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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2021 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Shohei Ohtani Note
Shohei Ohtani photo 54. Shohei Ohtani SP
Depending on your league settings, Ohtani has the potential to be a dominant force in 2021. There has never been any doubt about his talent, and he looks fantastic in the spring, hitting home runs at will and pumping in high-90s fastballs when on the mound. He's been batting on days he pitches, and Joe Maddon has suggested that he's going to throw out the old rules that led to Ohtani's decreased playing time. If you can move him between hitter and pitcher on a daily basis, then move him up your board significantly. Even if not, he should provide plenty of value when healthy as either a hitter or a pitcher, so make sure he's on your radar as you move into the double-digit rounds.
36 weeks ago
Griffin Canning Note
Griffin Canning photo 95. Griffin Canning SP
It's mostly about health with Canning, who offers a great deal of stability when he's on the mound. You can expect at worst a low 4.00 ERA, about a 1.30 WHIP, and roughly a strikeout per inning. But he did close last season notably strong, pitching to a 3.14 ERA, and a 1.19 WHIP, with a 14.5% swinging strike rate and a 10.4 K/9 mark over his final five starts. That's probably his ceiling, but it shows what he's capable of when he is healthy and gets into a groove. He's a fine pick at his cost (which is minimal), but bake in some injury risk.
36 weeks ago
Noah Syndergaard Note
Noah Syndergaard photo 122. Noah Syndergaard SP
Michael Lorenzen Note
Michael Lorenzen photo 188. Michael Lorenzen CF
Mike Mayers Note
Mike Mayers photo 192. Mike Mayers RP
Aaron Loup Note
Aaron Loup photo 272. Aaron Loup RP
Sam Selman Note
Sam Selman photo 282. Sam Selman RP
Jaime Barria Note
Jaime Barria photo 283. Jaime Barria SP,RP
Patrick Sandoval Note
Patrick Sandoval photo 342. Patrick Sandoval SP
Reid Detmers Note
Reid Detmers photo 406. Reid Detmers SP
Gerardo Reyes Note
Gerardo Reyes photo 488. Gerardo Reyes RP
Packy Naughton Note
Packy Naughton photo 571. Packy Naughton SP
Jose Soriano Note
Jose Soriano photo 594. Jose Soriano SP
Jose Suarez Note
Jose Suarez photo 613. Jose Suarez SP,RP
Chris Rodriguez Note
Chris Rodriguez photo 674. Chris Rodriguez SP,RP
Jose Quijada Note
Jose Quijada photo 788. Jose Quijada RP
Jose Alberto Rivera Note
Jose Alberto Rivera photo 837. Jose Alberto Rivera
Jimmy Herget Note
Jimmy Herget photo 867. Jimmy Herget RP