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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2024 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Ryan Helsley Note
Ryan Helsley photo 11. Ryan Helsley
Ryan Helsley had a shortened season due to injury, appearing in only 33 games before being shut down. When healthy, his strikeout rate continued at an elite rate (35.6 K%), and he sits above 99 mph with his fastball. Helsley mightily struggled with walks (4.17 BB/9), reminiscent of his pre-2022 profile. He should enter the season as the Cardinals closer and could touch 30 saves if his health allows it.
12 weeks ago
Giovanny Gallegos Note
Giovanny Gallegos photo 43. Giovanny Gallegos
Steven Matz Note
Steven Matz photo 80. Steven Matz
JoJo Romero Note
JoJo Romero photo 115. JoJo Romero
Andrew Kittredge Note
Andrew Kittredge photo 117. Andrew Kittredge
Zack Thompson Note
Zack Thompson photo 137. Zack Thompson
Matthew Liberatore Note
Matthew Liberatore photo 165. Matthew Liberatore
Keynan Middleton Note
Keynan Middleton photo 194. Keynan Middleton
Riley O'Brien Note
Riley O'Brien photo 251. Riley O'Brien
Nick Robertson Note
Nick Robertson photo 274. Nick Robertson
Ryan Fernandez Note
Ryan Fernandez photo 340. Ryan Fernandez
John King Note
John King photo 357. John King
Andre Pallante Note
Andre Pallante photo 367. Andre Pallante
Packy Naughton Note
Packy Naughton photo 476. Packy Naughton
Wilking Rodriguez Note
Wilking Rodriguez photo 482. Wilking Rodriguez
Kolton Ingram Note
Kolton Ingram photo 534. Kolton Ingram
Logan Sawyer Note
Logan Sawyer photo 597. Logan Sawyer
Ryan Loutos Note
Ryan Loutos photo 640. Ryan Loutos