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Aledmys Diaz for Jose Siri (2022)

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Who Should I Trade? Player Summaries
Experts' Pick
Experts' Pick
  Aledmys Diaz
1B,2B,3B,SS,LF - HOU
Aledmys Diaz
Jose Siri
Jose Siri
Recommended by
1 of 2 experts
Recommended by
1 of 2 experts
Rest of Season# 405# 390
VBR# 1158# 1125
Home Runs44
Stolen Bases05
Batting Average.243.221
Injury Alert-MiLB
Expert Ranks 
Scott Youngson
Pitcher List
# 357# 322
Mike Maher
# 346# 426
Who Should I Trade? Player Statistics
  Aledmys Diaz
1B,2B,3B,SS,LF - HOU
Aledmys Diaz
Jose Siri
Jose Siri
2022 Stats 
At Bats131130
Home Runs33
Stolen Bases06
Caught Stealing11
Batting Average.214.185
On Base Pct.259.248
Slugging Pct.298.315
On-base Plus Slugging.557.564
Who Should I Trade? Player Projections
  Aledmys Diaz
1B,2B,3B,SS,LF - HOU
Aledmys Diaz
Jose Siri
Jose Siri
2022 Projections 
At Bats130131
Home Runs44
Stolen Bases05
Caught Stealing01
Batting Average.243.221
On Base Pct.302.273
Slugging Pct.384.378
On-base Plus Slugging.686.651
Who Should I Trade? Player Notes
  Aledmys Diaz
1B,2B,3B,SS,LF - HOU
Aledmys Diaz
Jose Siri
Jose Siri
 Aledmys Diaz picked up three hits, including a two-run home run off Royals starter Brady Singer. It was his third home run of the season.
Kendall Capps
Sat, Jun 4th
Astros center fielder Jose Siri got the start and hit eighth for Houston Tuesday. He finished 1-for-4 with a solo home run in an 8-2 win over the Mets.
Kendall Capps
Wed, Jun 22nd
 Astros utility man Aledmys Diaz got the nod at 1B Thursday, and posted a solid game going 2-for-4 with a run and an RBI.
Kendall Capps
Thu, May 19th
Astros outfielder Jose Siri went 1-for-3 with a triple, run scored and a stolen base as Houston beat Oakland, 5-1.
Kendall Capps
Mon, May 30th
 Aledmys Diaz provided all the offense Houston would need Sunday with one swing of the bat. He finished 2-for-3 with a grand slam and a walk in a 5-0 win over Detroit.
Kendall Capps
Mon, May 9th
Jose Siri was one of the few bright spots offensively for Houston tonight. He finished 2-for-4 with a run scored and a stolen base.
Kendall Capps
Thu, May 26th
 Astros shortstop Aledmys Diaz went 1-for-2 with one double on Sunday in the Astros' 7-2 loss to the Mariners.
Chris Schommer
Mon, Apr 18th
Astros center fielder Jose Siri got the start in center field Saturday, hitting leadoff. He certainly did his job going 3-for-5 with his second home run of the year. He also tripled, finishing with two runs and two RBI's.
Kendall Capps
Sun, May 15th
 Astros first baseman Aledmys Diaz homered Friday night while finishing with two hits, two runs scored, and two runs batted in, as the Astros topped the Angels 13-6.
Chris Schommer
Sat, Apr 9th
Astros center fielder Jose Siri went 1-for-3 and drove in the lone run Friday night in the Astros' 11-1 loss to the Mariners.
Chris Schommer
Sat, Apr 16th
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Who Should I Trade? Player Schedules
  Aledmys Diaz
1B,2B,3B,SS,LF - HOU
Aledmys Diaz
Jose Siri
Jose Siri
Date OppOpp PitcherVBROppOpp PitcherVBR
Thu, Apr 7th@ LAAShohei Ohtani (6-4)#39@ LAAShohei Ohtani (6-4)#39
Fri, Apr 8th@ LAAReid Detmers (2-3)#114@ LAAReid Detmers (2-3)#114
Sat, Apr 9th@ LAANoah Syndergaard (5-6)#80@ LAANoah Syndergaard (5-6)#80
Sun, Apr 10th@ LAAJose Suarez (1-2)#155@ LAAJose Suarez (1-2)#155
Tue, Apr 12th@ ARIMadison Bumgarner (3-7)#116@ ARIMadison Bumgarner (3-7)#116
Wed, Apr 13th@ ARIMerrill Kelly (6-5)#99@ ARIMerrill Kelly (6-5)#99
Fri, Apr 15th@ SEAMarco Gonzales (4-8)#89@ SEAMarco Gonzales (4-8)#89
Sat, Apr 16th@ SEAChris Flexen (3-8)#107@ SEAChris Flexen (3-8)#107
Sun, Apr 17th@ SEAMatt Brash (1-3)#172@ SEAMatt Brash (1-3)#172
Mon, Apr 18thvs LAAMichael Lorenzen (6-5)#127vs LAAMichael Lorenzen (6-5)#127
Tue, Apr 19thvs LAAPatrick Sandoval (3-2)#66vs LAAPatrick Sandoval (3-2)#66
Wed, Apr 20thvs LAAShohei Ohtani (6-4)#39vs LAAShohei Ohtani (6-4)#39
Fri, Apr 22ndvs TORRoss Stripling (4-2)#124vs TORRoss Stripling (4-2)#124
Sat, Apr 23rdvs TORAlek Manoah (9-2)#15vs TORAlek Manoah (9-2)#15
Sun, Apr 24thvs TORYusei Kikuchi (2-4)#104vs TORYusei Kikuchi (2-4)#104
Mon, Apr 25th@ TEXDane Dunning (1-5)#103@ TEXDane Dunning (1-5)#103
Tue, Apr 26th@ TEXTaylor Hearn (4-5)#290@ TEXTaylor Hearn (4-5)#290
Wed, Apr 27th@ TEXGlenn Otto (4-3)#139@ TEXGlenn Otto (4-3)#139
Thu, Apr 28th@ TEXMartin Perez (6-2)#75@ TEXMartin Perez (6-2)#75
Fri, Apr 29th@ TORYusei Kikuchi (2-4)#104@ TORYusei Kikuchi (2-4)#104
Sat, Apr 30th@ TORJose Berrios (5-4)#31@ TORJose Berrios (5-4)#31
Sun, May 1st@ TORKevin Gausman (6-6)#16@ TORKevin Gausman (6-6)#16
Mon, May 2ndvs SEAMarco Gonzales (4-8)#89vs SEAMarco Gonzales (4-8)#89
Tue, May 3rdvs SEAChris Flexen (3-8)#107vs SEAChris Flexen (3-8)#107
Wed, May 4thvs SEAMatt Brash (1-3)#172vs SEAMatt Brash (1-3)#172
Thu, May 5thvs DETTarik Skubal (5-6)#28vs DETTarik Skubal (5-6)#28
Fri, May 6thvs DETBeau Brieske (1-6)#176vs DETBeau Brieske (1-6)#176
Sat, May 7thvs DETEduardo Rodriguez (1-3)#40vs DETEduardo Rodriguez (1-3)#40
Sun, May 8thvs DETWily Peralta (2-0)#274vs DETWily Peralta (2-0)#274
Tue, May 10th@ MINJoe Ryan (6-3)#56@ MINJoe Ryan (6-3)#56
Thu, May 12th@ MINJosh Winder (3-2)#183@ MINJosh Winder (3-2)#183
Fri, May 13th@ WSHJosiah Gray (6-4)#123@ WSHJosiah Gray (6-4)#123
Sat, May 14th@ WSHErick Fedde (5-5)#269@ WSHErick Fedde (5-5)#269
Sun, May 15th@ WSHPatrick Corbin (4-10)#142@ WSHPatrick Corbin (4-10)#142
Mon, May 16th@ BOSGarrett Whitlock (2-1)#67@ BOSGarrett Whitlock (2-1)#67
Tue, May 17th@ BOSNathan Eovaldi (4-2)#21@ BOSNathan Eovaldi (4-2)#21
Wed, May 18th@ BOSNick Pivetta (8-5)#43@ BOSNick Pivetta (8-5)#43
Thu, May 19thvs TEXGlenn Otto (4-3)#139vs TEXGlenn Otto (4-3)#139
Fri, May 20thvs TEXMartin Perez (6-2)#75vs TEXMartin Perez (6-2)#75
Sat, May 21stvs TEXJon Gray (4-3)#53vs TEXJon Gray (4-3)#53
Sun, May 22ndvs TEXTaylor Hearn (4-5)#290vs TEXTaylor Hearn (4-5)#290
Mon, May 23rdvs CLETriston McKenzie (4-6)#62vs CLETriston McKenzie (4-6)#62
Tue, May 24thvs CLEZach Plesac (2-5)#115vs CLEZach Plesac (2-5)#115
Wed, May 25thvs CLECal Quantrill (4-4)#85vs CLECal Quantrill (4-4)#85
Fri, May 27th@ SEAChris Flexen (3-8)#107@ SEAChris Flexen (3-8)#107
Sat, May 28th@ SEALogan Gilbert (8-3)#35@ SEALogan Gilbert (8-3)#35
Sun, May 29th@ SEAMarco Gonzales (4-8)#89@ SEAMarco Gonzales (4-8)#89
Mon, May 30th@ OAKPaul Blackburn (6-3)#9@ OAKPaul Blackburn (6-3)#9
Tue, May 31st@ OAKFrankie Montas (3-8)#18@ OAKFrankie Montas (3-8)#18
Wed, Jun 1st@ OAKCole Irvin (2-5)#109@ OAKCole Irvin (2-5)#109
Fri, Jun 3rd@ KCBrady Singer (3-3)#78@ KCBrady Singer (3-3)#78
Sat, Jun 4th@ KCKris Bubic (1-5)#243@ KCKris Bubic (1-5)#243
Sun, Jun 5th@ KCJonathan Heasley (1-4)#212@ KCJonathan Heasley (1-4)#212
Mon, Jun 6thvs SEARobbie Ray (6-6)#17vs SEARobbie Ray (6-6)#17
Tue, Jun 7thvs SEAChris Flexen (3-8)#107vs SEAChris Flexen (3-8)#107
Wed, Jun 8thvs SEALogan Gilbert (8-3)#35vs SEALogan Gilbert (8-3)#35
Fri, Jun 10thvs MIAPablo Lopez (5-4)#19vs MIAPablo Lopez (5-4)#19
Sat, Jun 11thvs MIABraxton Garrett (1-3)#253vs MIABraxton Garrett (1-3)#253
Sun, Jun 12thvs MIAEdward Cabrera (2-1)#200vs MIAEdward Cabrera (2-1)#200
Mon, Jun 13th@ TEXTaylor Hearn (4-5)#290@ TEXTaylor Hearn (4-5)#290
Tue, Jun 14th@ TEXDane Dunning (1-5)#103@ TEXDane Dunning (1-5)#103
Wed, Jun 15th@ TEXTyson Miller (0-1)#346@ TEXTyson Miller (0-1)#346
Fri, Jun 17thvs CWSLucas Giolito (4-4)#32vs CWSLucas Giolito (4-4)#32
Sat, Jun 18thvs CWSJohnny Cueto (2-4)#171vs CWSJohnny Cueto (2-4)#171
Sun, Jun 19thvs CWSMichael Kopech (2-4)#36vs CWSMichael Kopech (2-4)#36
Tue, Jun 21stvs NYMTrevor Williams (1-4)#170vs NYMTrevor Williams (1-4)#170
Wed, Jun 22ndvs NYMCarlos Carrasco (8-4)#46vs NYMCarlos Carrasco (8-4)#46
Thu, Jun 23rd@ NYYJameson Taillon (8-1)#41@ NYYJameson Taillon (8-1)#41
Fri, Jun 24th@ NYYLuis Severino (4-2)#37@ NYYLuis Severino (4-2)#37
Sat, Jun 25th@ NYYGerrit Cole (6-2)#2@ NYYGerrit Cole (6-2)#2
Sun, Jun 26th@ NYYNestor Cortes Jr. (6-3)#51@ NYYNestor Cortes Jr. (6-3)#51
Tue, Jun 28th@ NYMCarlos Carrasco (8-4)#46@ NYMCarlos Carrasco (8-4)#46
Wed, Jun 29th@ NYMTaijuan Walker (6-2)#87@ NYMTaijuan Walker (6-2)#87
Thu, Jun 30thvs NYYLuis Severino (4-2)#37vs NYYLuis Severino (4-2)#37
Fri, Jul 1stvs LAAMichael Lorenzen (6-5)#127vs LAAMichael Lorenzen (6-5)#127
Sat, Jul 2ndvs LAAPatrick Sandoval (3-2)#66vs LAAPatrick Sandoval (3-2)#66
Sun, Jul 3rdvs LAAJose Suarez (1-2)#155vs LAAJose Suarez (1-2)#155
Mon, Jul 4thvs KCJonathan Heasley (1-4)#212vs KCJonathan Heasley (1-4)#212
Tue, Jul 5thvs KCZack Greinke (1-4)#131vs KCZack Greinke (1-4)#131
Wed, Jul 6thvs KCBrad Keller (2-9)#100vs KCBrad Keller (2-9)#100
Thu, Jul 7thvs KCvs KC
Fri, Jul 8th@ OAK@ OAK
Sat, Jul 9th@ OAK@ OAK
Sun, Jul 10th@ OAK@ OAK
Tue, Jul 12th@ LAA@ LAA
Wed, Jul 13th@ LAA@ LAA
Thu, Jul 14th@ LAA@ LAA
Fri, Jul 15thvs OAKvs OAK
Sat, Jul 16thvs OAKvs OAK
Sun, Jul 17thvs OAKvs OAK
Thu, Jul 21stvs NYYvs NYY
Fri, Jul 22nd@ SEA@ SEA
Sat, Jul 23rd@ SEA@ SEA
Sun, Jul 24th@ SEA@ SEA
Mon, Jul 25th@ OAK@ OAK
Tue, Jul 26th@ OAK@ OAK
Wed, Jul 27th@ OAK@ OAK
Thu, Jul 28thvs SEAvs SEA
Fri, Jul 29thvs SEAvs SEA
Sat, Jul 30thvs SEAvs SEA
Sun, Jul 31stvs SEAvs SEA
Mon, Aug 1stvs BOSvs BOS
Tue, Aug 2ndvs BOSvs BOS
Wed, Aug 3rdvs BOSvs BOS
Thu, Aug 4th@ CLE@ CLE
Fri, Aug 5th@ CLE@ CLE
Sat, Aug 6th@ CLE@ CLE
Sun, Aug 7th@ CLE@ CLE
Tue, Aug 9thvs TEXvs TEX
Wed, Aug 10thvs TEXvs TEX
Thu, Aug 11thvs TEXvs TEX
Fri, Aug 12thvs OAKvs OAK
Sat, Aug 13thvs OAKvs OAK
Sun, Aug 14thvs OAKvs OAK
Mon, Aug 15th@ CWS@ CWS
Tue, Aug 16th@ CWS@ CWS
Wed, Aug 17th@ CWS@ CWS
Thu, Aug 18th@ CWS@ CWS
Fri, Aug 19th@ ATL@ ATL
Sat, Aug 20th@ ATL@ ATL
Sun, Aug 21st@ ATL@ ATL
Tue, Aug 23rdvs MINvs MIN
Wed, Aug 24thvs MINvs MIN
Thu, Aug 25thvs MINvs MIN
Fri, Aug 26thvs BALvs BAL
Sat, Aug 27thvs BALvs BAL
Sun, Aug 28thvs BALvs BAL
Tue, Aug 30th@ TEX@ TEX
Wed, Aug 31st@ TEX@ TEX
Fri, Sep 2nd@ LAA@ LAA
Sat, Sep 3rd@ LAA@ LAA
Sun, Sep 4th@ LAA@ LAA
Mon, Sep 5thvs TEXvs TEX
Tue, Sep 6thvs TEXvs TEX
Wed, Sep 7thvs TEXvs TEX
Fri, Sep 9thvs LAAvs LAA
Sat, Sep 10thvs LAAvs LAA
Sun, Sep 11thvs LAAvs LAA
Mon, Sep 12th@ DET@ DET
Tue, Sep 13th@ DET@ DET
Wed, Sep 14th@ DET@ DET
Thu, Sep 15thvs OAKvs OAK
Fri, Sep 16thvs OAKvs OAK
Sat, Sep 17thvs OAKvs OAK
Sun, Sep 18thvs OAKvs OAK
Mon, Sep 19th@ TB@ TB
Tue, Sep 20th@ TB@ TB
Wed, Sep 21st@ TB@ TB
Thu, Sep 22nd@ BAL@ BAL
Fri, Sep 23rd@ BAL@ BAL
Sat, Sep 24th@ BAL@ BAL
Sun, Sep 25th@ BAL@ BAL
Tue, Sep 27thvs ARIvs ARI
Wed, Sep 28thvs ARIvs ARI
Fri, Sep 30thvs TBvs TB
Sat, Oct 1stvs TBvs TB
Sun, Oct 2ndvs TBvs TB
Mon, Oct 3rdvs PHIvs PHI
Tue, Oct 4thvs PHIvs PHI
Wed, Oct 5thvs PHIvs PHI