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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2024 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Cole Ragans Note
Cole Ragans photo 22. Cole Ragans
Cole Ragans arrived on the scene in 2023 and has quickly risen to the top of the Darlings of Fantasy Baseball. It's not hard to see why. In 96 innings, the 26-year-old struck out 113 batters while maintaining a stellar 3.47 ERA and 1.16 WHIP. His fastball touches 96, but his changeup that induced a 35.6 Whiff% is the pitch that made him rise up draft boards this season. Projections have his ERA landing closer to 4.00 and his K% dropping a few points to the 25 range. (This is still solid.) As with every hot name in draft season, balancing value with excitement is essential. His current ADP of 101 feels right, considering we're not sure what we'll get from an entire season.
4 weeks ago
Will Smith Note
Will Smith photo 30. Will Smith
James McArthur Note
James McArthur photo 47. James McArthur
John Schreiber Note
John Schreiber photo 127. John Schreiber
Nick Anderson Note
Nick Anderson photo 150. Nick Anderson
John McMillon Note
John McMillon photo 154. John McMillon
Alec Marsh Note
Alec Marsh photo 181. Alec Marsh
Asa Lacy Note
Asa Lacy photo 228. Asa Lacy
Angel Zerpa Note
Angel Zerpa photo 280. Angel Zerpa
Chris Stratton Note
Chris Stratton photo 283. Chris Stratton
Carlos Hernandez Note
Carlos Hernandez photo 301. Carlos Hernandez
Jake Brentz Note
Jake Brentz photo 331. Jake Brentz
Tyler Duffey Note
Tyler Duffey photo 420. Tyler Duffey
Josh Taylor Note
Josh Taylor photo 431. Josh Taylor
Colin Selby Note
Colin Selby photo 455. Colin Selby
Austin Cox Note
Austin Cox photo 510. Austin Cox
Steven Cruz Note
Steven Cruz photo 528. Steven Cruz
Anthony Veneziano Note
Anthony Veneziano photo 574. Anthony Veneziano
Dan Altavilla Note
Dan Altavilla photo 603. Dan Altavilla
Walter Pennington Note
Walter Pennington photo 604. Walter Pennington
Luis Cessa Note
Luis Cessa photo 624. Luis Cessa
Sam Long Note
Sam Long photo 639. Sam Long
Will Klein Note
Will Klein photo 668. Will Klein