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Daniel Comer

Daniel Comer


Articles From Daniel
By the Numbers: Week 6 (2020 Fantasy Football) photo
By this point in the football season, NFL teams and fantasy managers alike are either filling roster holes for potential playoff runs or cutting ...
by Daniel Comer in FantasyWed, Oct 14
By the Numbers: Week 5 (2020 Fantasy Football) photo
In pop culture vernacular, autumn and winter months represent "cuffing season," which, for the unfamiliar, is defined by Urban Dictionary as "the cold season ...
by Daniel Comer in FantasyWed, Oct 7
By the Numbers: Week 4 (2020 Fantasy Football) photo
As Chicago Bears quarterback Nick Foles broke the huddle on Sunday for a final kneel to seal the Atlanta Falcons' second consecutive collapse, Falcons ...
by Daniel Comer in FantasyWed, Sep 30
By the Numbers: Week 3 (2020 Fantasy Football) photo
Whether a tree falling in a lonely forest makes a sound has been debated ad nauseam in popular culture since the early 1700s, but ...
by Daniel Comer in FantasyWed, Sep 23
By the Numbers: Week 2 (2020 Fantasy Football) photo
As we head into Week 2 of the NFL season, many fantasy football questions have been answered, while others continue to confound managers on ...
by Daniel Comer in FantasyWed, Sep 16
By the Numbers: Week 1 (2020 Fantasy Football) photo
No fantasy football facts and figures article in 2020 should begin without addressing the big, fat, viral elephant in the room. While I would've liked ...
by Daniel Comer in FantasyWed, Sep 9
Negative Target Regression: Running Backs (2020 Fantasy Football) photo
Earlier this month, I highlighted five running backs who I expect to see positive target regression in 2020. While researching for that article, I ...
by Daniel Comer in FantasyFri, Jul 24
Should You Handcuff in Fantasy Football? (2020) photo
The handcuff running back debate rages every off-season, as managers weigh the opportunity costs of holding roster spots for insurance players they hope never ...
by Daniel Comer in FantasyMon, Jul 6
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