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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2021 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Hunter Harvey Note
Hunter Harvey photo 57. Hunter Harvey
Harvey had a ton of buzz heading into last season, but a strained forearm ultimately limited him to just 8 2/3 innings. He's got a dominant fastball that can reach triple digits, but his injury history has been a roadblock to him becoming a regular and reliable reliever. Brandon Hyde hasn't named a closer yet and may in fact go by committee with Harvey, Tanner Scott, and Cesar Valdez. But the uncertainty makes Harvey basically free in drafts, and he's worth an extremely late round pick in deeper leagues in case he wins the job.
2 hours ago
Tanner Scott Note
Tanner Scott photo 109. Tanner Scott
Cesar Valdez Note
Cesar Valdez photo 156. Cesar Valdez
Cole Sulser Note
Cole Sulser photo 180. Cole Sulser
Dillon Tate Note
Dillon Tate photo 291. Dillon Tate
Shawn Armstrong Note
Shawn Armstrong photo 327. Shawn Armstrong
Isaac Mattson Note
Isaac Mattson photo 390. Isaac Mattson
Fernando Abad Note
Fernando Abad photo 397. Fernando Abad
Ashton Goudeau Note
Ashton Goudeau photo 473. Ashton Goudeau
Jorge Lopez Note
Jorge Lopez photo 494. Jorge Lopez
Travis Lakins Sr. Note
Travis Lakins Sr. photo 539. Travis Lakins Sr.
Wade LeBlanc Note
Wade LeBlanc photo 554. Wade LeBlanc
Evan Phillips Note
Evan Phillips photo 574. Evan Phillips
Thomas Eshelman Note
Thomas Eshelman photo 575. Thomas Eshelman