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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes
Raisel Iglesias Note
Raisel Iglesias photo 11. Raisel Iglesias
Iglesias walked fewer and struck out more batters than ever, winding up with 34 saves last year. And yet it always felt like he was on the precipice of losing his job as the closer, particularly in light of his whopping 12 losses. Iglesias is still under control for two more seasons and, so long as he can continue to pitch relatively effectively, should be able to hold down the ninth-inning job in 2020. But there should be at least some trepidation among fantasy owners in light of his ups and downs last year.
26 weeks ago
Archie Bradley Note
Archie Bradley photo 19. Archie Bradley
Once Greg Holland opened the door for Bradley to take over as the closer, Bradley tiptoed through the opening. Although he held down the role and put up save totals, it wasn't pretty, as he walked about 4.5 batters per nine innings. That's a dangerous recipe for a closer, particularly when the front office hasn't seemed particularly motivated to turn over the role to him. But, entering 2020, the closer's role is Bradley's, and if he can find his control from 2017-2018, he should have success.
26 weeks ago
Michael Lorenzen Note
Michael Lorenzen photo 88. Michael Lorenzen
Amir Garrett Note
Amir Garrett photo 97. Amir Garrett
Robert Stephenson Note
Robert Stephenson photo 110. Robert Stephenson
Lucas Sims Note
Lucas Sims photo 157. Lucas Sims
Brandon Bailey Note
Brandon Bailey photo 225. Brandon Bailey
Jose De Leon Note
Jose De Leon photo 325. Jose De Leon
Nate Jones Note
Nate Jones photo 360. Nate Jones
Joel Kuhnel Note
Joel Kuhnel photo 428. Joel Kuhnel
Sal Romano Note
Sal Romano photo 466. Sal Romano
Matt Bowman Note
Matt Bowman photo 479. Matt Bowman
R.J. Alaniz Note
R.J. Alaniz photo 519. R.J. Alaniz
Ryan Hendrix Note
Ryan Hendrix photo 529. Ryan Hendrix
David Carpenter Note
David Carpenter photo 546. David Carpenter