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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes
Craig Kimbrel Note
Craig Kimbrel photo 12. Craig Kimbrel
Kimbrel waited to sign until months into the season, and the results weren't pretty. He battled injury and was entirely ineffective, pitching to an 8.10 ERA and walking more than five batters per nine innings. Whether the complete lack of control was a continuing trend or just due to rust/injuries. But, either way, the price on Kimbrel should be the cheapest in years, and if you're waiting on saves, he's as good an option to take a chance on as anyone.
11 weeks ago
Rowan Wick Note
Rowan Wick photo 104. Rowan Wick
Jeremy Jeffress Note
Jeremy Jeffress photo 128. Jeremy Jeffress
Kelvin Herrera Note
Kelvin Herrera photo 153. Kelvin Herrera
Alec Mills Note
Alec Mills photo 156. Alec Mills
Cody Allen Note
Cody Allen photo 168. Cody Allen
Tyler Chatwood Note
Tyler Chatwood photo 175. Tyler Chatwood
Duane Underwood Jr. Note
Duane Underwood Jr. photo 179. Duane Underwood Jr.
Brad Wieck Note
Brad Wieck photo 201. Brad Wieck
Ryan Tepera Note
Ryan Tepera photo 224. Ryan Tepera
Kyle Ryan Note
Kyle Ryan photo 257. Kyle Ryan
Dillon Maples Note
Dillon Maples photo 289. Dillon Maples
Trevor Megill Note
Trevor Megill photo 317. Trevor Megill
Casey Sadler Note
Casey Sadler photo 333. Casey Sadler
Jason Adam Note
Jason Adam photo 443. Jason Adam
Tyler Olson Note
Tyler Olson photo 469. Tyler Olson
Dan Winkler Note
Dan Winkler photo 480. Dan Winkler
James Norwood Note
James Norwood photo 497. James Norwood
Danny Hultzen Note
Danny Hultzen photo 552. Danny Hultzen
Rex Brothers Note
Rex Brothers photo 565. Rex Brothers
CD Pelham Note
CD Pelham photo 586. CD Pelham
Manuel Rodriguez Note
Manuel Rodriguez photo 589. Manuel Rodriguez