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Tony Kemp for Khris Davis (2021)

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Who Should I Trade? Player Summaries
Experts' Pick
  Khris Davis
Khris Davis
Tony Kemp
Tony Kemp
Recommended by
5 of 8 experts
Recommended by
3 of 8 experts
Rest of Season# 281# 283
Home Runs00
Stolen Bases00
Batting Average.000.000
Injury Alert--
Expert Ranks 
Pierre Camus
# 184# 285
Ryan Amore
Pitcher List
# 293
Carmen Maiorano
# 213# 311
Corbin Young
# 287# 342
Chris Clegg
# 267
Joe Bond
Fantasy Six Pack
# 223
Dan Harris
# 286# 243
Mike Maher
# 291# 247
Who Should I Trade? Player Statistics
  Khris Davis
Khris Davis
Tony Kemp
Tony Kemp
2021 Stats 
At Bats102330
Home Runs38
Stolen Bases08
Caught Stealing02
Batting Average.206.279
On Base Pct.272.382
Slugging Pct.363.418
On-base Plus Slugging.635.800
Who Should I Trade? Player Projections
  Khris Davis
Khris Davis
Tony Kemp
Tony Kemp
2021 Projections 
At Bats00
Home Runs00
Stolen Bases00
Caught Stealing00
Batting Average.000.000
On Base Pct.000.000
Slugging Pct.000.000
On-base Plus Slugging.000.000
Who Should I Trade? Player Notes
  Khris Davis
Khris Davis
Tony Kemp
Tony Kemp
 Khris Davis was recalled from Triple-A Las Vegas. He hit .333/.382/.921 with 10 homers in 16 games in Triple-A.
Kamran Hoda
Wed, Sep 1st
Tony Kemp went 1-for-3 with two RBIs and one run in the Athletics 7-6 loss on Sunday against Houston.
Ari Koslow
Sun, Oct 3rd
 Free-agent designated hitter Khris Davis signed a minor-league contract with the Oakland Athletics on Wednesday.
Brad Camara
Wed, Aug 4th
Tony Kemp went 4-for-5 with two RBIs and one run in the Athletics 10-4 loss on Saturday against Houston.
Ari Koslow
Sun, Oct 3rd
 OF/DH Khris Davis has been placed on unconditional release waivers after being designated for assignment on June 8th.
Jack Mannis
Sun, Jun 13th
Tony Kemp went 1-for-4 with one RBI and one run in the Athletics 4-2 loss on Wednesday against the Mariners.
Ari Koslow
Thu, Sep 30th
 Khris Davis was designated for assignment by the Rangers on Tuesday.
Brad Camara
Tue, Jun 8th
Tony Kemp went 2-for-4 with one RBI in the Athletics 4-2 loss on Tuesday against the Mariners.
Ari Koslow
Wed, Sep 29th
 Rangers designated hitter Khris Davis went 1-for-3 with a two-run homer against the Rockies on Thursday. He also walked and struck out once each.
Andersen Pickard
Fri, Jun 4th
Tony Kemp went 3-for-4 with one RBI and one run in the Athletics 4-3 win on Sunday against Houston.
Ari Koslow
Sun, Sep 26th
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Who Should I Trade? Player Schedules
  Khris Davis
Khris Davis
Tony Kemp
Tony Kemp
Date OppOpp PitcherVBROppOpp PitcherVBR
Thu, Apr 1stvs HOUZack Greinke (11-6)vs HOUZack Greinke (11-6)
Fri, Apr 2ndvs HOUCristian Javier (4-1)vs HOUCristian Javier (4-1)
Sat, Apr 3rdvs HOULance McCullers Jr. (13-5)vs HOULance McCullers Jr. (13-5)
Sun, Apr 4thvs HOUJose Urquidy (8-3)vs HOUJose Urquidy (8-3)
Mon, Apr 5thvs LADDustin May (1-1)vs LADDustin May (1-1)
Tue, Apr 6thvs LADClayton Kershaw (10-8)vs LADClayton Kershaw (10-8)
Wed, Apr 7thvs LADTrevor Bauer (8-5)vs LADTrevor Bauer (8-5)
Thu, Apr 8th@ HOUCristian Javier (4-1)@ HOUCristian Javier (4-1)
Fri, Apr 9th@ HOULance McCullers Jr. (13-5)@ HOULance McCullers Jr. (13-5)
Sat, Apr 10th@ HOUJose Urquidy (8-3)@ HOUJose Urquidy (8-3)
Mon, Apr 12th@ ARIMadison Bumgarner (7-10)@ ARIMadison Bumgarner (7-10)
Tue, Apr 13th@ ARIZac Gallen (3-10)@ ARIZac Gallen (3-10)
Thu, Apr 15thvs DETTarik Skubal (8-12)vs DETTarik Skubal (8-12)
Fri, Apr 16thvs DETJose Urena (4-8)vs DETJose Urena (4-8)
Sat, Apr 17thvs DETCasey Mize (7-9)vs DETCasey Mize (7-9)
Sun, Apr 18thvs DETMatthew Boyd (3-8)vs DETMatthew Boyd (3-8)
Tue, Apr 20thvs MINJose Berrios (12-9)vs MINJose Berrios (12-9)
Wed, Apr 21stvs MINKenta Maeda (6-5)vs MINKenta Maeda (6-5)
Fri, Apr 23rd@ BALJorge Lopez (3-14)@ BALJorge Lopez (3-14)
Sat, Apr 24th@ BALWade LeBlanc (0-2)@ BALWade LeBlanc (0-2)
Sun, Apr 25th@ BALJohn Means (6-9)@ BALJohn Means (6-9)
Mon, Apr 26th@ TBRich Hill (7-8)@ TBRich Hill (7-8)
Tue, Apr 27th@ TBMichael Wacha (3-5)@ TBMichael Wacha (3-5)
Wed, Apr 28th@ TBTyler Glasnow (5-2)@ TBTyler Glasnow (5-2)
Thu, Apr 29th@ TBShane McClanahan (10-6)@ TBShane McClanahan (10-6)
Fri, Apr 30thvs BALJohn Means (6-9)vs BALJohn Means (6-9)
Sat, May 1stvs BALMatt Harvey (6-14)vs BALMatt Harvey (6-14)
Sun, May 2ndvs BALBruce Zimmermann (4-5)vs BALBruce Zimmermann (4-5)
Mon, May 3rdvs TORSteven Matz (14-7)vs TORSteven Matz (14-7)
Tue, May 4thvs TORAnthony Kay (1-2)vs TORAnthony Kay (1-2)
Wed, May 5thvs TORRobbie Ray (13-7)vs TORRobbie Ray (13-7)
Thu, May 6thvs TORHyun Jin Ryu (14-10)vs TORHyun Jin Ryu (14-10)
Fri, May 7thvs TBRich Hill (7-8)vs TBRich Hill (7-8)
Sat, May 8thvs TBTyler Glasnow (5-2)vs TBTyler Glasnow (5-2)
Sun, May 9thvs TBShane McClanahan (10-6)vs TBShane McClanahan (10-6)
Tue, May 11th@ BOSNathan Eovaldi (11-9)@ BOSNathan Eovaldi (11-9)
Wed, May 12th@ BOSEduardo Rodriguez (13-8)@ BOSEduardo Rodriguez (13-8)
Thu, May 13th@ BOSGarrett Richards (7-8)@ BOSGarrett Richards (7-8)
Fri, May 14th@ MINMatt Shoemaker (3-8)@ MINMatt Shoemaker (3-8)
Sat, May 15th@ MINJose Berrios (12-9)@ MINJose Berrios (12-9)
Sun, May 16th@ MINKenta Maeda (6-5)@ MINKenta Maeda (6-5)
Tue, May 18thvs HOUCristian Javier (4-1)vs HOUCristian Javier (4-1)
Wed, May 19thvs HOUZack Greinke (11-6)vs HOUZack Greinke (11-6)
Thu, May 20thvs HOULuis Garcia (11-8)vs HOULuis Garcia (11-8)
Fri, May 21st@ LAAJose Quintana (0-3)@ LAAJose Quintana (0-3)
Sat, May 22nd@ LAAPatrick Sandoval (3-6)@ LAAPatrick Sandoval (3-6)
Sun, May 23rd@ LAADylan Bundy (2-9)@ LAADylan Bundy (2-9)
Mon, May 24thvs SEAYusei Kikuchi (7-9)vs SEAYusei Kikuchi (7-9)
Tue, May 25thvs SEALogan Gilbert (6-5)vs SEALogan Gilbert (6-5)
Wed, May 26thvs SEARobert Dugger (0-2)vs SEARobert Dugger (0-2)
Thu, May 27thvs LAAPatrick Sandoval (3-6)vs LAAPatrick Sandoval (3-6)
Fri, May 28thvs LAAShohei Ohtani (9-2)vs LAAShohei Ohtani (9-2)
Sat, May 29thvs LAAAlex Cobb (8-3)vs LAAAlex Cobb (8-3)
Sun, May 30thvs LAAJose Quintana (0-3)vs LAAJose Quintana (0-3)
Mon, May 31st@ SEALogan Gilbert (6-5)@ SEALogan Gilbert (6-5)
Tue, Jun 1st@ SEAMarco Gonzales (10-6)@ SEAMarco Gonzales (10-6)
Wed, Jun 2nd@ SEAChris Flexen (14-6)@ SEAChris Flexen (14-6)
Fri, Jun 4th@ COLJon Gray (8-12)#13@ COLJon Gray (8-12)#13
Sat, Jun 5th@ COLKyle Freeland (7-8)#8@ COLKyle Freeland (7-8)#8
Sun, Jun 6th@ COLGerman Marquez (12-11)#4@ COLGerman Marquez (12-11)#4
Tue, Jun 8thvs ARIJon Duplantier (0-3)vs ARIJon Duplantier (0-3)
Wed, Jun 9thvs ARIMatt Peacock (5-7)vs ARIMatt Peacock (5-7)
Thu, Jun 10thvs KCMike Minor (8-12)vs KCMike Minor (8-12)
Fri, Jun 11thvs KCBrady Singer (5-10)vs KCBrady Singer (5-10)
Sat, Jun 12thvs KCJackson Kowar (0-6)vs KCJackson Kowar (0-6)
Sun, Jun 13thvs KCKris Bubic (6-7)vs KCKris Bubic (6-7)
Mon, Jun 14thvs LAADylan Bundy (2-9)vs LAADylan Bundy (2-9)
Tue, Jun 15thvs LAAAndrew Heaney (8-9)vs LAAAndrew Heaney (8-9)
Wed, Jun 16thvs LAAGriffin Canning (5-4)vs LAAGriffin Canning (5-4)
Fri, Jun 18th@ NYYJameson Taillon (8-6)@ NYYJameson Taillon (8-6)
Sat, Jun 19th@ NYYDomingo German (4-5)@ NYYDomingo German (4-5)
Sun, Jun 20th@ NYYJordan Montgomery (6-7)@ NYYJordan Montgomery (6-7)
Mon, Jun 21st@ TEXKyle Gibson (10-9)@ TEXKyle Gibson (10-9)
Tue, Jun 22nd@ TEXTaylor Hearn (6-6)@ TEXTaylor Hearn (6-6)
Wed, Jun 23rd@ TEXMike Foltynewicz (2-12)@ TEXMike Foltynewicz (2-12)
Thu, Jun 24th@ TEXKolby Allard (3-12)@ TEXKolby Allard (3-12)
Fri, Jun 25th@ SFJohnny Cueto (7-7)@ SFJohnny Cueto (7-7)
Sat, Jun 26th@ SFAlex Wood (10-4)@ SFAlex Wood (10-4)
Sun, Jun 27th@ SFSammy Long (2-1)@ SFSammy Long (2-1)
Tue, Jun 29thvs TEXMike Foltynewicz (2-12)vs TEXMike Foltynewicz (2-12)
Wed, Jun 30thvs TEXKolby Allard (3-12)vs TEXKolby Allard (3-12)
Thu, Jul 1stvs TEXDane Dunning (5-10)vs TEXDane Dunning (5-10)
Fri, Jul 2ndvs BOSEduardo Rodriguez (13-8)vs BOSEduardo Rodriguez (13-8)
Sat, Jul 3rdvs BOSGarrett Richards (7-8)vs BOSGarrett Richards (7-8)
Sun, Jul 4thvs BOSNick Pivetta (9-8)vs BOSNick Pivetta (9-8)
Tue, Jul 6th@ HOUFramber Valdez (11-6)@ HOUFramber Valdez (11-6)
Wed, Jul 7th@ HOULuis Garcia (11-8)@ HOULuis Garcia (11-8)
Thu, Jul 8th@ HOULance McCullers Jr. (13-5)@ HOULance McCullers Jr. (13-5)
Fri, Jul 9th@ TEXJordan Lyles (10-13)@ TEXJordan Lyles (10-13)
Sat, Jul 10th@ TEXMike Foltynewicz (2-12)@ TEXMike Foltynewicz (2-12)
Sun, Jul 11th@ TEXKolby Allard (3-12)@ TEXKolby Allard (3-12)
Fri, Jul 16thvs CLEEli Morgan (5-7)vs CLEEli Morgan (5-7)
Sat, Jul 17thvs CLECal Quantrill (8-3)vs CLECal Quantrill (8-3)
Sun, Jul 18thvs CLEZach Plesac (10-6)vs CLEZach Plesac (10-6)
Mon, Jul 19thvs LAAShohei Ohtani (9-2)vs LAAShohei Ohtani (9-2)
Tue, Jul 20thvs LAAJose Suarez (8-8)vs LAAJose Suarez (8-8)
Thu, Jul 22nd@ SEAChris Flexen (14-6)@ SEAChris Flexen (14-6)
Fri, Jul 23rd@ SEAYusei Kikuchi (7-9)@ SEAYusei Kikuchi (7-9)
Sat, Jul 24th@ SEALogan Gilbert (6-5)@ SEALogan Gilbert (6-5)
Sun, Jul 25th@ SEAMarco Gonzales (10-6)@ SEAMarco Gonzales (10-6)
Tue, Jul 27th@ SDChris Paddack (7-7)@ SDChris Paddack (7-7)
Wed, Jul 28th@ SDBlake Snell (7-6)@ SDBlake Snell (7-6)
Thu, Jul 29th@ LAADylan Bundy (2-9)@ LAADylan Bundy (2-9)
Fri, Jul 30th@ LAAPatrick Sandoval (3-6)@ LAAPatrick Sandoval (3-6)
Sat, Jul 31st@ LAAJaime Barria (2-4)@ LAAJaime Barria (2-4)
Sun, Aug 1st@ LAAReid Detmers (1-3)@ LAAReid Detmers (1-3)
Tue, Aug 3rdvs SDBlake Snell (7-6)vs SDBlake Snell (7-6)
Wed, Aug 4thvs SDJoe Musgrove (11-9)vs SDJoe Musgrove (11-9)
Fri, Aug 6thvs TEXMike Foltynewicz (2-12)vs TEXMike Foltynewicz (2-12)
Sat, Aug 7thvs TEXDrew Anderson (1-1)vs TEXDrew Anderson (1-1)
Sun, Aug 8thvs TEXJordan Lyles (10-13)vs TEXJordan Lyles (10-13)
Tue, Aug 10th@ CLETriston McKenzie (5-9)@ CLETriston McKenzie (5-9)
Wed, Aug 11th@ CLECal Quantrill (8-3)@ CLECal Quantrill (8-3)
Thu, Aug 12th@ CLEEli Morgan (5-7)@ CLEEli Morgan (5-7)
Fri, Aug 13th@ TEXDane Dunning (5-10)@ TEXDane Dunning (5-10)
Sat, Aug 14th@ TEXJordan Lyles (10-13)@ TEXJordan Lyles (10-13)
Sun, Aug 15th@ TEXKolby Allard (3-12)@ TEXKolby Allard (3-12)
Mon, Aug 16th@ CWSDallas Keuchel (9-9)@ CWSDallas Keuchel (9-9)
Tue, Aug 17th@ CWSReynaldo Lopez (4-4)@ CWSReynaldo Lopez (4-4)
Wed, Aug 18th@ CWSLance Lynn (11-6)@ CWSLance Lynn (11-6)
Thu, Aug 19th@ CWSDylan Cease (13-7)@ CWSDylan Cease (13-7)
Fri, Aug 20thvs SFAlex Wood (10-4)vs SFAlex Wood (10-4)
Sat, Aug 21stvs SFKevin Gausman (14-6)vs SFKevin Gausman (14-6)
Sun, Aug 22ndvs SFLogan Webb (11-3)vs SFLogan Webb (11-3)
Mon, Aug 23rdvs SEAMarco Gonzales (10-6)vs SEAMarco Gonzales (10-6)
Tue, Aug 24thvs SEAChris Flexen (14-6)vs SEAChris Flexen (14-6)
Thu, Aug 26thvs NYYJameson Taillon (8-6)vs NYYJameson Taillon (8-6)
Fri, Aug 27thvs NYYGerrit Cole (16-8)vs NYYGerrit Cole (16-8)
Sat, Aug 28thvs NYYNestor Cortes Jr. (2-3)vs NYYNestor Cortes Jr. (2-3)
Sun, Aug 29thvs NYYJordan Montgomery (6-7)vs NYYJordan Montgomery (6-7)
Tue, Aug 31st@ DETTarik Skubal (8-12)@ DETTarik Skubal (8-12)
Wed, Sep 1st@ DETWily Peralta (4-5)@ DETWily Peralta (4-5)
Thu, Sep 2nd@ DETMatt Manning (4-7)@ DETMatt Manning (4-7)
Fri, Sep 3rd@ TORAlek Manoah (9-2)@ TORAlek Manoah (9-2)
Sat, Sep 4th@ TORJose Berrios (12-9)@ TORJose Berrios (12-9)
Sun, Sep 5th@ TORRobbie Ray (13-7)@ TORRobbie Ray (13-7)
Tue, Sep 7thvs CWSJimmy Lambert (1-1)vs CWSJimmy Lambert (1-1)
Wed, Sep 8thvs CWSDallas Keuchel (9-9)vs CWSDallas Keuchel (9-9)
Thu, Sep 9thvs CWSReynaldo Lopez (4-4)vs CWSReynaldo Lopez (4-4)
Fri, Sep 10thvs TEXGlenn Otto (0-3)vs TEXGlenn Otto (0-3)
Sat, Sep 11thvs TEXWes Benjaminvs TEXWes Benjamin
Sun, Sep 12thvs TEXTaylor Hearn (6-6)vs TEXTaylor Hearn (6-6)
Tue, Sep 14th@ KCJackson Kowar (0-6)@ KCJackson Kowar (0-6)
Wed, Sep 15th@ KCCarlos Hernandez (6-2)@ KCCarlos Hernandez (6-2)
Thu, Sep 16th@ KCDaniel Lynch (4-6)@ KCDaniel Lynch (4-6)
Fri, Sep 17th@ LAAJhonathan Diaz (1-0)@ LAAJhonathan Diaz (1-0)
Sat, Sep 18th@ LAAJose Suarez (8-8)@ LAAJose Suarez (8-8)
Sun, Sep 19th@ LAAShohei Ohtani (9-2)@ LAAShohei Ohtani (9-2)
Mon, Sep 20thvs SEATyler Anderson (7-11)vs SEATyler Anderson (7-11)
Tue, Sep 21stvs SEAMarco Gonzales (10-6)vs SEAMarco Gonzales (10-6)
Wed, Sep 22ndvs SEAChris Flexen (14-6)vs SEAChris Flexen (14-6)
Thu, Sep 23rdvs SEAYusei Kikuchi (7-9)vs SEAYusei Kikuchi (7-9)
Fri, Sep 24thvs HOUBrandon Bielak (3-4)vs HOUBrandon Bielak (3-4)
Sat, Sep 25thvs HOUFramber Valdez (11-6)vs HOUFramber Valdez (11-6)
Sun, Sep 26thvs HOUJake Odorizzi (6-7)vs HOUJake Odorizzi (6-7)
Mon, Sep 27th@ SEAChris Flexen (14-6)@ SEAChris Flexen (14-6)
Tue, Sep 28th@ SEATyler Anderson (7-11)@ SEATyler Anderson (7-11)
Wed, Sep 29th@ SEALogan Gilbert (6-5)@ SEALogan Gilbert (6-5)
Fri, Oct 1st@ HOUFramber Valdez (11-6)@ HOUFramber Valdez (11-6)
Sat, Oct 2nd@ HOUJake Odorizzi (6-7)@ HOUJake Odorizzi (6-7)
Sun, Oct 3rd@ HOUJose Urquidy (8-3)@ HOUJose Urquidy (8-3)