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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2024 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Thairo Estrada Note
Thairo Estrada photo 17. Thairo Estrada
Thairo Estrada played in 120 games last season for the Giants, and he took a step back in many of the hitting metrics. His BB% went from 6.1 to 4.2, and his K% went from 16.5 to 22.6. He managed a .271 batting average, though an unsustainable .331 BABIP boosted this. His numbers will probably land in between these two seasons, but he doesn't offer much in the way of upside.
17 weeks ago
Marco Luciano Note
Marco Luciano photo 49. Marco Luciano
Casey Schmitt Note
Casey Schmitt photo 84. Casey Schmitt
Tyler Fitzgerald Note
Tyler Fitzgerald photo 107. Tyler Fitzgerald