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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2022 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Shohei Ohtani Note
Shohei Ohtani photo 11. Shohei Ohtani DH,SP
He's Japan's greatest gift to MLB since Ichiro, and he offers the greatest combination of hitting and pitching since Babe Ruth. Ohtani's 9.1 WAR in 2021 was more than a full win higher than anyone else's. It's unfortunate that the rules in most fantasy leagues make it impossible for investors to fully tap all of Ohtani's skills. As a hitter, he provides prodigious power, scores runs in bunches and makes meaningful SB contributions. He batted .257 last year, but would it shock anyone if he gave us a .300 season? As a pitcher, Ohtani got his walks under control, struck out 10.8 batters per nine innings, and posted a 9-2 record. It's a dazzling skill set, and if Ohtani stays healthy, he's likely to return something close to first-round value as a hitter. He's a valuable pitcher, too, but to most fantasy owners that's just gravy.
41 weeks ago
Patrick Sandoval Note
Patrick Sandoval photo 69. Patrick Sandoval SP
Sandoval didn't get much respect from fantasy managers despite a solid year last season, probably for two reasons. The first is that his control is middling (9.9% walk rate), which leads to an inflated WHIP. The second is that his fastball is just mediocre, and it's really difficult to trust a pitcher who doesn't want to throw that pitch. But all that ignores that he has a glorious changeup and a passable slider, which he uses to great effect. He ended his season with a stress fracture in his back but he's reportedly fully recovered now. There's some risk with him but, chances are, his ADP won't reflect his upside. Take a chance on him, but make sure to draft some other "boring" and safe options.
37 weeks ago
Reid Detmers Note
Reid Detmers photo 140. Reid Detmers SP
Aaron Loup Note
Aaron Loup photo 212. Aaron Loup RP
Ryan Tepera Note
Ryan Tepera photo 224. Ryan Tepera RP
Carlos Estevez Note
Carlos Estevez photo 232. Carlos Estevez RP
Jose Suarez Note
Jose Suarez photo 239. Jose Suarez SP
Griffin Canning Note
Griffin Canning photo 247. Griffin Canning SP
Tyler Anderson Note
Tyler Anderson photo 252. Tyler Anderson SP
Jose Quijada Note
Jose Quijada photo 328. Jose Quijada RP
Tucker Davidson Note
Tucker Davidson photo 357. Tucker Davidson SP
Cesar Valdez Note
Cesar Valdez photo 385. Cesar Valdez RP
Austin Warren Note
Austin Warren photo 386. Austin Warren RP
Oliver Ortega Note
Oliver Ortega photo 398. Oliver Ortega RP
Andrew Wantz Note
Andrew Wantz photo 490. Andrew Wantz RP
Jimmy Herget Note
Jimmy Herget photo 553. Jimmy Herget RP
Grant Dayton Note
Grant Dayton photo 578. Grant Dayton RP
Jacob Webb Note
Jacob Webb photo 590. Jacob Webb RP
Jaime Barria Note
Jaime Barria photo 615. Jaime Barria RP
Ty Buttrey Note
Ty Buttrey photo 657. Ty Buttrey RP
Jonathan Holder Note
Jonathan Holder photo 718. Jonathan Holder RP
Chris Rodriguez Note
Chris Rodriguez photo 743. Chris Rodriguez RP
Chris Devenski Note
Chris Devenski photo 797. Chris Devenski RP
Jose Marte Note
Jose Marte photo 852. Jose Marte RP