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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2022 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Marcus Stroman Note
Marcus Stroman photo 64. Marcus Stroman SP
Stroman had some of the best surface numbers of his career with a 3.02 ERA and 1.15 WHIP, as a stronger Mets infield defense helped to normalize his BABIP against just a bit. But even though he had the highest strikeout rate of his career, the new splitter he introduced didn't generate enough whiffs to make a difference. He remained an overall negative in the category (7.94/9), and he'll now pitch for a mediocre Cubs team in 2022. Stroman won't hurt you, and drafting a pitcher with little downside can be a plus if you have a deep rotation. But at this point in his career, there's equally little upside, so whether you take the shot on him depends entirely on how the rest of your staff looks.
8 weeks ago
Kyle Hendricks Note
Kyle Hendricks photo 104. Kyle Hendricks SP
Hendricks won the "most underrated starter" award for five years in a row or so because fantasy managers liked to ignore his excellent numbers due to his low velocity and strikeout rate. But the bill came due last eason, and he had, by far, the worst season of his career. His ERA pushed 5.00, his WHIP was two tenths of a point higher than his career mark, and his already low strikeout rate dipped further. There's hope for a rebound, of course. Hendricks is just 32, his home run rate seemed unsustainably high, and through it all, he still got to 14 wins. But this already feels like fantasy manager missed the opportunity to jump off the Hendricks ship a year too early rather than a year too late. Hendricks needs to have pristine ratios to justify the strikeout rate, and pitching in front of a mediocre defense, it seems highly unlikely he'll get there. There are better places to spend your late-round investment.
7 weeks ago
Rowan Wick Note
Rowan Wick photo 129. Rowan Wick RP
David Robertson Note
David Robertson photo 174. David Robertson RP
Wade Miley Note
Wade Miley photo 181. Wade Miley SP
Mychal Givens Note
Mychal Givens photo 184. Mychal Givens RP
Adbert Alzolay Note
Adbert Alzolay photo 193. Adbert Alzolay SP
Chris Martin Note
Chris Martin photo 272. Chris Martin RP
Drew Smyly Note
Drew Smyly photo 278. Drew Smyly SP
Daniel Norris Note
Daniel Norris photo 334. Daniel Norris RP
Sean Newcomb Note
Sean Newcomb photo 352. Sean Newcomb RP
Mark Leiter Jr. Note
Mark Leiter Jr. photo 358. Mark Leiter Jr. RP
Stephen Gonsalves Note
Stephen Gonsalves photo 409. Stephen Gonsalves RP
Scott Effross Note
Scott Effross photo 428. Scott Effross RP
Brad Wieck Note
Brad Wieck photo 431. Brad Wieck RP
Justin Steele Note
Justin Steele photo 436. Justin Steele SP,RP
Michael Rucker Note
Michael Rucker photo 458. Michael Rucker RP
Anderson Espinoza Note
Anderson Espinoza photo 491. Anderson Espinoza SP
Keegan Thompson Note
Keegan Thompson photo 530. Keegan Thompson SP,RP
Alec Mills Note
Alec Mills photo 546. Alec Mills SP,RP
Steven Brault Note
Steven Brault photo 557. Steven Brault SP
Alexander Vizcaino Note
Alexander Vizcaino photo 565. Alexander Vizcaino SP
Manuel Rodriguez Note
Manuel Rodriguez photo 568. Manuel Rodriguez RP
Ben Leeper Note
Ben Leeper photo 701. Ben Leeper RP
Codi Heuer Note
Codi Heuer photo 710. Codi Heuer RP
Ethan Roberts Note
Ethan Roberts photo 711. Ethan Roberts RP
Jonathan Holder Note
Jonathan Holder photo 718. Jonathan Holder RP
Brailyn Marquez Note
Brailyn Marquez photo 792. Brailyn Marquez RP
Luke Farrell Note
Luke Farrell photo 801. Luke Farrell RP
Conner Menez Note
Conner Menez photo 887. Conner Menez RP
Robert Gsellman Note
Robert Gsellman photo 891. Robert Gsellman RP