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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2022 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Josh Hader Note
Josh Hader photo 12. Josh Hader RP
Every year, there are arguments about the value of closers. Fantasy managers who consistently win leagues say having one or two elite closers is a season maker. Fantasy managers who say closers are always available on the wire and to never draft one before the 12th round usually spend August and September complaining that they lost the league by a half-dozen points because of a lack of saves and a bloated WHIP. Hader isn't just a closer. His numbers are so spectacular in just one or two innings of work at a time that rostering him is like getting half a season of an ace starter while also getting 35 saves. His Ks can cover for your lower-tier starters who can't reach that baseline K/IP number you want, and his paper-thin WHIP can move the needle. If you're on the wrong end of the snake draft and he's there at the fifth-round/sixth-round turn, grab him and start the closer run.
40 weeks ago
Joe Musgrove Note
Joe Musgrove photo 20. Joe Musgrove SP
If you're the type of manager who loads up on bats early, knowing that there are always pitchers who'll turn in solid numbers available later on - guys who'll give you 25-30 starts and won't have more than a few clunkers - Musgrove is your guy. In San Diego's pitcher's park with a good defense behind him, Musgrove should produce solid strikeout totals, with a mid-3.00s ERA and a low 1.10s WHIP. Draft him. Play him. Sure, you'll forget he's on your team half the time, but enjoy the pretty stats.
40 weeks ago
Yu Darvish Note
Yu Darvish photo 31. Yu Darvish SP
Missed out on some of the big strikeout pitchers early? Nobody on your roster is projected to pass the 250 K mark? Heading into the eighth round and worried? Darvish is your answer. He's going to get swings and misses. He still has an outstanding, varied pitch repertoire. Sure, his ERA won't win you any leagues, but it won't hurt you much, and he'll pair it with a low WHIP. Darvish's issue has always been his propensity to give up the long ball. Playing half his games in San Diego's generous dimensions should limit the damage.
40 weeks ago
Blake Snell Note
Blake Snell photo 42. Blake Snell SP
Snell is an every-other-year pitcher. Over his six year career, his ERA has been good in even years (averaging 2.89) and pedestrian in odd years (4.17). Is that scientific? No, of course not, but you're playing a game based on other people playing a game. Let's have some leeway here. Well, friends, it's an even year. So go ahead and make Snell your SP3.
40 weeks ago
Robert Suarez Note
Robert Suarez photo 143. Robert Suarez RP
Nick Martinez Note
Nick Martinez photo 233. Nick Martinez SP,RP
Drew Pomeranz Note
Drew Pomeranz photo 266. Drew Pomeranz RP
Tim Hill Note
Tim Hill photo 330. Tim Hill RP
Adrian Morejon Note
Adrian Morejon photo 365. Adrian Morejon SP,RP
Austin Adams Note
Austin Adams photo 371. Austin Adams RP
Ryan Weathers Note
Ryan Weathers photo 441. Ryan Weathers SP,RP
Luis Garcia Note
Luis Garcia photo 487. Luis Garcia RP
Nabil Crismatt Note
Nabil Crismatt photo 508. Nabil Crismatt RP
Reiss Knehr Note
Reiss Knehr photo 531. Reiss Knehr SP,RP
Thomas Eshelman Note
Thomas Eshelman photo 550. Thomas Eshelman SP
Brandon Kintzler Note
Brandon Kintzler photo 580. Brandon Kintzler RP
Sean Poppen Note
Sean Poppen photo 674. Sean Poppen RP
Julio Teheran Note
Julio Teheran photo 689. Julio Teheran SP
Jose Castillo Note
Jose Castillo photo 699. Jose Castillo RP
Steven Wilson Note
Steven Wilson photo 705. Steven Wilson RP
Michel Baez Note
Michel Baez photo 723. Michel Baez RP
Ray Kerr Note
Ray Kerr photo 850. Ray Kerr RP
Pedro Avila Note
Pedro Avila photo 935. Pedro Avila SP