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Johan Camargo for Manny Pina (2021)

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Who Should I Trade? Player Summaries
Experts' Pick
  Manny Pina
Manny Pina
Johan Camargo
Johan Camargo
Recommended by
3 of 5 experts
Recommended by
2 of 5 experts
Rest of Season# 420# 421
VBR# 22# 24
Home Runs00
Stolen Bases00
Batting Average.220.239
Injury Alert--
Expert Ranks 
Mike Maher
# 354# 388
Ryan Amore
Pitcher List
# 318
Corbin Young
# 265# 381
Pierre Camus
# 254
Carmen Maiorano
# 362# 318
Who Should I Trade? Player Statistics
  Manny Pina
Manny Pina
Johan Camargo
Johan Camargo
2021 Stats 
At Bats17916
Home Runs130
Stolen Bases00
Caught Stealing00
Batting Average.190.000
On Base Pct.295.111
Slugging Pct.441.000
On-base Plus Slugging.736.111
Who Should I Trade? Player Projections
  Manny Pina
Manny Pina
Johan Camargo
Johan Camargo
2021 Projections 
At Bats11
Home Runs00
Stolen Bases00
Caught Stealing00
Batting Average.220.239
On Base Pct.303.299
Slugging Pct.411.397
On-base Plus Slugging.714.696
Who Should I Trade? Player Notes
  Manny Pina
Manny Pina
Johan Camargo
Johan Camargo
 Catcher Manny Pina signed a two-year deal worth $8 million with the Atlanta Braves on Monday.
Ari Koslow
Mon, Nov 15th
The Atlanta Braves recalled infielder Johan Camargo from their alternate site after sending pitcher Drew Smyly to the 10-day injured list.
Corbin Young
Fri, Apr 16th
 Manny Pina went 1-for-4 with a solo home run Wednesday against the Cardinals.
Connor Rooney
Thu, Sep 30th
Johan Camargo was optioned by the Braves on Saturday, and will begin the year in the minor leagues.
Matt Flipi
Sat, Mar 27th
 Manny Pina went 2-for-3 with a walk and two solo home runs Saturday against the Cubs.
Connor Rooney
Sun, Sep 19th
Johan Camargo went 1-for-4 with a double and three strikeouts in Friday's spring game against the Twins.
Steve Painter
Fri, Mar 26th
 Manny Pina went 3-for-5 with a double, a two-run home run, three RBI and two runs scored Sunday against Cleveland.
Connor Rooney
Sun, Sep 12th
Johan Camargo went 0-for-3 Wednesday against the Orioles.
Steve Painter
Wed, Mar 17th
 Manny Pina went 3-for-6 with two home runs, six RBI, and three runs scored Thursday against the Cubs.
Connor Rooney
Thu, Aug 12th
Johan Camargo went 1-for-3 against the Twins Friday, hitting a two-run homer.
Steve Painter
Fri, Mar 12th
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Who Should I Trade? Player Schedules
  Manny Pina
Manny Pina
Johan Camargo
Johan Camargo
Date OppOpp PitcherVBROppOpp PitcherVBR
Thu, Apr 1st@ PHIAaron Nola (9-9)@ PHIAaron Nola (9-9)
Sat, Apr 3rd@ PHIZack Wheeler (14-10)@ PHIZack Wheeler (14-10)
Sun, Apr 4th@ PHIZach Eflin (4-7)@ PHIZach Eflin (4-7)
Tue, Apr 6th@ WSHMax Scherzer (15-4)@ WSHMax Scherzer (15-4)
Wed, Apr 7th@ WSHStephen Strasburg (1-2)@ WSHStephen Strasburg (1-2)
Fri, Apr 9thvs PHIZack Wheeler (14-10)vs PHIZack Wheeler (14-10)
Sat, Apr 10thvs PHIZach Eflin (4-7)vs PHIZach Eflin (4-7)
Sun, Apr 11thvs PHIMatt Moore (2-4)vs PHIMatt Moore (2-4)
Mon, Apr 12thvs MIASandy Alcantara (9-15)vs MIASandy Alcantara (9-15)
Tue, Apr 13thvs MIAPablo Lopez (5-5)vs MIAPablo Lopez (5-5)
Wed, Apr 14thvs MIANick Neidert (1-2)vs MIANick Neidert (1-2)
Thu, Apr 15thvs MIATrevor Rogers (7-8)vs MIATrevor Rogers (7-8)
Fri, Apr 16th@ CHCZach Davies (6-12)@ CHCZach Davies (6-12)
Sat, Apr 17th@ CHCTrevor Williams (4-2)@ CHCTrevor Williams (4-2)
Sun, Apr 18th@ CHCKyle Hendricks (14-7)@ CHCKyle Hendricks (14-7)
Tue, Apr 20th@ NYYJameson Taillon (8-6)@ NYYJameson Taillon (8-6)
Wed, Apr 21st@ NYYCorey Kluber (5-3)@ NYYCorey Kluber (5-3)
Fri, Apr 23rdvs ARILuke Weaver (3-6)vs ARILuke Weaver (3-6)
Sun, Apr 25thvs ARIMadison Bumgarner (7-10)vs ARIMadison Bumgarner (7-10)
Mon, Apr 26thvs CHCZach Davies (6-12)vs CHCZach Davies (6-12)
Tue, Apr 27thvs CHCTrevor Williams (4-2)vs CHCTrevor Williams (4-2)
Wed, Apr 28thvs CHCKyle Hendricks (14-7)vs CHCKyle Hendricks (14-7)
Thu, Apr 29thvs CHCAdbert Alzolay (5-13)vs CHCAdbert Alzolay (5-13)
Fri, Apr 30th@ TORRobbie Ray (13-7)@ TORRobbie Ray (13-7)
Sat, May 1st@ TORTravis Bergen@ TORTravis Bergen
Sun, May 2nd@ TORRoss Stripling (5-7)@ TORRoss Stripling (5-7)
Tue, May 4th@ WSHJoe Ross (5-9)@ WSHJoe Ross (5-9)
Wed, May 5th@ WSHErick Fedde (7-9)@ WSHErick Fedde (7-9)
Thu, May 6th@ WSHJon Lester (7-6)@ WSHJon Lester (7-6)
Fri, May 7thvs PHIZach Eflin (4-7)vs PHIZach Eflin (4-7)
Sat, May 8thvs PHIVince Velasquez (3-9)vs PHIVince Velasquez (3-9)
Sun, May 9thvs PHIAaron Nola (9-9)vs PHIAaron Nola (9-9)
Tue, May 11thvs TORRobbie Ray (13-7)vs TORRobbie Ray (13-7)
Wed, May 12thvs TORHyun Jin Ryu (14-10)vs TORHyun Jin Ryu (14-10)
Thu, May 13thvs TORRoss Stripling (5-7)vs TORRoss Stripling (5-7)
Fri, May 14th@ MILAdrian Houser (10-6)@ MILAdrian Houser (10-6)
Sat, May 15th@ MILBrett Anderson (4-9)@ MILBrett Anderson (4-9)
Sun, May 16th@ MILFreddy Peralta (10-5)@ MILFreddy Peralta (10-5)
Mon, May 17thvs NYMTaijuan Walker (7-11)vs NYMTaijuan Walker (7-11)
Tue, May 18thvs NYMMiguel Castrovs NYMMiguel Castro
Wed, May 19thvs NYMDavid Peterson (2-6)vs NYMDavid Peterson (2-6)
Thu, May 20thvs PITWil Crowe (4-8)vs PITWil Crowe (4-8)
Fri, May 21stvs PITTyler Anderson (7-11)vs PITTyler Anderson (7-11)
Sat, May 22ndvs PITMitch Keller (5-11)vs PITMitch Keller (5-11)
Sun, May 23rdvs PITJT Brubaker (5-13)vs PITJT Brubaker (5-13)
Tue, May 25th@ BOSGarrett Richards (7-8)@ BOSGarrett Richards (7-8)
Wed, May 26th@ BOSNick Pivetta (9-8)@ BOSNick Pivetta (9-8)
Sat, May 29th@ NYMTaijuan Walker (7-11)@ NYMTaijuan Walker (7-11)
Mon, May 31stvs WSHJoe Ross (5-9)vs WSHJoe Ross (5-9)
Tue, Jun 1stvs WSHStephen Strasburg (1-2)vs WSHStephen Strasburg (1-2)
Wed, Jun 2ndvs WSHJon Lester (7-6)vs WSHJon Lester (7-6)
Thu, Jun 3rdvs WSHPatrick Corbin (9-16)vs WSHPatrick Corbin (9-16)
Fri, Jun 4thvs LADJulio Urias (19-3)vs LADJulio Urias (19-3)
Sat, Jun 5thvs LADClayton Kershaw (10-8)vs LADClayton Kershaw (10-8)
Sun, Jun 6thvs LADTrevor Bauer (8-5)vs LADTrevor Bauer (8-5)
Tue, Jun 8th@ PHIAaron Nola (9-9)@ PHIAaron Nola (9-9)
Wed, Jun 9th@ PHIZach Eflin (4-7)@ PHIZach Eflin (4-7)
Thu, Jun 10th@ PHIZack Wheeler (14-10)@ PHIZack Wheeler (14-10)
Fri, Jun 11th@ MIASandy Alcantara (9-15)@ MIASandy Alcantara (9-15)
Sat, Jun 12th@ MIAZach Thompson (3-7)@ MIAZach Thompson (3-7)
Sun, Jun 13th@ MIAPablo Lopez (5-5)@ MIAPablo Lopez (5-5)
Tue, Jun 15thvs BOSEduardo Rodriguez (13-8)vs BOSEduardo Rodriguez (13-8)
Wed, Jun 16thvs BOSGarrett Richards (7-8)vs BOSGarrett Richards (7-8)
Thu, Jun 17thvs STLJohn Gant (5-11)vs STLJohn Gant (5-11)
Fri, Jun 18thvs STLCarlos Martinez (4-9)vs STLCarlos Martinez (4-9)
Sun, Jun 20thvs STLKwang Hyun Kim (7-7)vs STLKwang Hyun Kim (7-7)
Mon, Jun 21st@ NYMJerad Eickhoff (0-2)@ NYMJerad Eickhoff (0-2)
Tue, Jun 22nd@ NYMMarcus Stroman (10-13)@ NYMMarcus Stroman (10-13)
Wed, Jun 23rd@ NYMTylor Megill (4-6)@ NYMTylor Megill (4-6)
Thu, Jun 24th@ CINTony Santillan (1-3)@ CINTony Santillan (1-3)
Fri, Jun 25th@ CINVladimir Gutierrez (9-6)@ CINVladimir Gutierrez (9-6)
Sat, Jun 26th@ CINLuis Castillo (8-16)@ CINLuis Castillo (8-16)
Sun, Jun 27th@ CINTyler Mahle (13-6)@ CINTyler Mahle (13-6)
Tue, Jun 29thvs NYMTylor Megill (4-6)vs NYMTylor Megill (4-6)
Wed, Jun 30thvs NYMDavid Peterson (2-6)vs NYMDavid Peterson (2-6)
Thu, Jul 1stvs NYMJacob deGrom (7-2)vs NYMJacob deGrom (7-2)
Fri, Jul 2ndvs MIAPablo Lopez (5-5)vs MIAPablo Lopez (5-5)
Sat, Jul 3rdvs MIASandy Alcantara (9-15)vs MIASandy Alcantara (9-15)
Sun, Jul 4thvs MIAZach Thompson (3-7)vs MIAZach Thompson (3-7)
Mon, Jul 5th@ PITChase De Jong (1-4)@ PITChase De Jong (1-4)
Tue, Jul 6th@ PITChad Kuhl (5-7)@ PITChad Kuhl (5-7)
Wed, Jul 7th@ PITWil Crowe (4-8)@ PITWil Crowe (4-8)
Fri, Jul 9th@ MIAAnthony Bass@ MIAAnthony Bass
Sat, Jul 10th@ MIATrevor Rogers (7-8)@ MIATrevor Rogers (7-8)
Sun, Jul 11th@ MIAPablo Lopez (5-5)@ MIAPablo Lopez (5-5)
Fri, Jul 16thvs TBMichael Wacha (3-5)vs TBMichael Wacha (3-5)
Sat, Jul 17thvs TBJosh Fleming (10-8)vs TBJosh Fleming (10-8)
Sun, Jul 18thvs TBRich Hill (7-8)vs TBRich Hill (7-8)
Tue, Jul 20thvs SDYu Darvish (8-11)vs SDYu Darvish (8-11)
Wed, Jul 21stvs SDChris Paddack (7-7)vs SDChris Paddack (7-7)
Thu, Jul 22nd@ PHIMatt Moore (2-4)@ PHIMatt Moore (2-4)
Fri, Jul 23rd@ PHIZack Wheeler (14-10)@ PHIZack Wheeler (14-10)
Sat, Jul 24th@ PHIVince Velasquez (3-9)@ PHIVince Velasquez (3-9)
Sun, Jul 25th@ PHIAaron Nola (9-9)@ PHIAaron Nola (9-9)
Mon, Jul 26th@ NYMAaron Loup@ NYMAaron Loup
Tue, Jul 27th@ NYMJerad Eickhoff (0-2)@ NYMJerad Eickhoff (0-2)
Wed, Jul 28th@ NYMTylor Megill (4-6)@ NYMTylor Megill (4-6)
Thu, Jul 29th@ NYMTaijuan Walker (7-11)@ NYMTaijuan Walker (7-11)
Fri, Jul 30thvs MILCorbin Burnes (11-4)vs MILCorbin Burnes (11-4)
Sat, Jul 31stvs MILBrandon Woodruff (9-10)vs MILBrandon Woodruff (9-10)
Sun, Aug 1stvs MILBrett Anderson (4-9)vs MILBrett Anderson (4-9)
Tue, Aug 3rd@ STLJon Lester (7-6)@ STLJon Lester (7-6)
Wed, Aug 4th@ STLJ.A. Happ (10-8)@ STLJ.A. Happ (10-8)
Thu, Aug 5th@ STLWade LeBlanc (0-2)@ STLWade LeBlanc (0-2)
Fri, Aug 6thvs WSHErick Fedde (7-9)vs WSHErick Fedde (7-9)
Sat, Aug 7thvs WSHJosiah Gray (2-2)vs WSHJosiah Gray (2-2)
Sun, Aug 8thvs WSHPatrick Corbin (9-16)vs WSHPatrick Corbin (9-16)
Tue, Aug 10thvs CINSonny Gray (7-9)vs CINSonny Gray (7-9)
Wed, Aug 11thvs CINWade Miley (12-7)vs CINWade Miley (12-7)
Thu, Aug 12thvs CINVladimir Gutierrez (9-6)vs CINVladimir Gutierrez (9-6)
Fri, Aug 13th@ WSHJosiah Gray (2-2)@ WSHJosiah Gray (2-2)
Sat, Aug 14th@ WSHPatrick Corbin (9-16)@ WSHPatrick Corbin (9-16)
Sun, Aug 15th@ WSHPaolo Espino (5-5)@ WSHPaolo Espino (5-5)
Mon, Aug 16th@ MIABraxton Garrett (1-2)@ MIABraxton Garrett (1-2)
Tue, Aug 17th@ MIASandy Alcantara (9-15)@ MIASandy Alcantara (9-15)
Wed, Aug 18th@ MIAJesus Luzardo (6-9)@ MIAJesus Luzardo (6-9)
Fri, Aug 20th@ BALKeegan Akin (2-10)@ BALKeegan Akin (2-10)
Sat, Aug 21st@ BALMatt Harvey (6-14)@ BALMatt Harvey (6-14)
Sun, Aug 22nd@ BALJohn Means (6-9)@ BALJohn Means (6-9)
Mon, Aug 23rdvs NYYJordan Montgomery (6-7)vs NYYJordan Montgomery (6-7)
Tue, Aug 24thvs NYYAndrew Heaney (8-9)vs NYYAndrew Heaney (8-9)
Fri, Aug 27thvs SFKevin Gausman (14-6)vs SFKevin Gausman (14-6)
Sat, Aug 28thvs SFLogan Webb (11-3)vs SFLogan Webb (11-3)
Sun, Aug 29thvs SFAnthony DeSclafani (13-7)vs SFAnthony DeSclafani (13-7)
Mon, Aug 30th@ LADJulio Urias (19-3)@ LADJulio Urias (19-3)
Tue, Aug 31st@ LADWalker Buehler (16-4)@ LADWalker Buehler (16-4)
Wed, Sep 1st@ LADMax Scherzer (15-4)@ LADMax Scherzer (15-4)
Thu, Sep 2nd@ COLChi Chi Gonzalez (3-7)@ COLChi Chi Gonzalez (3-7)
Fri, Sep 3rd@ COLAntonio Senzatela (4-9)#7@ COLAntonio Senzatela (4-9)#7
Sat, Sep 4th@ COLGerman Marquez (12-11)#4@ COLGerman Marquez (12-11)#4
Sun, Sep 5th@ COLRyan Feltner (0-1)@ COLRyan Feltner (0-1)
Tue, Sep 7thvs WSHPaolo Espino (5-5)vs WSHPaolo Espino (5-5)
Wed, Sep 8thvs WSHSean Nolin (0-2)vs WSHSean Nolin (0-2)
Thu, Sep 9thvs WSHErick Fedde (7-9)vs WSHErick Fedde (7-9)
Fri, Sep 10thvs MIATrevor Rogers (7-8)vs MIATrevor Rogers (7-8)
Sat, Sep 11thvs MIAElieser Hernandez (1-3)vs MIAElieser Hernandez (1-3)
Sun, Sep 12thvs MIAEdward Cabrera (0-3)vs MIAEdward Cabrera (0-3)
Tue, Sep 14thvs COLJon Gray (8-12)vs COLJon Gray (8-12)
Wed, Sep 15thvs COLAntonio Senzatela (4-9)#7vs COLAntonio Senzatela (4-9)#7
Fri, Sep 17th@ SFLogan Webb (11-3)@ SFLogan Webb (11-3)
Sat, Sep 18th@ SFAlex Wood (10-4)@ SFAlex Wood (10-4)
Sun, Sep 19th@ SFAnthony DeSclafani (13-7)@ SFAnthony DeSclafani (13-7)
Mon, Sep 20th@ ARIHumberto Mejia (0-3)@ ARIHumberto Mejia (0-3)
Tue, Sep 21st@ ARILuke Weaver (3-6)@ ARILuke Weaver (3-6)
Wed, Sep 22nd@ ARIMerrill Kelly (7-11)@ ARIMerrill Kelly (7-11)
Thu, Sep 23rd@ ARIMadison Bumgarner (7-10)@ ARIMadison Bumgarner (7-10)
Fri, Sep 24th@ SDReiss Knehr (1-2)@ SDReiss Knehr (1-2)
Sat, Sep 25th@ SDVince Velasquez (3-9)@ SDVince Velasquez (3-9)
Sun, Sep 26th@ SDJoe Musgrove (11-9)@ SDJoe Musgrove (11-9)
Tue, Sep 28thvs PHIZack Wheeler (14-10)vs PHIZack Wheeler (14-10)
Wed, Sep 29thvs PHIAaron Nola (9-9)vs PHIAaron Nola (9-9)
Thu, Sep 30thvs PHIKyle Gibson (10-9)vs PHIKyle Gibson (10-9)
Fri, Oct 1stvs NYMTylor Megill (4-6)vs NYMTylor Megill (4-6)
Sat, Oct 2ndvs NYMCarlos Carrasco (1-5)vs NYMCarlos Carrasco (1-5)
Sun, Oct 3rdvs NYMNoah Syndergaard (0-1)vs NYMNoah Syndergaard (0-1)