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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2022 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Luis Castillo Note
Luis Castillo photo 33. Luis Castillo
If Castillo is on your target list, make sure to buy a big bottle of Tums. By the end of the season, you'll probably be happy with your decision, to roster him, but there will be long stretches of the season where you'll be driven to the breaking point while following Castillo's starts on Stat Tracker. He's a notoriously slow starter, so be prepared for a bumpy ride until June. I've ridden the Reds ace through multiple tumultuous seasons, and I can't do it again. If you have a stronger constitution than I do, know that Castillo has SP1 stuff and will probably be worth it over the long haul.
11 weeks ago
Tyler Mahle Note
Tyler Mahle photo 38. Tyler Mahle
Mahle is your quintessential fantasy rotation filler. His ERA (3.75) and WHIP (1.23) won't really hurt you and he'll throw enough innings, but because he's primarily a fastball pitcher with little else in his arsenal, there's so little upside. That's especially true because he pitches in a hitter-friendly environment and for a team that has traded nearly every decent offensive piece. That means wins should be hard to come by and with Mahle's upside cap, make sure not to draft him too early.
9 weeks ago
Hunter Greene Note
Hunter Greene photo 117. Hunter Greene
Nick Lodolo Note
Nick Lodolo photo 118. Nick Lodolo
Mike Minor Note
Mike Minor photo 129. Mike Minor
Reiver Sanmartin Note
Reiver Sanmartin photo 144. Reiver Sanmartin
Justin Dunn Note
Justin Dunn photo 187. Justin Dunn
Tony Santillan Note
Tony Santillan photo 194. Tony Santillan
Vladimir Gutierrez Note
Vladimir Gutierrez photo 205. Vladimir Gutierrez
Jeff Hoffman Note
Jeff Hoffman photo 210. Jeff Hoffman
Ross Detwiler Note
Ross Detwiler photo 233. Ross Detwiler
Brandon Williamson Note
Brandon Williamson photo 275. Brandon Williamson
Graham Ashcraft Note
Graham Ashcraft photo 290. Graham Ashcraft
Zack Godley Note
Zack Godley photo 315. Zack Godley
Connor Overton Note
Connor Overton photo 375. Connor Overton
Robert Dugger Note
Robert Dugger photo 385. Robert Dugger