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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes
Brandon Woodruff Note
Brandon Woodruff photo 25. Brandon Woodruff
Woodruff earned his breakout 2019, relying on his elite fastball to limit hard contact and avoid big innings. His solid control allows him to keep the line moving, and the Brewers' strong lineup adds to his win potential. Although he missed a large chunk of the season due to injury, he should be ready to lead the Brewers rotation this year, and can and should be drafted as a strong second-tier starter.
27 weeks ago
Adrian Houser Note
Adrian Houser photo 84. Adrian Houser
Houser has an elite fastball, which he relies on heavily and against which batters hit just .203 last season. Whether he can continue to succeed with just one very good pitch is an open question, but considering his FIP and xFIP fully supported his 3.72 ERA, it's entirely possible. Overall, Houser should provide strikeouts without hurting you elsewhere, so he's an ideal late-round add.
27 weeks ago
Freddy Peralta Note
Freddy Peralta photo 109. Freddy Peralta
Josh Lindblom Note
Josh Lindblom photo 112. Josh Lindblom
Corbin Burnes Note
Corbin Burnes photo 115. Corbin Burnes
Eric Lauer Note
Eric Lauer photo 148. Eric Lauer
Brent Suter Note
Brent Suter photo 167. Brent Suter
Zack Brown Note
Zack Brown photo 307. Zack Brown
Angel Perdomo Note
Angel Perdomo photo 348. Angel Perdomo
Devin Williams Note
Devin Williams photo 418. Devin Williams