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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2024 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Sonny Gray Note
Sonny Gray photo 29. Sonny Gray
Sonny Gray had a superb year in Minnesota in 2023. He threw 184 innings, striking out 183 batters and maintaining a 2.79 ERA and 1.15 WHIP. He also allowed only eight home runs the entire season. Gray now returns to the NL with the Cardinals; Busch Stadium is even better than Target Field when it comes to Park Factors favoring pitchers. While his K% isn't elite, he is a solid contributor to fantasy squads as an SP3 in 2024.
3 weeks ago
Lance Lynn Note
Lance Lynn photo 80. Lance Lynn
Miles Mikolas Note
Miles Mikolas photo 104. Miles Mikolas
Steven Matz Note
Steven Matz photo 106. Steven Matz
Kyle Gibson Note
Kyle Gibson photo 130. Kyle Gibson
Matthew Liberatore Note
Matthew Liberatore photo 196. Matthew Liberatore
Zack Thompson Note
Zack Thompson photo 198. Zack Thompson
Tekoah Roby Note
Tekoah Roby photo 257. Tekoah Roby
Gordon Graceffo Note
Gordon Graceffo photo 324. Gordon Graceffo
Packy Naughton Note
Packy Naughton photo 362. Packy Naughton
Adam Kloffenstein Note
Adam Kloffenstein photo 382. Adam Kloffenstein
Michael McGreevy Note
Michael McGreevy photo 406. Michael McGreevy
Josh James Note
Josh James photo 421. Josh James
Logan Gragg Note
Logan Gragg photo 424. Logan Gragg
Sem Robberse Note
Sem Robberse photo 436. Sem Robberse
Drew Rom Note
Drew Rom photo 471. Drew Rom