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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2024 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Jhoan Duran Note
Jhoan Duran photo 12. Jhoan Duran
Jhoan Duran is the reliever to target if you're looking to build your reliever roster with a guy who throws 101.8 mph. The 25-year-old struck out 84 batters in 62 1/3 innings while collecting 27 saves last season. Opposing batters had an xBA of .185 and a 32.9 K% against him. Things got a little messy in the Twins bullpen in 2023, but fantasy managers should expect 30 saves from Duran in 2024. And if the league has a K/9 or equivalent category, he should be an early target.
5 weeks ago
Chris Paddack Note
Chris Paddack photo 57. Chris Paddack
Louie Varland Note
Louie Varland photo 58. Louie Varland
Griffin Jax Note
Griffin Jax photo 64. Griffin Jax
Brock Stewart Note
Brock Stewart photo 86. Brock Stewart
Caleb Thielbar Note
Caleb Thielbar photo 157. Caleb Thielbar
Steven Okert Note
Steven Okert photo 187. Steven Okert
Kody Funderburk Note
Kody Funderburk photo 189. Kody Funderburk
Justin Topa Note
Justin Topa photo 201. Justin Topa
Jay Jackson Note
Jay Jackson photo 207. Jay Jackson
Jorge Alcala Note
Jorge Alcala photo 254. Jorge Alcala
Simeon Woods Richardson Note
Simeon Woods Richardson photo 310. Simeon Woods Richardson
Josh Staumont Note
Josh Staumont photo 360. Josh Staumont
Cody Laweryson Note
Cody Laweryson photo 407. Cody Laweryson
Jovani Moran Note
Jovani Moran photo 419. Jovani Moran
Cole Sands Note
Cole Sands photo 424. Cole Sands
Josh Winder Note
Josh Winder photo 440. Josh Winder
Brent Headrick Note
Brent Headrick photo 458. Brent Headrick
Daniel Duarte Note
Daniel Duarte photo 466. Daniel Duarte
Jeff Brigham Note
Jeff Brigham photo 473. Jeff Brigham
Ronny Henriquez Note
Ronny Henriquez photo 515. Ronny Henriquez
Zack Weiss Note
Zack Weiss photo 532. Zack Weiss
Austin Schulfer Note
Austin Schulfer photo 577. Austin Schulfer
Matt Bowman Note
Matt Bowman photo 592. Matt Bowman
Ryan Jensen Note
Ryan Jensen photo 621. Ryan Jensen
Jordan Balazovic Note
Jordan Balazovic photo 637. Jordan Balazovic
Randy Dobnak Note
Randy Dobnak photo 643. Randy Dobnak
Hobie Harris Note
Hobie Harris photo 686. Hobie Harris