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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2022 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Shane McClanahan Note
Shane McClanahan photo 34. Shane McClanahan SP
McClanahan had a successful 2021 season in almost every respect. His ERA, strikeouts, and walk rate were all extremely solid, and he made 26 starts including the post-season. Despite decent control, he had a bloated 1.27 WHIP, which was largely the result of batters destroying his fastball. Specifically, the pitch allowed a .308 batting average and a .378 wOBA, and considering he threw it 40.9% of the time, McClanahan's overall numbers are a testament to how good his slider and curveball were. Assuming he can get better command of his fastball and improve his performance with the pitch, there's plenty of room for growth with the young lefty.
28 weeks ago
Shane Baz Note
Shane Baz photo 70. Shane Baz SP
Baz underwent elbow surgery, and he won't throw until early April, but the Rays reportedly don't expect him to miss much time. His pure stuff has always been electric, as he combines elite velocity with an outstanding curveball and slider. Prior to last year, his command was the only thing holding him back, but he blossomed in Double-A and kept his gains in control throughout his three-game stint in the majors. A rough postseason start aside, 2021 was all gravy for Baz, and the Rays undoubtedly expect him to be a contributor to their rotation this year. But he did pitch just 92 innings last season, and given his age, fantasy managers should expect the Rays to cap him at about 130 innings or so, so the missed time for his elbow injury isn't a huge deal as of yet. That still leaves room for Baz to provide plenty of value, so long as the helium on his draft price stays in check.
28 weeks ago
Andrew Kittredge Note
Andrew Kittredge photo 83. Andrew Kittredge RP,SP
Kittredge tallied eight saves last season, and should be in line for the bulk of the opportunities early in the year with Pete Fairbanks dealing with a strained lat. He's had success for several years now, relying on his excellent command and his fastball-slider combination. Based on pure stuff, if we knew Kittredge would be the closer all year, he'd be way up the reliever ranks. But fantasy managers know by now that you cant trust a Rays reliever, so book 15 saves for Kittredge for now. Anything else is gravy.
27 weeks ago
Corey Kluber Note
Corey Kluber photo 111. Corey Kluber SP
Drew Rasmussen Note
Drew Rasmussen photo 123. Drew Rasmussen SP,RP
Luis Patino Note
Luis Patino photo 126. Luis Patino SP
Ryan Yarbrough Note
Ryan Yarbrough photo 191. Ryan Yarbrough SP,RP
Pete Fairbanks Note
Pete Fairbanks photo 195. Pete Fairbanks RP
Colin Poche Note
Colin Poche photo 215. Colin Poche RP
Tyler Glasnow Note
Tyler Glasnow photo 226. Tyler Glasnow SP
JT Chargois Note
JT Chargois photo 231. JT Chargois RP,SP
Jeffrey Springs Note
Jeffrey Springs photo 251. Jeffrey Springs RP,SP
Brooks Raley Note
Brooks Raley photo 259. Brooks Raley RP
J.P. Feyereisen Note
J.P. Feyereisen photo 263. J.P. Feyereisen RP
Ryan Thompson Note
Ryan Thompson photo 281. Ryan Thompson RP
Yonny Chirinos Note
Yonny Chirinos photo 300. Yonny Chirinos SP
Nick Anderson Note
Nick Anderson photo 333. Nick Anderson RP
Jason Adam Note
Jason Adam photo 336. Jason Adam RP
Jalen Beeks Note
Jalen Beeks photo 427. Jalen Beeks RP,SP
Josh Fleming Note
Josh Fleming photo 448. Josh Fleming SP,RP
Ryan Burr Note
Ryan Burr photo 486. Ryan Burr RP
Shawn Armstrong Note
Shawn Armstrong photo 526. Shawn Armstrong RP,SP
Cooper Criswell Note
Cooper Criswell photo 570. Cooper Criswell SP
Ralph Garza Jr. Note
Ralph Garza Jr. photo 599. Ralph Garza Jr. RP
Brendan McKay Note
Brendan McKay photo 603. Brendan McKay SP
Garrett Cleavinger Note
Garrett Cleavinger photo 664. Garrett Cleavinger RP
Angel Perdomo Note
Angel Perdomo photo 670. Angel Perdomo RP
Dusten Knight Note
Dusten Knight photo 725. Dusten Knight RP
Cody Reed Note
Cody Reed photo 735. Cody Reed RP
David Hess Note
David Hess photo 769. David Hess RP
Calvin Faucher Note
Calvin Faucher photo 779. Calvin Faucher RP
Jimmy Yacabonis Note
Jimmy Yacabonis photo 841. Jimmy Yacabonis RP
Aaron Slegers Note
Aaron Slegers photo 929. Aaron Slegers RP