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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2024 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Emmanuel Clase Note
Emmanuel Clase photo 3. Emmanuel Clase
Emmanuel Clase led all of baseball with 44 saves, and he did so with a 7.93 K/9. His secret is a GB% of 56.6, which is in the 93rd percentile. His ERA, however, took a precipitous jump from 1.36 to 3.22. If you're planning to use an early-round draft pick on a closer, there are three Tier 1 guys before Clase, who seems a bit more of a risk in 2024.
13 weeks ago
Scott Barlow Note
Scott Barlow photo 48. Scott Barlow
James Karinchak Note
James Karinchak photo 121. James Karinchak
Sam Hentges Note
Sam Hentges photo 159. Sam Hentges
Nick Sandlin Note
Nick Sandlin photo 170. Nick Sandlin
Trevor Stephan Note
Trevor Stephan photo 172. Trevor Stephan
Eli Morgan Note
Eli Morgan photo 183. Eli Morgan
Pedro Avila Note
Pedro Avila photo 234. Pedro Avila
Tim Herrin Note
Tim Herrin photo 255. Tim Herrin
Will Dion Note
Will Dion photo 265. Will Dion
Cade Smith Note
Cade Smith photo 293. Cade Smith
Xzavion Curry Note
Xzavion Curry photo 300. Xzavion Curry
Ben Lively Note
Ben Lively photo 331. Ben Lively
Nic Enright Note
Nic Enright photo 375. Nic Enright
Anthony Gose Note
Anthony Gose photo 395. Anthony Gose
Peter Strzelecki Note
Peter Strzelecki photo 411. Peter Strzelecki
Hunter Gaddis Note
Hunter Gaddis photo 468. Hunter Gaddis
Erik Sabrowski Note
Erik Sabrowski photo 494. Erik Sabrowski
Darren McCaughan Note
Darren McCaughan photo 512. Darren McCaughan
Adam Oller Note
Adam Oller photo 595. Adam Oller
Tanner Burns Note
Tanner Burns photo 598. Tanner Burns
Tyler Beede Note
Tyler Beede photo 620. Tyler Beede