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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2022 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Joe Barlow Note
Joe Barlow photo 33. Joe Barlow
Barlow saved 18 games between the majors and the minors last year, putting up excellent ratios. He'll get the first opportunity to close in Texas, but he doesn't have a lengthy track record with being the stopper, so the leash probably isn't that long. That's not a great thing considering his ERA metrics were far worse than his actual numbers and his walk-rate is sub par. Barlow is a closer, so he should be drafted, but don't go in expecting 25 saves given the risks.
26 weeks ago
Josh Sborz Note
Josh Sborz photo 188. Josh Sborz
John King Note
John King photo 192. John King
Taylor Hearn Note
Taylor Hearn photo 226. Taylor Hearn
Martin Perez Note
Martin Perez photo 229. Martin Perez
Dennis Santana Note
Dennis Santana photo 235. Dennis Santana
Kolby Allard Note
Kolby Allard photo 253. Kolby Allard
Jose Leclerc Note
Jose Leclerc photo 255. Jose Leclerc
Brett Martin Note
Brett Martin photo 259. Brett Martin
Demarcus Evans Note
Demarcus Evans photo 341. Demarcus Evans
Jonathan Hernandez Note
Jonathan Hernandez photo 357. Jonathan Hernandez
Matt Moore Note
Matt Moore photo 391. Matt Moore
Nick Snyder Note
Nick Snyder photo 415. Nick Snyder
Kyle Cody Note
Kyle Cody photo 470. Kyle Cody
Justin Anderson Note
Justin Anderson photo 527. Justin Anderson
Edwar Colina Note
Edwar Colina photo 658. Edwar Colina