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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2021 Fantasy Baseball Rest of Season Notes

Byron Buxton Note
Byron Buxton photo 47. Byron Buxton CF
Josh Donaldson Note
Josh Donaldson photo 69. Josh Donaldson 3B,DH
Donaldson lasted just one at-bat before hurting his hamstring and needing an IL stint. It's a relief that it's not a recurrence of his calf problems, but still, it's a reminder of how tenuous his status is even on his best day. Even if he is not out for long, have a backup ready to go at all times.
41 weeks ago
Max Kepler Note
Max Kepler photo 106. Max Kepler RF,CF
Jorge Polanco Note
Jorge Polanco photo 116. Jorge Polanco SS,2B
Miguel Sano Note
Miguel Sano photo 133. Miguel Sano 1B,DH
Mitch Garver Note
Mitch Garver photo 173. Mitch Garver C
Luis Arraez Note
Luis Arraez photo 204. Luis Arraez 2B,3B,LF
Trevor Larnach Note
Trevor Larnach photo 209. Trevor Larnach RF,LF
Ryan Jeffers Note
Ryan Jeffers photo 251. Ryan Jeffers C
Austin Martin Note
Austin Martin photo 326. Austin Martin 3B
Brent Rooker Note
Brent Rooker photo 407. Brent Rooker RF,LF,DH
Jake Cave Note
Jake Cave photo 424. Jake Cave CF,RF,LF
Nick Gordon Note
Nick Gordon photo 436. Nick Gordon SS,CF,2B,LF
Derek Fisher Note
Derek Fisher photo 500. Derek Fisher RF
Aaron Sabato Note
Aaron Sabato photo 525. Aaron Sabato 1B
Misael Urbina Note
Misael Urbina photo 560. Misael Urbina CF