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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes
Caleb Smith Note
Caleb Smith photo 56. Caleb Smith
Smith really fell apart over the second half of the season, as his ERA was almost two runs higher than in his first half. His overall numbers seem pedestrian, but his strikeout rate and improving control offer upside. If he can control his home runs allowed, he should be able to provide enough value to warrant placement on a fantasy staff.
6 weeks ago
Sandy Alcantara Note
Sandy Alcantara photo 73. Sandy Alcantara
Alcantara is a weird case. He went on a massive run late in the season in 2019, relying on his outstanding sinker to dominate hitters. His secondary stuff seems good enough to succeed, and yet the Marlins do not seem particularly high on him. He's dealing wth a rough spring, and even at his best, he's never had a season with a WHIP under 1.32. There's upside, but don't necessarily bank on it.
6 weeks ago
Pablo Lopez Note
Pablo Lopez photo 87. Pablo Lopez
Lopez pitched better than his 5.09 ERA from last year suggests, and he limits free passes well. But his middling strikeout rate and lack of dominant stuff caps his upside. As a late-round pitcher without a high ceiling, fantasy owners are probably better off looking elsewhere to fill out their pitching staffs.
6 weeks ago
Jordan Yamamoto Note
Jordan Yamamoto photo 109. Jordan Yamamoto
Ryne Stanek Note
Ryne Stanek photo 148. Ryne Stanek
Elieser Hernandez Note
Elieser Hernandez photo 151. Elieser Hernandez
Sixto Sanchez Note
Sixto Sanchez photo 152. Sixto Sanchez
Jose Urena Note
Jose Urena photo 162. Jose Urena
Edward Cabrera Note
Edward Cabrera photo 246. Edward Cabrera
Sterling Sharp Note
Sterling Sharp photo 264. Sterling Sharp
Nick Neidert Note
Nick Neidert photo 281. Nick Neidert
Jorge Guzman Note
Jorge Guzman photo 312. Jorge Guzman
Jeff Brigham Note
Jeff Brigham photo 327. Jeff Brigham
Robert Dugger Note
Robert Dugger photo 357. Robert Dugger
Jordan Holloway Note
Jordan Holloway photo 368. Jordan Holloway
Josh A. Smith Note
Josh A. Smith photo 409. Josh A. Smith
Brett Graves Note
Brett Graves photo 477. Brett Graves