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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2024 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Camilo Doval Note
Camilo Doval photo 4. Camilo Doval
Camilo Doval finished 2023 tied for the National League lead in saves with 39. He offers an elite mix of offerings, with his slider and cutter leading the way. His strikeout rate is 31.0 percent, xBA is .203, and he is in the 88th percentile of GB% at 52.5. Doval should cross the 35-save mark again in 2024, making him the last of the Tier 1 closers.
3 weeks ago
Jordan Hicks Note
Jordan Hicks photo 46. Jordan Hicks
Taylor Rogers Note
Taylor Rogers photo 63. Taylor Rogers
Tyler Rogers Note
Tyler Rogers photo 110. Tyler Rogers
Ryan Walker Note
Ryan Walker photo 167. Ryan Walker
Tristan Beck Note
Tristan Beck photo 204. Tristan Beck
Luke Jackson Note
Luke Jackson photo 206. Luke Jackson
Spencer Howard Note
Spencer Howard photo 288. Spencer Howard
Sean Hjelle Note
Sean Hjelle photo 357. Sean Hjelle
Ethan Small Note
Ethan Small photo 381. Ethan Small
Cody Stashak Note
Cody Stashak photo 401. Cody Stashak
Thomas Szapucki Note
Thomas Szapucki photo 461. Thomas Szapucki
Austin Warren Note
Austin Warren photo 478. Austin Warren
Blayne Enlow Note
Blayne Enlow photo 505. Blayne Enlow
Juan Sanchez Note
Juan Sanchez photo 519. Juan Sanchez
R.J. Dabovich Note
R.J. Dabovich photo 547. R.J. Dabovich
Nick Avila Note
Nick Avila photo 583. Nick Avila
Spencer Bivens Note
Spencer Bivens photo 628. Spencer Bivens
Randy Rodriguez Note
Randy Rodriguez photo 660. Randy Rodriguez
Justin Garza Note
Justin Garza photo 663. Justin Garza
Erik Miller Note
Erik Miller photo 678. Erik Miller