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Who Should I Trade?

LaMonte Wade Jr. for Wilmer Flores (2022)

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Who Should I Trade? Player Summaries
Experts' Pick
  Wilmer Flores
1B,2B,3B,DH - SF
Wilmer Flores
LaMonte Wade Jr.
LaMonte Wade Jr.
Recommended by
7 of 9 experts
Recommended by
2 of 9 experts
Rest of Season# 203# 269
VBR# 159# 320
Home Runs119
Stolen Bases03
Batting Average.259.239
Injury Alert-IL10
Expert Ranks 
Nick Pollack
Pitcher List
# 140
Pierre Camus
# 282# 292
Andrew Seifter
# 161
Bart Wheeler
Hail to Fantasy Football
# 189
Mick Ciallela
# 211# 237
Nate Miller
Fantasy Six Pack
# 205
Scott Youngson
Pitcher List
# 108# 250
Mike Maher
# 233# 208
Ryan Amore
Pitcher List
# 235
Who Should I Trade? Player Statistics
  Wilmer Flores
1B,2B,3B,DH - SF
Wilmer Flores
LaMonte Wade Jr.
LaMonte Wade Jr.
2022 Stats 
At Bats23725
Home Runs91
Stolen Bases00
Caught Stealing00
Batting Average.249.240
On Base Pct.320.375
Slugging Pct.418.360
On-base Plus Slugging.737.735
Who Should I Trade? Player Projections
  Wilmer Flores
1B,2B,3B,DH - SF
Wilmer Flores
LaMonte Wade Jr.
LaMonte Wade Jr.
2022 Projections 
At Bats272212
Home Runs119
Stolen Bases03
Caught Stealing01
Batting Average.259.239
On Base Pct.324.332
Slugging Pct.433.415
On-base Plus Slugging.758.747
Who Should I Trade? Player Notes
  Wilmer Flores
1B,2B,3B,DH - SF
Wilmer Flores
LaMonte Wade Jr.
LaMonte Wade Jr.
 Wilmer Flores went 2-for-4 with a three-run home run, a double and another run scored in Saturday's 9-2 win over the Reds.
Diego Sandoval
Sat, Jun 25th
LaMonte Wade Jr. has left hamstring tightness, which has kept him from starting his rehab assignment.
Ari Koslow
Fri, Jun 10th
 Wilmer Flores went 2-for-3 with two singles, two RBIs and a run scored in Tuesday's 12-10 win over the Braves.
Diego Sandoval
Wed, Jun 22nd
LaMonte Wade Jr. is likely to start a rehab assignment on Thursday with Triple-A Sacramento. He is currently getting close to the end of his treatment for his inflamed left knee.
Jesse Garcia
Tue, Jun 7th
 Wilmer Flores went 2-for-5 with a solo home run and a single in Saturday's 7-5 win over the Pirates.
Diego Sandoval
Sun, Jun 19th
LaMonte Wade Jr. went 2-for-5 with two singles in Saturday's 4-0 loss to the Cardinals.
Diego Sandoval
Sat, May 14th
 Wilmer Flores went 1-for-2 with an RBI single, two walks and a run scored in Tuesday's 4-2 win over the Royals.
Diego Sandoval
Wed, Jun 15th
LaMonte Wade Jr. went 3-for-4 with three singles, a walk and an RBI in Wednesday's 7-1 win over the Rockies.
Diego Sandoval
Wed, May 11th
 Wilmer Flores went 3-for-4 with a two-run home run in Tuesday's 5-3 loss to the Rockies.
Diego Sandoval
Wed, Jun 8th
LaMonte Wade Jr. went 0-for-4 with an RBI sacrifice fly, an RBI groundout and a run scored in Tuesday's 9-2 win over the Rockies.
Diego Sandoval
Wed, May 11th
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Who Should I Trade? Player Schedules
  Wilmer Flores
1B,2B,3B,DH - SF
Wilmer Flores
LaMonte Wade Jr.
LaMonte Wade Jr.
Date OppOpp PitcherVBROppOpp PitcherVBR
Fri, Apr 8thvs MIASandy Alcantara (7-3)#1vs MIASandy Alcantara (7-3)#1
Sat, Apr 9thvs MIAPablo Lopez (5-3)#18vs MIAPablo Lopez (5-3)#18
Sun, Apr 10thvs MIATrevor Rogers (3-6)#75vs MIATrevor Rogers (3-6)#75
Mon, Apr 11thvs SDNick Martinez (2-3)#140vs SDNick Martinez (2-3)#140
Tue, Apr 12thvs SDYu Darvish (7-3)#29vs SDYu Darvish (7-3)#29
Wed, Apr 13thvs SDSean Manaea (3-3)#28vs SDSean Manaea (3-3)#28
Fri, Apr 15th@ CLEZach Plesac (2-5)#105@ CLEZach Plesac (2-5)#105
Sat, Apr 16th@ CLECal Quantrill (4-4)#81@ CLECal Quantrill (4-4)#81
Sun, Apr 17th@ CLEAaron Civale (2-3)#171@ CLEAaron Civale (2-3)#171
Tue, Apr 19th@ NYMMax Scherzer (5-1)#128@ NYMMax Scherzer (5-1)#128
Wed, Apr 20th@ NYMChris Bassitt (6-5)#26@ NYMChris Bassitt (6-5)#26
Thu, Apr 21st@ NYMCarlos Carrasco (8-3)#67@ NYMCarlos Carrasco (8-3)#67
Fri, Apr 22nd@ WSHPatrick Corbin (3-10)#136@ WSHPatrick Corbin (3-10)#136
Sat, Apr 23rd@ WSHAaron Sanchez (3-3)#384@ WSHAaron Sanchez (3-3)#384
Sun, Apr 24th@ WSHJoan Adon (1-11)#386@ WSHJoan Adon (1-11)#386
Mon, Apr 25th@ MILCorbin Burnes (6-4)#3@ MILCorbin Burnes (6-4)#3
Tue, Apr 26thvs OAKDaulton Jefferies (1-7)vs OAKDaulton Jefferies (1-7)
Wed, Apr 27thvs OAKPaul Blackburn (6-3)#7vs OAKPaul Blackburn (6-3)#7
Fri, Apr 29thvs WSHAaron Sanchez (3-3)#384vs WSHAaron Sanchez (3-3)#384
Sat, Apr 30thvs WSHJoan Adon (1-11)#386vs WSHJoan Adon (1-11)#386
Sun, May 1stvs WSHJosiah Gray (6-4)#84vs WSHJosiah Gray (6-4)#84
Tue, May 3rd@ LADJulio Urias (5-6)#14@ LADJulio Urias (5-6)#14
Wed, May 4th@ LADTony Gonsolin (9-0)#22@ LADTony Gonsolin (9-0)#22
Thu, May 5thvs STLMiles Mikolas (5-5)#44vs STLMiles Mikolas (5-5)#44
Fri, May 6thvs STLJordan Hicks (1-4)#193vs STLJordan Hicks (1-4)#193
Sat, May 7thvs STLSteven Matz (3-3)#86vs STLSteven Matz (3-3)#86
Sun, May 8thvs STLDakota Hudson (5-4)#97vs STLDakota Hudson (5-4)#97
Mon, May 9thvs COLAustin Gomber (3-7)#186vs COLAustin Gomber (3-7)#186
Tue, May 10thvs COLAntonio Senzatela (3-4)#308vs COLAntonio Senzatela (3-4)#308
Wed, May 11thvs COLChad Kuhl (4-5)#263vs COLChad Kuhl (4-5)#263
Fri, May 13th@ STLJordan Hicks (1-4)#193@ STLJordan Hicks (1-4)#193
Sat, May 14th@ STLDakota Hudson (5-4)#97@ STLDakota Hudson (5-4)#97
Sun, May 15th@ STLAdam Wainwright (5-5)#40@ STLAdam Wainwright (5-5)#40
Mon, May 16th@ COLAntonio Senzatela (3-4)#308@ COLAntonio Senzatela (3-4)#308
Tue, May 17th@ COLChad Kuhl (4-5)#263@ COLChad Kuhl (4-5)#263
Wed, May 18th@ COLKyle Freeland (3-5)#168@ COLKyle Freeland (3-5)#168
Fri, May 20thvs SDSean Manaea (3-3)#28vs SDSean Manaea (3-3)#28
Sat, May 21stvs SDJoe Musgrove (8-1)#11vs SDJoe Musgrove (8-1)#11
Sun, May 22ndvs SDMacKenzie Gore (4-3)#116vs SDMacKenzie Gore (4-3)#116
Mon, May 23rdvs NYMDavid Peterson (4-1)#119vs NYMDavid Peterson (4-1)#119
Tue, May 24thvs NYMChris Bassitt (6-5)#26vs NYMChris Bassitt (6-5)#26
Wed, May 25thvs NYMThomas Szapuckivs NYMThomas Szapucki
Fri, May 27th@ CINGraham Ashcraft (4-1)#182@ CINGraham Ashcraft (4-1)#182
Sat, May 28th@ CINVladimir Gutierrez (1-6)#387@ CINVladimir Gutierrez (1-6)#387
Sun, May 29th@ CINTyler Mahle (2-6)#52@ CINTyler Mahle (2-6)#52
Mon, May 30th@ PHIKyle Gibson (4-3)#83@ PHIKyle Gibson (4-3)#83
Tue, May 31st@ PHIRanger Suarez (6-4)#78@ PHIRanger Suarez (6-4)#78
Wed, Jun 1st@ PHIAaron Nola (4-5)#6@ PHIAaron Nola (4-5)#6
Thu, Jun 2nd@ MIASandy Alcantara (7-3)#1@ MIASandy Alcantara (7-3)#1
Fri, Jun 3rd@ MIARichard Bleier@ MIARichard Bleier
Sat, Jun 4th@ MIAPablo Lopez (5-3)#18@ MIAPablo Lopez (5-3)#18
Sun, Jun 5th@ MIABraxton Garrett (1-2)#254@ MIABraxton Garrett (1-2)#254
Tue, Jun 7thvs COLGerman Marquez (4-5)#96vs COLGerman Marquez (4-5)#96
Wed, Jun 8thvs COLAntonio Senzatela (3-4)#308vs COLAntonio Senzatela (3-4)#308
Thu, Jun 9thvs COLAustin Gomber (3-7)#186vs COLAustin Gomber (3-7)#186
Fri, Jun 10thvs LADWalker Buehler (6-3)#137vs LADWalker Buehler (6-3)#137
Sat, Jun 11thvs LADClayton Kershaw (5-1)#35vs LADClayton Kershaw (5-1)#35
Sun, Jun 12thvs LADJulio Urias (5-6)#14vs LADJulio Urias (5-6)#14
Mon, Jun 13thvs KCBrady Singer (3-2)#82vs KCBrady Singer (3-2)#82
Tue, Jun 14thvs KCKris Bubic (1-4)#242vs KCKris Bubic (1-4)#242
Wed, Jun 15thvs KCJonathan Heasley (1-3)#212vs KCJonathan Heasley (1-3)#212
Fri, Jun 17th@ PITZach Thompson (3-5)#166@ PITZach Thompson (3-5)#166
Sat, Jun 18th@ PITJose Quintana (1-4)#92@ PITJose Quintana (1-4)#92
Sun, Jun 19th@ PITMitch Keller (2-5)#192@ PITMitch Keller (2-5)#192
Mon, Jun 20th@ ATLMax Fried (7-2)#8@ ATLMax Fried (7-2)#8
Tue, Jun 21st@ ATLSpencer Strider (3-2)#90@ ATLSpencer Strider (3-2)#90
Wed, Jun 22nd@ ATLCharlie Morton (4-3)#55@ ATLCharlie Morton (4-3)#55
Thu, Jun 23rd@ ATLKyle Wright (8-4)#43@ ATLKyle Wright (8-4)#43
Fri, Jun 24thvs CINGraham Ashcraft (4-1)#182vs CINGraham Ashcraft (4-1)#182
Sat, Jun 25thvs CINMike Minor (1-4)#118vs CINMike Minor (1-4)#118
Sun, Jun 26thvs CINTyler Mahle (2-6)#52vs CINTyler Mahle (2-6)#52
Tue, Jun 28thvs DETTarik Skubal (5-5)#36vs DETTarik Skubal (5-5)#36
Wed, Jun 29thvs DETRony Garcia (2-2)#219vs DETRony Garcia (2-2)#219
Fri, Jul 1stvs CWSLance Lynn (1-1)#68vs CWSLance Lynn (1-1)#68
Sat, Jul 2ndvs CWSDylan Cease (5-3)#23vs CWSDylan Cease (5-3)#23
Sun, Jul 3rdvs CWSLucas Giolito (4-4)#39vs CWSLucas Giolito (4-4)#39
Mon, Jul 4th@ ARI@ ARI
Tue, Jul 5th@ ARI@ ARI
Wed, Jul 6th@ ARI@ ARI
Thu, Jul 7th@ SD@ SD
Fri, Jul 8th@ SD@ SD
Sat, Jul 9th@ SD@ SD
Sun, Jul 10th@ SD@ SD
Mon, Jul 11thvs ARIvs ARI
Tue, Jul 12thvs ARIvs ARI
Wed, Jul 13thvs ARIvs ARI
Thu, Jul 14thvs MILvs MIL
Fri, Jul 15thvs MILvs MIL
Sat, Jul 16thvs MILvs MIL
Sun, Jul 17thvs MILvs MIL
Thu, Jul 21st@ LAD@ LAD
Fri, Jul 22nd@ LAD@ LAD
Sat, Jul 23rd@ LAD@ LAD
Sun, Jul 24th@ LAD@ LAD
Mon, Jul 25th@ ARI@ ARI
Tue, Jul 26th@ ARI@ ARI
Wed, Jul 27th@ ARI@ ARI
Thu, Jul 28thvs CHCvs CHC
Fri, Jul 29thvs CHCvs CHC
Sat, Jul 30thvs CHCvs CHC
Sun, Jul 31stvs CHCvs CHC
Mon, Aug 1stvs LADvs LAD
Tue, Aug 2ndvs LADvs LAD
Wed, Aug 3rdvs LADvs LAD
Thu, Aug 4thvs LADvs LAD
Sat, Aug 6th@ OAK@ OAK
Sun, Aug 7th@ OAK@ OAK
Mon, Aug 8th@ SD@ SD
Tue, Aug 9th@ SD@ SD
Wed, Aug 10th@ SD@ SD
Fri, Aug 12thvs PITvs PIT
Sat, Aug 13thvs PITvs PIT
Sun, Aug 14thvs PITvs PIT
Mon, Aug 15thvs ARIvs ARI
Tue, Aug 16thvs ARIvs ARI
Wed, Aug 17thvs ARIvs ARI
Thu, Aug 18thvs ARIvs ARI
Fri, Aug 19th@ COL@ COL
Sat, Aug 20th@ COL@ COL
Sun, Aug 21st@ COL@ COL
Tue, Aug 23rd@ DET@ DET
Wed, Aug 24th@ DET@ DET
Fri, Aug 26th@ MIN@ MIN
Sat, Aug 27th@ MIN@ MIN
Sun, Aug 28th@ MIN@ MIN
Mon, Aug 29thvs SDvs SD
Tue, Aug 30thvs SDvs SD
Wed, Aug 31stvs SDvs SD
Fri, Sep 2ndvs PHIvs PHI
Sat, Sep 3rdvs PHIvs PHI
Sun, Sep 4thvs PHIvs PHI
Mon, Sep 5th@ LAD@ LAD
Tue, Sep 6th@ LAD@ LAD
Wed, Sep 7th@ LAD@ LAD
Thu, Sep 8th@ MIL@ MIL
Fri, Sep 9th@ CHC@ CHC
Sat, Sep 10th@ CHC@ CHC
Sun, Sep 11th@ CHC@ CHC
Mon, Sep 12thvs ATLvs ATL
Tue, Sep 13thvs ATLvs ATL
Wed, Sep 14thvs ATLvs ATL
Fri, Sep 16thvs LADvs LAD
Sat, Sep 17thvs LADvs LAD
Sun, Sep 18thvs LADvs LAD
Mon, Sep 19th@ COL@ COL
Tue, Sep 20th@ COL@ COL
Wed, Sep 21st@ COL@ COL
Thu, Sep 22nd@ COL@ COL
Fri, Sep 23rd@ ARI@ ARI
Sat, Sep 24th@ ARI@ ARI
Sun, Sep 25th@ ARI@ ARI
Tue, Sep 27thvs COLvs COL
Wed, Sep 28thvs COLvs COL
Thu, Sep 29thvs COLvs COL
Fri, Sep 30thvs ARIvs ARI
Sat, Oct 1stvs ARIvs ARI
Sun, Oct 2ndvs ARIvs ARI
Mon, Oct 3rd@ SD@ SD
Tue, Oct 4th@ SD@ SD
Wed, Oct 5th@ SD@ SD