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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes
Hunter Harvey Note
Hunter Harvey photo 63. Hunter Harvey
Harvey quietly dominated in his cup of coffee last year, hitting triple digits with his fastball and striking out batters with ease. Now, Brandon Hyde has all but said he'd like him to be in the closer's role, after starting out the spring strong. The Orioles will never provide a ton of save chances and, at this point, it's too early to know if Harvey will be the closer. But, he's certainly worth drafting for the potential at the end of your drafts.
22 weeks ago
Bobby Bundy Note
Bobby Bundy photo 207. Bobby Bundy
Shawn Armstrong Note
Shawn Armstrong photo 229. Shawn Armstrong
Jorge Lopez Note
Jorge Lopez photo 259. Jorge Lopez
Tanner Scott Note
Tanner Scott photo 312. Tanner Scott
Paul Fry Note
Paul Fry photo 321. Paul Fry
Josh Rogers Note
Josh Rogers photo 354. Josh Rogers
Kohl Stewart Note
Kohl Stewart photo 388. Kohl Stewart
Cole Sulser Note
Cole Sulser photo 447. Cole Sulser
Michael Rucker Note
Michael Rucker photo 458. Michael Rucker
Dillon Tate Note
Dillon Tate photo 476. Dillon Tate
Evan Phillips Note
Evan Phillips photo 522. Evan Phillips
Branden Kline Note
Branden Kline photo 534. Branden Kline
Thomas Eshelman Note
Thomas Eshelman photo 536. Thomas Eshelman
Cody Carroll Note
Cody Carroll photo 561. Cody Carroll
Travis Lakins Sr. Note
Travis Lakins Sr. photo 579. Travis Lakins Sr.
Ryan Eades Note
Ryan Eades photo 597. Ryan Eades
Marcos Diplan Note
Marcos Diplan photo 599. Marcos Diplan
Eric Hanhold Note
Eric Hanhold photo 603. Eric Hanhold
Cesar Valdez Note
Cesar Valdez photo 610. Cesar Valdez
Tayler Scott Note
Tayler Scott photo 638. Tayler Scott
Pedro Araujo Note
Pedro Araujo photo 665. Pedro Araujo