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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes
Jeff Samardzija Note
Jeff Samardzija photo 87. Jeff Samardzija
Samardzija had an impressive 3.52 ERA and 1.11 WHIP last year, but that's where the good news ended. His strikeout rate is at the point where it actively hurts fantasy owners, and his win potential is capped by pitching for the Giants. There are better pitchers to consider late in your draft.
7 weeks ago
Johnny Cueto Note
Johnny Cueto photo 89. Johnny Cueto
Cueto will get the Opening Day nod for the Giants, but he'll hardly be someone to target in fantasy. Putting aside the almost certin win problems he'll have in San Francisco, it's doubtful that the 34-year-old can contribute meaningfully elsewhere at this stage of his career. His career strikeout rate of 7.54/9 is a detriment in today's game, and at his advanced age, after pitching just 69 innings combined over the last two season, there's little reason to expect a return to peak form.
7 weeks ago
Kevin Gausman Note
Kevin Gausman photo 94. Kevin Gausman
Drew Smyly Note
Drew Smyly photo 156. Drew Smyly
Tyler Anderson Note
Tyler Anderson photo 174. Tyler Anderson
Shaun Anderson Note
Shaun Anderson photo 188. Shaun Anderson
Logan Webb Note
Logan Webb photo 190. Logan Webb
Dereck Rodriguez Note
Dereck Rodriguez photo 217. Dereck Rodriguez
Andrew Suarez Note
Andrew Suarez photo 233. Andrew Suarez
Conner Menez Note
Conner Menez photo 306. Conner Menez
Trevor Oaks Note
Trevor Oaks photo 327. Trevor Oaks
Rico Garcia Note
Rico Garcia photo 374. Rico Garcia
Melvin Adon Note
Melvin Adon photo 422. Melvin Adon