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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2022 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Logan Webb Note
Logan Webb photo 19. Logan Webb SP
Webb is going too high in drafts for my liking. He altered his pitching style after a horrid start last year, but will that be enough to continue to stymie hitters once they've had time to adjust to him? His hot finish to the 2021 season on a scorching Giants team propelled him higher on draft boards than his stats warrant. Fantasy managers can find a bunch of starting pitchers who'll finish the season within a couple ticks of Webb in ERA, WHIP and Ks and will be available 20-30 spots after Webb's seventh-round ADP.
40 weeks ago
Alex Wood Note
Alex Wood photo 74. Alex Wood SP
Wood rebounded from two down years n a row, climbing back to a 3.83 ERA and 1.18 WHIP. His velocity saw a notable jump from his previous full seasons, as his sinker sat nearly two miles per hour more than he had back in 2019. Despite his strong strikeout rate, the fact that we're talking about Wood as having this excellent bounceback season with over a 3.80 ERA tells you all you need to know. Even if you buy that he can stay mostly healthy again, which is very much in question, his ceiling simply isn't high enough for you to draft him as anything but a late-round pick.
36 weeks ago
Anthony DeSclafani Note
Anthony DeSclafani photo 75. Anthony DeSclafani SP
DeSclafani is back with the Giants after an impressive 2021 season during which he pitched to a 3.17 ERA and 1.09 WHIP. It's not going out on a limb to say that DeSclafani is not going to repeat those numbers this year, however. He's really mostly just a two-pitch pitcher at this point, with an excellent slider and decent fastball, and he doesn't have the strikeout rate to sustain the ratio stats we saw last year. But San Francisco is a good place to pitch, the Giants should boast a strong team again, and DeSclafani's control is good enough so that he should have a decent floor. Just take a point off his 2021 ERA when you consider where to draft him.
36 weeks ago
Camilo Doval Note
Camilo Doval photo 77. Camilo Doval RP
Doval was outstanding in his limited innings last year, striking out more than a third of the batters he faced while pitching to a 3.00 ERA and 1.04 WHIP. He's a two-pitch pitcher, but that's fine for a reliever so long as at least one of those pitches is elite, which his slider is (.167 BAA, .202 wOBA). He's got the stuff to close full-time, and many fantasy pundits believe he will this year. But Jake McGee remains, as does Tyler Rogers, and it takes a lot for Gabe Kapler to hand the closer reins over to a single pitcher. He'll get some saves at the very least and likely help your ratios, but don't plan on him locking down the role all year without a fight.
36 weeks ago
Alex Cobb Note
Alex Cobb photo 94. Alex Cobb SP
Cobb joins the Giants after a successful one-year stint with the Angels where he put up his best numbers in years. He avoided hard contact well, upped his strikeout rate to a career high, and cut his home run rate to a miniscule level. It's unclear if his 2021 season was just a blip or if his gains are sustainable, but a move to San Francisco can't be a bad thing. If he just repeats last year and avoids injury, he'll be a steal at his ADP.
35 weeks ago
Tyler Rogers Note
Tyler Rogers photo 167. Tyler Rogers RP
Zack Littell Note
Zack Littell photo 364. Zack Littell RP
John Brebbia Note
John Brebbia photo 406. John Brebbia SP,RP
Sam Long Note
Sam Long photo 411. Sam Long SP,RP
Jakob Junis Note
Jakob Junis photo 475. Jakob Junis SP,RP
Sean Hjelle Note
Sean Hjelle photo 510. Sean Hjelle SP,RP
Drew Strotman Note
Drew Strotman photo 533. Drew Strotman SP
Darien Nunez Note
Darien Nunez photo 641. Darien Nunez
Sam Delaplane Note
Sam Delaplane photo 720. Sam Delaplane RP
Angel Rondon Note
Angel Rondon photo 732. Angel Rondon
Scott Alexander Note
Scott Alexander photo 742. Scott Alexander SP,RP
Yunior Marte Note
Yunior Marte photo 747. Yunior Marte RP
Mauricio Llovera Note
Mauricio Llovera photo 773. Mauricio Llovera RP
Trevor Hildenberger Note
Trevor Hildenberger photo 796. Trevor Hildenberger RP
Gregory Santos Note
Gregory Santos photo 832. Gregory Santos RP
Thomas Szapucki Note
Thomas Szapucki photo 858. Thomas Szapucki RP
Aaron Fletcher Note
Aaron Fletcher photo 894. Aaron Fletcher RP
Ben Bowden Note
Ben Bowden photo 907. Ben Bowden RP
Jorge Guzman Note
Jorge Guzman photo 944. Jorge Guzman RP