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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2024 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Kevin Gausman Note
Kevin Gausman photo 7. Kevin Gausman SP
Kevin Gausman had a great second season north of the border, pitching 185 innings and striking out 237. His 11.53 K/9 was the second-highest of his career, but his walk rate went back up to 7.2% from his career low in 2022 (3.9). He has a couple of questionable metrics, namely his 3.87 xERA compared to his actual 3.16 ERA. His xFIP ended at 3.22, though, so chances are good that number will settle somewhere in the middle. His 31.1% strikeout rate might come back down to earth a little as well. Gausman is a good SP1 from Tier 2.
3 weeks ago
Jordan Romano Note
Jordan Romano photo 42. Jordan Romano RP
Jordan Romano saved 36 games for the Blue Jays in 2023 and struck out 72 batters in 59 innings. He continued with a decent K% (29), but his BB% jumped to 9.7, which is a concerning change for a high-end closer. He had a respectable ERA of 2.90, but the WHIP moved to 1.22, a full two-tenths higher than his 2022 number. Romano is on a good team, so crossing the 30-save mark shouldn't be an issue as long as he stays healthy.
3 weeks ago
Chris Bassitt Note
Chris Bassitt photo 45. Chris Bassitt SP
Jose Berrios Note
Jose Berrios photo 57. Jose Berrios SP
Yusei Kikuchi Note
Yusei Kikuchi photo 93. Yusei Kikuchi SP
Ricky Tiedemann Note
Ricky Tiedemann photo 169. Ricky Tiedemann SP
Alek Manoah Note
Alek Manoah photo 173. Alek Manoah SP
Yimi Garcia Note
Yimi Garcia photo 196. Yimi Garcia RP
Erik Swanson Note
Erik Swanson photo 216. Erik Swanson RP
Bowden Francis Note
Bowden Francis photo 236. Bowden Francis RP
Chad Green Note
Chad Green photo 253. Chad Green RP
Yariel Rodriguez Note
Yariel Rodriguez photo 281. Yariel Rodriguez SP,RP
Tim Mayza Note
Tim Mayza photo 288. Tim Mayza RP
Nate Pearson Note
Nate Pearson photo 341. Nate Pearson RP
Trevor Richards Note
Trevor Richards photo 430. Trevor Richards RP
Mitch White Note
Mitch White photo 520. Mitch White RP
Genesis Cabrera Note
Genesis Cabrera photo 529. Genesis Cabrera RP
Zach Pop Note
Zach Pop photo 631. Zach Pop RP
T.J. Brock Note
T.J. Brock photo 633. T.J. Brock
Connor Cooke Note
Connor Cooke photo 655. Connor Cooke
Hayden Juenger Note
Hayden Juenger photo 675. Hayden Juenger
Mason Fluharty Note
Mason Fluharty photo 715. Mason Fluharty
Chad Dallas Note
Chad Dallas photo 747. Chad Dallas SP
Brendon Little Note
Brendon Little photo 753. Brendon Little RP
Mike Mayers Note
Mike Mayers photo 954. Mike Mayers SP,RP
Paolo Espino Note
Paolo Espino photo 969. Paolo Espino SP