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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2024 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Logan Webb Note
Logan Webb photo 10. Logan Webb
If you dig the ground ball, Logan Webb might be your soulmate. The 27-year-old is in the 99th percentile of GB% at 62.7 and BB% of 3.6. He struck out 194 batters in 216 innings pitched, so while he is not the strikeout artist of an SP1, he will do wonders for your ratios. And if you're interested in a durable starter, Webb started 33 games last year and 32 games the year before. Webb is a set-and-forget guy who rarely blows up, protecting your weekly numbers as well.
17 weeks ago
Blake Snell Note
Blake Snell photo 17. Blake Snell
Blake Snell won the 2023 NL Cy Young Award, but will come with plenty of risk in 2024. As of right now, we don't know where he will be, which is part of the battle, but his 2.25 ERA last year was a mirage. Snell's xERA was 3.77, and xFIP was 3.62. In the positive column, he struck out 234 batters in 180 innings and was one of only 11 qualified starters with an 11 K/9 or higher. If walks drive you crazy, don't even consider the 31-year-old, but if you need strikeouts and plan to have ratio help elsewhere, Snell can be a nice SP2.
17 weeks ago
Kyle Harrison Note
Kyle Harrison photo 69. Kyle Harrison
Alex Cobb Note
Alex Cobb photo 126. Alex Cobb
Jordan Hicks Note
Jordan Hicks photo 138. Jordan Hicks
Keaton Winn Note
Keaton Winn photo 144. Keaton Winn
Robbie Ray Note
Robbie Ray photo 158. Robbie Ray
Mason Black Note
Mason Black photo 203. Mason Black
Ryan Walker Note
Ryan Walker photo 230. Ryan Walker
Carson Whisenhunt Note
Carson Whisenhunt photo 253. Carson Whisenhunt
Landen Roupp Note
Landen Roupp photo 261. Landen Roupp
Kai-Wei Teng Note
Kai-Wei Teng photo 338. Kai-Wei Teng
Blayne Enlow Note
Blayne Enlow photo 388. Blayne Enlow
Carson Seymour Note
Carson Seymour photo 411. Carson Seymour
Randy Rodriguez Note
Randy Rodriguez photo 461. Randy Rodriguez