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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes
Joe Musgrove Note
Joe Musgrove photo 52. Joe Musgrove
Musgrove started out the season hot but cratered in May, pitching to an 8.10 ERA in the month. His overall numbers (4.44 ERA, 1.22 WHIP) won't blow you away, but Musgrove saw major velocity gains on his fastball and cutter over the second half of the season. Wins will always be an issue but if he can continue to build on his velocity increases, he could find his way into being a back-end starter for your fantasy team.
6 weeks ago
Mitch Keller Note
Mitch Keller photo 62. Mitch Keller
Keller's time in the majors last year was . . . sub-optimal, to say the least. Other than his elite strikeout rate, pretty much nothing went right for the youngster in his brief time with the Pirates. But when your FIP is FOUR runs lower than your ERA, chances are pretty good you're due for a rebound. Keller has an excellent fastball with an above-average slider and a decent curveball, more than enough to succeed in getting major league hitters out. If he can manage to limit his awful first innings of games with more consistency, he could provide plenty of value.
6 weeks ago
Chris Archer Note
Chris Archer photo 107. Chris Archer
Archer's season was an unmitigated disaster before he was mercifully put on the season ending IL with a shoulder injury. His 5.19 ERA and 1.41 WHIP were entirely earned, as he walked more than four batters per nine innings for the first time in his career. But it is worth noting that Archer made some major gains in the second half, including improving on his FIP by more than 2.5 runs and his ERA by nearly a run. With still plenty of strikeout potential, Archer makes a low-cost, potentially high-reward option for the back of your staff.
6 weeks ago
Trevor Williams Note
Trevor Williams photo 157. Trevor Williams
Chad Kuhl Note
Chad Kuhl photo 199. Chad Kuhl
Derek Holland Note
Derek Holland photo 210. Derek Holland
Steven Brault Note
Steven Brault photo 291. Steven Brault
Cody Ponce Note
Cody Ponce photo 310. Cody Ponce
James Marvel Note
James Marvel photo 326. James Marvel
JT Brubaker Note
JT Brubaker photo 342. JT Brubaker
Chris Stratton Note
Chris Stratton photo 349. Chris Stratton
Clay Holmes Note
Clay Holmes photo 365. Clay Holmes
Hector Noesi Note
Hector Noesi photo 404. Hector Noesi
Jameson Taillon Note
Jameson Taillon photo 411. Jameson Taillon
Sam Howard Note
Sam Howard photo 444. Sam Howard