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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2024 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Luis Castillo Note
Luis Castillo photo 4. Luis Castillo SP
Luis Castillo had a successful first season in Seattle, which was to be expected when he got out of Great American Ball Park. Castillo struck out 219 batters in 197 innings and started 33 games for the Mariners, striking out 10.01 K/9 and a 27.3 K%. One negative on his report card was his xERA of 3.82 and xFIP of 3.81, suggesting his 3.34 ERA may have been a bit lucky. Also of note was his 1.28 HR/9, which was the highest it had been since 2018. There is a lot to like about Castillo, but he is one of the more volatile pitchers in Tier 2.
9 weeks ago
George Kirby Note
George Kirby photo 5. George Kirby SP
George Kirby has a lot of stats to love, but the one that jumps off the page is that he walked 19 batters in 190 2/3 innings. He struck out 172 batters and carried a 3.35 ERA with 1.04 WHIP. Both his xERA and xFIP were higher than his actual numbers, but he started 31 games, and there is nothing overtly alarming in his underlying metrics. Kirby will cost you a fourth or fifth-round pick in 2024, but there is no better anchor for your ratios.
9 weeks ago
Logan Gilbert Note
Logan Gilbert photo 21. Logan Gilbert SP
Logan Gilbert pitched 190 2/3 innings, struck out 189 batters, and ended with a 3.73 ERA and 1.08 WHIP. The 26-year-old offered an elite BB% of 4.7, and his xERA and xFIP are in line with his actual numbers. Gilbert has started 32 games in each of the last two years, so the durability is there. He has an average K% and Whiff%, which keeps him out of an elite SP tier, but he is a solid SP3 with SP2 upside for those who want to take that risk.
9 weeks ago
Andres Munoz Note
Andres Munoz photo 30. Andres Munoz RP
Andres Munoz started 2023 in a "closer by duo" situation with Paul Sewald, but he should have the ninth inning to himself in 2024. He dealt with some injuries last season, which limited him to only 52 game appearances. Instead of the lights-out reliever we saw in 2022, fantasy managers dealt with a decrease in K% and massive increase in BB%. The good news is that he still has an elite Whiff% (39.4) and induces ground balls at a 59-percent rate. Munoz should rack up 25 saves with a K/9 around 12.0. He is a solid Tier 2 RP in 2024.
9 weeks ago
Bryce Miller Note
Bryce Miller photo 65. Bryce Miller SP
Bryan Woo Note
Bryan Woo photo 83. Bryan Woo SP
Matt Brash Note
Matt Brash photo 148. Matt Brash RP
Gregory Santos Note
Gregory Santos photo 204. Gregory Santos RP
Emerson Hancock Note
Emerson Hancock photo 249. Emerson Hancock SP
Gabe Speier Note
Gabe Speier photo 297. Gabe Speier RP
Ryne Stanek Note
Ryne Stanek photo 368. Ryne Stanek RP
Mike Baumann Note
Mike Baumann photo 438. Mike Baumann RP
Eduard Bazardo Note
Eduard Bazardo photo 468. Eduard Bazardo RP
Tayler Saucedo Note
Tayler Saucedo photo 480. Tayler Saucedo RP
Taylor Dollard Note
Taylor Dollard photo 507. Taylor Dollard SP
Trent Thornton Note
Trent Thornton photo 546. Trent Thornton RP
Austin Voth Note
Austin Voth photo 555. Austin Voth RP
Jackson Kowar Note
Jackson Kowar photo 584. Jackson Kowar RP
Reid VanScoter Note
Reid VanScoter photo 674. Reid VanScoter
Sammy Peralta Note
Sammy Peralta photo 682. Sammy Peralta RP
Mauricio Llovera Note
Mauricio Llovera photo 709. Mauricio Llovera RP
Heath Hembree Note
Heath Hembree photo 758. Heath Hembree RP
Cody Bolton Note
Cody Bolton photo 780. Cody Bolton RP
Jhonathan Diaz Note
Jhonathan Diaz photo 785. Jhonathan Diaz SP,RP
Joey Krehbiel Note
Joey Krehbiel photo 824. Joey Krehbiel RP
Trevor Kelley Note
Trevor Kelley photo 834. Trevor Kelley RP
Carlos Vargas Note
Carlos Vargas photo 876. Carlos Vargas RP
Ty Buttrey Note
Ty Buttrey photo 915. Ty Buttrey RP
Kirby Snead Note
Kirby Snead photo 916. Kirby Snead RP
Casey Lawrence Note
Casey Lawrence photo 956. Casey Lawrence RP
Levi Stoudt Note
Levi Stoudt photo 979. Levi Stoudt SP,RP
Collin Snider Note
Collin Snider photo 985. Collin Snider RP
Dallas Keuchel Note
Dallas Keuchel photo 990. Dallas Keuchel SP