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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2021 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Mitch Keller Note
Mitch Keller photo 134. Mitch Keller SP
In his brief MLB career, Keller is the author of one of the unluckiest (2019) and luckiest (2020) seasons in recent memory. So, the best course of action is to essentially ignore his 69 major league innings and focus on his stuff and minor league career. If you do that, there's a lot to like. Keller has a mid-90s fastball to go along with an above average slider and curveball. Over more than 500 minor league innings, he had a 25.5% strikeout rate, a 3.12 ERA, and a 1.15 WHIP. He will likely struggle for wins on the Pirates, but he'll also get a long leash given the dearth of reliable options, and he should face mostly weak offenses in the NL Central. Keller likely won't be a star, but he'll probably outperform where you need to draft him.
19 weeks ago
JT Brubaker Note
JT Brubaker photo 192. JT Brubaker SP
David Bednar Note
David Bednar photo 270. David Bednar RP
Chad Kuhl Note
Chad Kuhl photo 299. Chad Kuhl SP
Duane Underwood Jr. Note
Duane Underwood Jr. photo 329. Duane Underwood Jr. RP
Chris Stratton Note
Chris Stratton photo 348. Chris Stratton SP,RP
Trevor Cahill Note
Trevor Cahill photo 358. Trevor Cahill SP,RP
Bryse Wilson Note
Bryse Wilson photo 403. Bryse Wilson SP
Steven Brault Note
Steven Brault photo 420. Steven Brault SP,RP
Sam Howard Note
Sam Howard photo 431. Sam Howard RP
Miguel Yajure Note
Miguel Yajure photo 442. Miguel Yajure RP
Brennan Malone Note
Brennan Malone photo 443. Brennan Malone SP
James Marvel Note
James Marvel photo 492. James Marvel SP
Chasen Shreve Note
Chasen Shreve photo 512. Chasen Shreve RP
Dillon Peters Note
Dillon Peters photo 567. Dillon Peters SP,RP
Jose Soriano Note
Jose Soriano photo 594. Jose Soriano SP
Shelby Miller Note
Shelby Miller photo 610. Shelby Miller SP,RP
Chase De Jong Note
Chase De Jong photo 617. Chase De Jong SP
Anthony Banda Note
Anthony Banda photo 627. Anthony Banda RP
Cody Ponce Note
Cody Ponce photo 640. Cody Ponce SP
Luis Oviedo Note
Luis Oviedo photo 648. Luis Oviedo SP,RP
Wil Crowe Note
Wil Crowe photo 649. Wil Crowe SP
Kyle Keller Note
Kyle Keller photo 795. Kyle Keller RP
Nick Mears Note
Nick Mears photo 799. Nick Mears RP
Steven Wright Note
Steven Wright photo 883. Steven Wright SP,RP
Christian Bethancourt Note
Christian Bethancourt photo 890. Christian Bethancourt RP
Max Kranick Note
Max Kranick photo 899. Max Kranick SP