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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2022 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Corbin Burnes Note
Corbin Burnes photo 2. Corbin Burnes SP
Why are you even reading this? If you're a fantasy manager who likes to draft starting pitchers in the first round and Burnes is there, you grab him. If he falls to the second round, you grab him. If he falls to the third, you're probably playing fantasy football, and he's probably a better QB than Carson Wentz, so grab him. Burnes won the Cy Young last year and there's nothing in any of his stat projections that show any reason for concern. He's got overall SP1 capabilities. Don't overthink it.
40 weeks ago
Brandon Woodruff Note
Brandon Woodruff photo 5. Brandon Woodruff SP
It's going to be awfully hard to score on the Brewers this summer. Woodruff is a Cy Young candidate. His rotation mate Corbin Burnes won the award last year and could again this year. Don't be scared off by Woodruff's miniscule win totals from last season. He only won nine games due to the worst run support in the National League. Had he received the top-15 run support that Burnes had, Woodruff could have easily eclipsed 15 victories. He's projected for a fourth straight season of outstanding K, ERA and WHIP stats. If you can somehow pair Burnes with Woodruff early, you may not need to grab another starting pitcher before the 10th round.
40 weeks ago
Freddy Peralta Note
Freddy Peralta photo 16. Freddy Peralta SP
He's not going to surprise anyone anymore. The young Brewers starter shocked everyone last season, posting 195 Ks in just 144.1 innings with a sub-3.00 ERA and a shocking sub-1.00 WHIP. Amazingly, despite those gaudy stats, he'll be the third Brewers starter drafted. Unreal. If he can get any run support, 15 wins isn't out of the question. Expect Peralta's ERA and WHIP to rise some, but the strikeouts are for real. If he's your SP3, you have a VERY good pitching staff. Now go find some bats.
40 weeks ago
Devin Williams Note
Devin Williams photo 100. Devin Williams RP
Aaron Ashby Note
Aaron Ashby photo 122. Aaron Ashby SP
Eric Lauer Note
Eric Lauer photo 139. Eric Lauer SP
Adrian Houser Note
Adrian Houser photo 184. Adrian Houser SP
Jake Cousins Note
Jake Cousins photo 238. Jake Cousins RP
Matt Bush Note
Matt Bush photo 342. Matt Bush RP
Tobias Myers Note
Tobias Myers photo 435. Tobias Myers SP
Hoby Milner Note
Hoby Milner photo 489. Hoby Milner RP
Ethan Small Note
Ethan Small photo 595. Ethan Small SP
J.C. Mejia Note
J.C. Mejia photo 653. J.C. Mejia SP
Janson Junk Note
Janson Junk photo 655. Janson Junk SP
Miguel Sanchez Note
Miguel Sanchez photo 815. Miguel Sanchez RP
Elvis Peguero Note
Elvis Peguero photo 839. Elvis Peguero RP
Justin Topa Note
Justin Topa photo 880. Justin Topa RP