Note
Matt Hall photo 382. Matt Hall RP
Kyle Hart Note
Kyle Hart photo 410. Kyle Hart SP
Jeffrey Springs Note
Jeffrey Springs photo 423. Jeffrey Springs RP
Austin Brice Note
Austin Brice photo 429. Austin Brice RP
Colten Brewer Note
Colten Brewer photo 497. Colten Brewer SP,RP
Kevin McCarthy Note
Kevin McCarthy photo 574. Kevin McCarthy RP
Robert Stock Note
Robert Stock photo 582. Robert Stock RP
Chris Mazza Note
Chris Mazza photo 590. Chris Mazza SP,RP
Phillips Valdez Note
Phillips Valdez photo 620. Phillips Valdez RP
Tanner Houck Note
Tanner Houck photo 638. Tanner Houck SP
Dylan Covey Note
Dylan Covey photo 651. Dylan Covey SP,RP
Bobby Poyner Note
Bobby Poyner photo 857. Bobby Poyner RP
Stephen Gonsalves Note
Stephen Gonsalves photo 903. Stephen Gonsalves SP