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Kevin Pillar for Austin Barnes (2022)

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Who Should I Trade? Player Summaries
Experts' Pick
Experts' Pick
  Kevin Pillar
Kevin Pillar
Austin Barnes
Austin Barnes
Recommended by
1 of 2 experts
Recommended by
1 of 2 experts
Rest of Season# 371
VBR# 1199
Home Runs3
Stolen Bases1
Batting Average.217
Injury AlertIL60-
Expert Ranks 
Pierre Camus
# 298
Mike Maher
# 318# 336
Who Should I Trade? Player Statistics
  Kevin Pillar
Kevin Pillar
Austin Barnes
Austin Barnes
2022 Stats 
At Bats1269
Home Runs04
Stolen Bases00
Caught Stealing00
Batting Average.083.188
On Base Pct.154.329
Slugging Pct.167.391
On-base Plus Slugging.321.721
Who Should I Trade? Player Projections
  Kevin Pillar
Kevin Pillar
Austin Barnes
Austin Barnes
2022 Projections 
At Bats101
Home Runs3
Stolen Bases1
Caught Stealing0
Batting Average.217
On Base Pct.307
Slugging Pct.358
On-base Plus Slugging.665
Who Should I Trade? Player Notes
  Kevin Pillar
Kevin Pillar
Austin Barnes
Austin Barnes
 Dodgers OF Kevin Pillar was moved to the 60-day IL Friday as he continues to recover from a left shoulder fracture.
Jesse Garcia
Sat, Jun 4th
Los Angeles Dodgers DH Austin Barnes went 1-for-1 at the plate on Saturday, hitting a solo homer in the Dodgers' 7-4 win over the Phillies.
Josh Thiessen
Sun, May 22nd
 Kevin Pillar was placed on the injured list Thursday with a left shoulder fracture.
Ari Koslow
Thu, Jun 2nd
Los Angeles Dodgers C Austin Barnes went 3-for-4 at the plate on Friday, hitting a double along with two singles, and walking once in the Dodgers' 12-10 loss to the Phillies.
Josh Thiessen
Sat, May 14th
 Los Angeles Dodgers LF Kevin Pillar went 0-for-3 at the plate on Sunday, striking out once in the Dodgers' 3-1 win over the Diamondbacks.
Josh Thiessen
Sun, May 29th
Los Angeles Dodgers C Austin Barnes went 2-for-4 at the plate in Game 1 on Saturday, hitting a solo homer and a 3-run RBI single in the Dodgers' 7-0 win over the Cubs.
Josh Thiessen
Sun, May 8th
 The Dodgers have signed Kevin Pillar to a minor-league deal with an invite to Major League camp.
Kelly Kirby
Tue, Mar 22nd
Austin Barnes went 1-for-4 with a solo home run in Wednesday's 7-0 win over the Twins.
Diego Sandoval
Wed, Apr 13th
  Dodgers catcher Austin Barnes collected two hits Saturday night, including a solo home run in the Dodgers' 3-2 loss to the Rockies.
Chris Schommer
Sun, Apr 10th
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Who Should I Trade? Player Schedules
  Kevin Pillar
Kevin Pillar
Austin Barnes
Austin Barnes
Date OppOpp PitcherVBROppOpp PitcherVBR
Fri, Apr 8th@ COLKyle Freeland (3-5)#247@ COLKyle Freeland (3-5)#247
Sat, Apr 9th@ COLGerman Marquez (3-5)#105@ COLGerman Marquez (3-5)#105
Sun, Apr 10th@ COLAntonio Senzatela (3-3)#233@ COLAntonio Senzatela (3-3)#233
Tue, Apr 12th@ MINChris Archer (1-3)#137@ MINChris Archer (1-3)#137
Wed, Apr 13th@ MINChris Paddack (1-2)@ MINChris Paddack (1-2)
Thu, Apr 14thvs CINLuis Cessavs CINLuis Cessa
Fri, Apr 15thvs CINVladimir Gutierrez (1-6)#384vs CINVladimir Gutierrez (1-6)#384
Sat, Apr 16thvs CINHunter Greene (3-8)#107vs CINHunter Greene (3-8)#107
Sun, Apr 17thvs CINTyler Mahle (2-6)#46vs CINTyler Mahle (2-6)#46
Mon, Apr 18thvs ATLHuascar Ynoa (0-2)#106vs ATLHuascar Ynoa (0-2)#106
Tue, Apr 19thvs ATLMax Fried (7-2)#13vs ATLMax Fried (7-2)#13
Wed, Apr 20thvs ATLCharlie Morton (4-3)#66vs ATLCharlie Morton (4-3)#66
Fri, Apr 22nd@ SDNick Martinez (2-3)#146@ SDNick Martinez (2-3)#146
Sat, Apr 23rd@ SDYu Darvish (7-3)#28@ SDYu Darvish (7-3)#28
Sun, Apr 24th@ SDSean Manaea (3-3)#29@ SDSean Manaea (3-3)#29
Mon, Apr 25th@ ARIMerrill Kelly (6-4)#115@ ARIMerrill Kelly (6-4)#115
Tue, Apr 26th@ ARIZach Davies (2-4)#186@ ARIZach Davies (2-4)#186
Wed, Apr 27th@ ARIZac Gallen (4-2)#42@ ARIZac Gallen (4-2)#42
Fri, Apr 29thvs DETTyler Alexander (0-3)#216vs DETTyler Alexander (0-3)#216
Sat, Apr 30thvs DETBeau Brieske (1-6)#217vs DETBeau Brieske (1-6)#217
Sun, May 1stvs DETEduardo Rodriguez (1-3)#38vs DETEduardo Rodriguez (1-3)#38
Tue, May 3rdvs SFCarlos Rodon (6-4)#21vs SFCarlos Rodon (6-4)#21
Wed, May 4thvs SFAlex Wood (5-6)#49vs SFAlex Wood (5-6)#49
Sat, May 7th@ CHCDaniel Norris@ CHCDaniel Norris
Sun, May 8th@ CHCJustin Steele (2-5)#164@ CHCJustin Steele (2-5)#164
Mon, May 9th@ PITJose Quintana (1-4)#125@ PITJose Quintana (1-4)#125
Tue, May 10th@ PITBryse Wilson (0-4)#380@ PITBryse Wilson (0-4)#380
Wed, May 11th@ PITDillon Peters (4-2)#208@ PITDillon Peters (4-2)#208
Thu, May 12thvs PHIZack Wheeler (6-4)#11vs PHIZack Wheeler (6-4)#11
Fri, May 13thvs PHIKyle Gibson (4-3)#99vs PHIKyle Gibson (4-3)#99
Sat, May 14thvs PHIRanger Suarez (6-4)#81vs PHIRanger Suarez (6-4)#81
Sun, May 15thvs PHIAaron Nola (4-4)#6vs PHIAaron Nola (4-4)#6
Mon, May 16thvs ARIMadison Bumgarner (3-7)#119vs ARIMadison Bumgarner (3-7)#119
Tue, May 17thvs ARIMerrill Kelly (6-4)#115vs ARIMerrill Kelly (6-4)#115
Wed, May 18thvs ARIZach Davies (2-4)#186vs ARIZach Davies (2-4)#186
Fri, May 20th@ PHIRanger Suarez (6-4)#81@ PHIRanger Suarez (6-4)#81
Sat, May 21st@ PHIAaron Nola (4-4)#6@ PHIAaron Nola (4-4)#6
Sun, May 22nd@ PHIZach Eflin (2-5)#65@ PHIZach Eflin (2-5)#65
Mon, May 23rd@ WSHJoan Adon (1-11)#383@ WSHJoan Adon (1-11)#383
Tue, May 24th@ WSHJosiah Gray (6-4)#135@ WSHJosiah Gray (6-4)#135
Wed, May 25th@ WSHErick Fedde (5-5)#209@ WSHErick Fedde (5-5)#209
Thu, May 26th@ ARIHumberto Castellanos (3-2)#232@ ARIHumberto Castellanos (3-2)#232
Fri, May 27th@ ARIMadison Bumgarner (3-7)#119@ ARIMadison Bumgarner (3-7)#119
Sat, May 28th@ ARIMerrill Kelly (6-4)#115@ ARIMerrill Kelly (6-4)#115
Sun, May 29th@ ARIZach Davies (2-4)#186@ ARIZach Davies (2-4)#186
Mon, May 30thvs PITZach Thompson (3-5)#157vs PITZach Thompson (3-5)#157
Tue, May 31stvs PITMitch Keller (2-5)#204vs PITMitch Keller (2-5)#204
Wed, Jun 1stvs PITJose Quintana (1-4)#125vs PITJose Quintana (1-4)#125
Thu, Jun 2ndvs NYMTaijuan Walker (5-2)#101vs NYMTaijuan Walker (5-2)#101
Fri, Jun 3rdvs NYMChris Bassitt (5-5)#31vs NYMChris Bassitt (5-5)#31
Sat, Jun 4thvs NYMDavid Peterson (4-1)#148vs NYMDavid Peterson (4-1)#148
Sun, Jun 5thvs NYMTrevor Williams (1-4)#173vs NYMTrevor Williams (1-4)#173
Tue, Jun 7th@ CWSMichael Kopech (2-3)#33@ CWSMichael Kopech (2-3)#33
Wed, Jun 8th@ CWSJohnny Cueto (1-4)#191@ CWSJohnny Cueto (1-4)#191
Thu, Jun 9th@ CWSDylan Cease (5-3)#22@ CWSDylan Cease (5-3)#22
Fri, Jun 10th@ SFJakob Junis (4-1)#111@ SFJakob Junis (4-1)#111
Sat, Jun 11th@ SFSam Long (0-1)#290@ SFSam Long (0-1)#290
Sun, Jun 12th@ SFCarlos Rodon (6-4)#21@ SFCarlos Rodon (6-4)#21
Tue, Jun 14thvs LAANoah Syndergaard (4-6)#80vs LAANoah Syndergaard (4-6)#80
Wed, Jun 15thvs LAAReid Detmers (2-3)#96vs LAAReid Detmers (2-3)#96
Fri, Jun 17thvs CLEZach Plesac (2-5)#116vs CLEZach Plesac (2-5)#116
Sat, Jun 18thvs CLECal Quantrill (4-4)#77vs CLECal Quantrill (4-4)#77
Sun, Jun 19thvs CLEShane Bieber (3-3)#5vs CLEShane Bieber (3-3)#5
Tue, Jun 21st@ CINTyler Mahle (2-6)#46@ CINTyler Mahle (2-6)#46
Wed, Jun 22nd@ CINLuis Castillo (2-4)#44@ CINLuis Castillo (2-4)#44
Thu, Jun 23rd@ CINHunter Greene (3-8)#107@ CINHunter Greene (3-8)#107
Fri, Jun 24th@ ATLIan Anderson (6-3)#90@ ATLIan Anderson (6-3)#90
Sat, Jun 25th@ ATLMax Fried (7-2)#13@ ATLMax Fried (7-2)#13
Sun, Jun 26th@ ATLSpencer Strider (3-2)#114@ ATLSpencer Strider (3-2)#114
Mon, Jun 27th@ COLChad Kuhl (4-5)#275@ COLChad Kuhl (4-5)#275
Tue, Jun 28th@ COLKyle Freeland (3-5)#247@ COLKyle Freeland (3-5)#247
Wed, Jun 29th@ COLGerman Marquez (3-5)#105@ COLGerman Marquez (3-5)#105
Thu, Jun 30thvs SDJoe Musgrove (8-1)#8vs SDJoe Musgrove (8-1)#8
Fri, Jul 1stvs SDMacKenzie Gore (4-3)#95vs SDMacKenzie Gore (4-3)#95
Sat, Jul 2ndvs SDBlake Snell (0-4)#63vs SDBlake Snell (0-4)#63
Sun, Jul 3rdvs SDYu Darvish (7-3)#28vs SDYu Darvish (7-3)#28
Mon, Jul 4thvs COLvs COL
Tue, Jul 5thvs COLvs COL
Wed, Jul 6thvs COLvs COL
Thu, Jul 7thvs CHCvs CHC
Fri, Jul 8thvs CHCvs CHC
Sat, Jul 9thvs CHCvs CHC
Sun, Jul 10thvs CHCvs CHC
Tue, Jul 12th@ STL@ STL
Wed, Jul 13th@ STL@ STL
Thu, Jul 14th@ STL@ STL
Fri, Jul 15th@ LAA@ LAA
Sat, Jul 16th@ LAA@ LAA
Thu, Jul 21stvs SFvs SF
Fri, Jul 22ndvs SFvs SF
Sat, Jul 23rdvs SFvs SF
Sun, Jul 24thvs SFvs SF
Mon, Jul 25thvs WSHvs WSH
Tue, Jul 26thvs WSHvs WSH
Wed, Jul 27thvs WSHvs WSH
Thu, Jul 28th@ COL@ COL
Fri, Jul 29th@ COL@ COL
Sat, Jul 30th@ COL@ COL
Sun, Jul 31st@ COL@ COL
Mon, Aug 1st@ SF@ SF
Tue, Aug 2nd@ SF@ SF
Wed, Aug 3rd@ SF@ SF
Thu, Aug 4th@ SF@ SF
Fri, Aug 5thvs SDvs SD
Sat, Aug 6thvs SDvs SD
Sun, Aug 7thvs SDvs SD
Tue, Aug 9thvs MINvs MIN
Wed, Aug 10thvs MINvs MIN
Fri, Aug 12th@ KC@ KC
Sat, Aug 13th@ KC@ KC
Sun, Aug 14th@ KC@ KC
Mon, Aug 15th@ MIL@ MIL
Tue, Aug 16th@ MIL@ MIL
Wed, Aug 17th@ MIL@ MIL
Thu, Aug 18th@ MIL@ MIL
Fri, Aug 19thvs MIAvs MIA
Sat, Aug 20thvs MIAvs MIA
Sun, Aug 21stvs MIAvs MIA
Mon, Aug 22ndvs MILvs MIL
Tue, Aug 23rdvs MILvs MIL
Wed, Aug 24thvs MILvs MIL
Fri, Aug 26th@ MIA@ MIA
Sat, Aug 27th@ MIA@ MIA
Sun, Aug 28th@ MIA@ MIA
Mon, Aug 29th@ MIA@ MIA
Tue, Aug 30th@ NYM@ NYM
Wed, Aug 31st@ NYM@ NYM
Thu, Sep 1st@ NYM@ NYM
Fri, Sep 2ndvs SDvs SD
Sat, Sep 3rdvs SDvs SD
Sun, Sep 4thvs SDvs SD
Mon, Sep 5thvs SFvs SF
Tue, Sep 6thvs SFvs SF
Wed, Sep 7thvs SFvs SF
Fri, Sep 9th@ SD@ SD
Sat, Sep 10th@ SD@ SD
Sun, Sep 11th@ SD@ SD
Mon, Sep 12th@ ARI@ ARI
Tue, Sep 13th@ ARI@ ARI
Wed, Sep 14th@ ARI@ ARI
Fri, Sep 16th@ SF@ SF
Sat, Sep 17th@ SF@ SF
Sun, Sep 18th@ SF@ SF
Mon, Sep 19thvs ARIvs ARI
Tue, Sep 20thvs ARIvs ARI
Wed, Sep 21stvs ARIvs ARI
Thu, Sep 22ndvs ARIvs ARI
Fri, Sep 23rdvs STLvs STL
Sat, Sep 24thvs STLvs STL
Sun, Sep 25thvs STLvs STL
Tue, Sep 27th@ SD@ SD
Wed, Sep 28th@ SD@ SD
Thu, Sep 29th@ SD@ SD
Fri, Sep 30thvs COLvs COL
Sat, Oct 1stvs COLvs COL
Sun, Oct 2ndvs COLvs COL
Mon, Oct 3rdvs COLvs COL
Tue, Oct 4thvs COLvs COL
Wed, Oct 5thvs COLvs COL