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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2021 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Jack Flaherty Note
Jack Flaherty photo 11. Jack Flaherty
Flaherty ended up with a 4.91 ERA, but that hardly represents his actual performance, given that he allowed nine runs in a three-inning start in September. If you take out that outing, Flaherty had just a 3.13 ERA, and he didn't allow more than three earned runs in any of his eight other starts. Given that Flaherty's season was shorter than most due to the Cardinals' COVID-19 issues, it's fair to essentially throw out at that one abysmal outing, considering his other numbers were relatively consistent from 2019. Indeed, his swinging strike rate improved, as did his K/9 rate and ground ball percentage. With his devastating slider, Flaherty should still be considered one of the top pitchers in the real and fantasy game, and is capable of fronting a fantasy staff.
5 days ago
Kwang Hyun Kim Note
Kwang Hyun Kim photo 81. Kwang Hyun Kim
Miles Mikolas Note
Miles Mikolas photo 99. Miles Mikolas
Adam Wainwright Note
Adam Wainwright photo 112. Adam Wainwright
Carlos Martinez Note
Carlos Martinez photo 120. Carlos Martinez
Dakota Hudson Note
Dakota Hudson photo 156. Dakota Hudson
Daniel Ponce de Leon Note
Daniel Ponce de Leon photo 162. Daniel Ponce de Leon
Matt Liberatore Note
Matt Liberatore photo 212. Matt Liberatore
Angel Rondon Note
Angel Rondon photo 322. Angel Rondon
Johan Oviedo Note
Johan Oviedo photo 406. Johan Oviedo