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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2021 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Zac Gallen Note
Zac Gallen photo 15. Zac Gallen
Gallen built on his excellent 2019 season with an even more impressive 2020 campaign. Not only did he drop his ERA slightly to 2.75, but he cut way down on his walks (10.8% to 8.6%), which led to a much-improved 1.11 WHIP. Gallen has a 28.5% strikeout rate in 152 MLB innings, and an excellent fastball, curveball, and changeup. There's just not much negative you can say about him other than he might again struggle for wins playing for a mediocre team in a good division. But, as always, wins are fickle in fantasy baseball, and he should be drafted as a strong SP2.
2 days ago
Caleb Smith Note
Caleb Smith photo 103. Caleb Smith
Madison Bumgarner Note
Madison Bumgarner photo 107. Madison Bumgarner
Luke Weaver Note
Luke Weaver photo 108. Luke Weaver
Merrill Kelly Note
Merrill Kelly photo 136. Merrill Kelly
Corbin Martin Note
Corbin Martin photo 202. Corbin Martin
Tyler Clippard Note
Tyler Clippard photo 206. Tyler Clippard
Taylor Widener Note
Taylor Widener photo 227. Taylor Widener
Alex Young Note
Alex Young photo 253. Alex Young
Taylor Clarke Note
Taylor Clarke photo 303. Taylor Clarke
J.B. Bukauskas Note
J.B. Bukauskas photo 304. J.B. Bukauskas
Jon Duplantier Note
Jon Duplantier photo 305. Jon Duplantier
Humberto Mejia Note
Humberto Mejia photo 351. Humberto Mejia
Matt Peacock Note
Matt Peacock photo 376. Matt Peacock