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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2021 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Josh Hader Note
Josh Hader photo 1. Josh Hader
Hader wasn't quite as dominant as he had been the previous two years, largely due to a spike in walk rate and the slightest of declines in strikeout rate. But he still tallied 13 saves, third-best in baseball, and had a miniscule 0.95 WHIP. If you parse it closely, it was just a bizarre season for Hader, who didn't give up a run through his first nine appearances, but subsequently allowed four runs in an inning. He walked five batters in a game, but didn't allow a single walk in any game after that, a span of 11 appearances. In other words, there seems to be a lot of noise in Hader's "decline," which likely would have been ironed out over the course of a full season. Draft him as the top closer off the board with few concerns.
36 weeks ago
Corbin Burnes Note
Corbin Burnes photo 12. Corbin Burnes
Burnes's raw stuff was apparent to anyone who saw him pitch in 2019, but he simply couldn't stop giving up home runs (17 in 49 innings). The culprit was largely his four-seam fastball, which he threw more than half of the time and against which batters hit .425 with an .823 slugging percentage. In 2020, however, Corbin cut his four-seam fastball usage from 52.5% to just 2.5%. In its place, he relied heavily on a sinker and cutter, both of which worked better for the natural action on his pitches and which were highly effective. Considering that his slider, changeup, and curveball are also huge swing and miss pitches, Burnes's 36.7% strikeout rate from last year shouldn't be considered fluky. Even coming off a Cy Young-caliber season, there's still upside for the 26-year-old, and you should ignore entirely his 2019 disaster.
36 weeks ago
Devin Williams Note
Devin Williams photo 14. Devin Williams
You have to hand it to the Brewers - they produce relievers who put up historically great seasons. Williams wasn't just good in 2020 - he was truly beyond belief. A 0.33 ERA. One run and eight hits allowed in 27 innings. A 44% K-BB%. Williams has battled injuries for much of his career, but given what he did last year, he should be drafted among the elite fantasy relievers in the game. Even if he never gets a save chance with Josh Hader in front of him, his ratios make him more than worth it.
36 weeks ago
Freddy Peralta Note
Freddy Peralta photo 41. Freddy Peralta
Brent Suter Note
Brent Suter photo 86. Brent Suter
Adrian Houser Note
Adrian Houser photo 102. Adrian Houser
Justin Topa Note
Justin Topa photo 200. Justin Topa
Ray Black Note
Ray Black photo 283. Ray Black
Angel Perdomo Note
Angel Perdomo photo 291. Angel Perdomo
Trevor Gott Note
Trevor Gott photo 399. Trevor Gott
Alec Bettinger Note
Alec Bettinger photo 421. Alec Bettinger
Hoby Milner Note
Hoby Milner photo 462. Hoby Milner
Jandel Gustave Note
Jandel Gustave photo 518. Jandel Gustave
Rex Brothers Note
Rex Brothers photo 562. Rex Brothers