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numberFire   Jul 12th, 4:26pm ET
The Rockets' odds have seen a massive shift after trading for Westbrook, but that's a mistake.
numberFire   Jul 10th, 3:16pm ET
Despite making a big splash in free agency, missing Kevin Durant for a year leaves the Nets fighting an up-hill battle to overcome the players they lost this summer.
numberFire   Jul 8th, 1:42pm ET
After Toronto made the most of their one-year Kawhi Leonard rental, there's still plenty of room for optimism for Raptors fans next season despite Kawhi leaving.
numberFire   Jul 6th, 11:16am ET
Kawhi Leonard finally made his choice, and the Clippers also landed Paul George. The ripple effect will have an insane impact on the NBA.
numberFire   Jul 3rd, 9:19am ET
Not landing any of Zion Williamson, Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving could make this feel like a failure of an off-season for the Knicks, but there's still a lot to be optimistic about.