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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes
Kirby Yates Note
Kirby Yates photo 2. Kirby Yates
Yate led the league in saves last year with 41, and continued to lower his already impressive ERA and WHIP. He has an elite strikeout rate and is outstanding at limiting home runs, which is everything you want in a closer. Josh Hader should be the first reliever taken but Yates should be a close second.
21 weeks ago
Emilio Pagan Note
Emilio Pagan photo 36. Emilio Pagan
Pagan had a dynamic season with the Rays, racking up 20 saves and offering excellent ratios. But a move to the Padres takes him out of the closer's role behind Kirby Yates. He's still ownable for his pitching numbers and as a handcuff to Yates, but don't expect many saves absent an injury.
21 weeks ago
Drew Pomeranz Note
Drew Pomeranz photo 70. Drew Pomeranz
Matt Strahm Note
Matt Strahm photo 81. Matt Strahm
Austin Adams Note
Austin Adams photo 104. Austin Adams
Craig Stammen Note
Craig Stammen photo 114. Craig Stammen
Trevor Rosenthal Note
Trevor Rosenthal photo 125. Trevor Rosenthal
Jose Castillo Note
Jose Castillo photo 171. Jose Castillo
Tim Hill Note
Tim Hill photo 253. Tim Hill
Dan Altavilla Note
Dan Altavilla photo 263. Dan Altavilla
Adrian Morejon Note
Adrian Morejon photo 294. Adrian Morejon
Pierce Johnson Note
Pierce Johnson photo 328. Pierce Johnson
Luis Perdomo Note
Luis Perdomo photo 350. Luis Perdomo
Michel Baez Note
Michel Baez photo 362. Michel Baez
Trey Wingenter Note
Trey Wingenter photo 379. Trey Wingenter
David Bednar Note
David Bednar photo 442. David Bednar
Taylor Williams Note
Taylor Williams photo 518. Taylor Williams
Miguel Diaz Note
Miguel Diaz photo 575. Miguel Diaz