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Ethan Sauers

Ethan Sauers


Articles From Ethan
Preseason DFS Guide: Week 1 (2018 Fantasy Football) photo
Have you ever heard the saying "technically correct is the best kind of correct?" Well, in the sense of that quote, the football season is ...
by Ethan Sauers in FantasyThu, Aug 9
Bounce-Back Candidates: Wide Receiver (Fantasy Football) photo
Recency bias is always something that interferes with our fantasy football opinions. It can make one down year look like a downward trend or ...
by Ethan Sauers in FantasySun, Jul 22
Late Round Draft Targets: WR (Fantasy Football) photo
Fantasy football has always made RBs king. The value of a stud, workhorse RB1 on your roster can never be overstated. However, every decision ...
by Ethan Sauers in FantasySun, Jul 8
Team-Stack Strategy (Fantasy Football) photo
Hopefully, everyone brought an umbrella today, because this article is about to make it rain. Why you ask? Because today, we're talking stacks on ...
by Ethan Sauers in FantasyTue, Jun 12
Best Ball Rookie Risers and Fallers (Fantasy Football) photo
April fading into May brings with it the last lull until football-related activities before the start of the season. In a few weeks, the ...
by Ethan Sauers in FantasySun, May 6
2018 NFL Draft: Riskiest Draft Picks photo
Form your alliances and start planning your attack, as today's topic is RISK. Okay, not the board game, but rather the "big board" game: ...
by Ethan Sauers in FantasySun, Apr 22
2018 NFL Draft: Safest Draft Picks photo
"There's no such thing as a sure thing." That's how the old saying goes, and it's been clung to for so long because it's ...
by Ethan Sauers in FantasySat, Apr 21
Sleeper Prospects that Boosted Stock at NFL Combine photo
The Combine has this mystique about it that can really only be explained away by the fact that most fans are so starved for ...
by Ethan Sauers in FantasyThu, Mar 8
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