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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2024 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Zack Wheeler Note
Zack Wheeler photo 3. Zack Wheeler
Zack Wheeler continued his SP1 ways in 2023, racking up 212 strikeouts in 192 innings. His ERA was a little high (for him) at 3.61, and his xFIP supported that at 3.54. Wheeler is in the 95th percentile in BB% (5.0), so you can draft him knowing he will protect your WHIP better than many other aces. He also started 32 games, making his durability an asset as well. Wheeler remains at the top of Tier 2 after the Strider/Cole/Burnes triad, and you can probably get him in the third round.
17 weeks ago
Aaron Nola Note
Aaron Nola photo 13. Aaron Nola
Aaron Nola had a mixed bag of results for fantasy teams in 2023. He threw 193 2/3 innings across 32 starts, so durability was not an issue. He struck out 202 batters and maintained his excellent BB% (5.7) for a WHIP of 1.15. His ERA, however, was an unseemly 4.46, and he gave up a career-high 1.49 HR/9. Nola's xERA and xFIP suggest improvement in ERA for 2024, and he has started precisely 32 games each of the last three seasons. In the offseason, he signed a seven-year, $172 million contract with the Phillies, a significant deal for a guy who will turn 31 in June. The perception of Nola is that he is an SP1, but his stats suggest grabbing someone to anchor your staff in 2024 and slot him in as an SP2.
17 weeks ago
Cristopher Sanchez Note
Cristopher Sanchez photo 64. Cristopher Sanchez
Ranger Suarez Note
Ranger Suarez photo 93. Ranger Suarez
Taijuan Walker Note
Taijuan Walker photo 114. Taijuan Walker
Matt Strahm Note
Matt Strahm photo 152. Matt Strahm
Spencer Turnbull Note
Spencer Turnbull photo 210. Spencer Turnbull
Andrew Painter Note
Andrew Painter photo 249. Andrew Painter
Mick Abel Note
Mick Abel photo 262. Mick Abel
Freddy Tarnok Note
Freddy Tarnok photo 354. Freddy Tarnok
Tyler Phillips Note
Tyler Phillips photo 355. Tyler Phillips
Michael Mercado Note
Michael Mercado photo 377. Michael Mercado
David Parkinson Note
David Parkinson photo 378. David Parkinson
Noah Skirrow Note
Noah Skirrow photo 418. Noah Skirrow
David Buchanan Note
David Buchanan photo 432. David Buchanan
Kolby Allard Note
Kolby Allard photo 435. Kolby Allard
Tyler Gilbert Note
Tyler Gilbert photo 448. Tyler Gilbert
Griff McGarry Note
Griff McGarry photo 463. Griff McGarry
Nick Nelson Note
Nick Nelson photo 470. Nick Nelson